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1. Today I ate a candy that is not chocolate, but tastes just like chocolate (fake chocolate). It had no caffeine. Is this okay? Do we not eat chocolate only for the caffeine, or for the taste as well? And if it's only for the caffeine, can we eat chocolate if it has no caffeine?


2. Onions. Is it the taste of the onion that we're not supposed to have, or is it the onion itself, whether you can taste it or not? There are some foods/dishes/recipes where onion is involved (you can take it out of course), but you can NOT taste it. Is this okay, or should I just ignore it regardless?


3. Bathing. I follow the bathing rules, what is recommended,

but I do have a question. I have a 21 month old daughter. She is turning 2 years old in July. After she has a stool, should I wash her first, or me first? Do I have to wash myself after I change her stool diaper?


Also, when I am out, and for example if I am an HOUR (or more) away from my home, and I pass a stool while I am out, what should I do? Should I go home right away and shower, or should I wait until I am done with my errands? How long is it okay to wait until I shower?


I am going to a wedding in Canada in early July. While I am at the wedding, if it is during the ceremony or the party, and I pass a stool, the same thing I ask: Is it okay to wait to shower until after everything's finished, or shower right away? This wedding is for my first cousin (my father's nephew), and it is very important for me to be there, to be ever-present.


What can I do?





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1. Chocolate is avoided by some people because it contains caffeine. The amount is very minimal, equal to the caffeine in a decaffinated coffee. There is nothing wrong with the taste of chocolate, so you can eat anything that tastes similar that is free from caffeine.


2. Onions are avoided regardless of whether you taste them, as they are considered unclean (and would make the food also unclean). A similar taste can be made by frying cabbage in hing (asafateoda).

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Additional Notes :


1. If possible, it is suggested that you don't eat food made by Karmi's, including chocolate.


2. Onions also cultivate the mode of passion.


3. It's important to be practical, and not be fanatic. When you're away from home, there isn't much you can do in the way of showering so don't worry about it too much. Keep in mind that you very muci when you have past stool and don't handle any devotional items if possible, but if you have to you have to. I'm not sure about the question of your daughter, but really that's just technicalities, just be focused on the goal and everything will work out fine. But at a guess i'd wash her, and then wash myself. Children are always going to be unclean no matter what :P

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Guest guest

Hare Krishna,


It Is Being Said That We Are Now Allwed/can Consume Dark Chocolates Also.

Many Senior Prabhupada's Disciples Have Been Found Eating Dark Chocolates At Mayapur Even Sanyassis.

Still Its Up You.

We Can Consume Milk/white Chocolate Which Doesnt Contains Caffiene At All.

Any Reply Pls Post.

Thank U

Hari Bol

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay!!!

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Can you provide any sort of official link for that?


There is a lot of rumours that go around in Krishna Consciousness, Srila Prabhupada said this or that, but unless it's coming directly from a disciple or a recording (of a disciple or Srila Prabhupada) I wouldn't believe it. Similarly I heard "GBC said it's okay to eat chocolate" but I don't see that in any GBC resolutions, or Krishna.com, or ISKCON.com, etc.

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