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  1. So what do you do to spread Krishna Consciousness? Your Spiritual Master said "distribute books"?
  2. From what i've seen, a lot of changes are just corrections, as proved by comparing the published books to the original manuscripts by Srila Prabhupada..
  3. And who knows, Tiger Woods could come down with a wickedly painful disease that makes him suffer over a long period of time before his death, and you could live like that too!
  4. A saintly person never lies
  5. The ones referenced in the original post?
  6. Yeah.. shame on ISKCON for following the scriptures right?
  7. Another idea - Ask Sivarama Swami - http://www.sivaramaswami.com/ He has a podcast where he answer devotee questions. I'm sure your question will get answered!
  8. http://vedabase.net/cc/adi/17/22/en
  9. He's here in the form of his Holy name.
  10. Sounds like the whole place is infested. If they are eating your books, this is the worst. Personally i'd get in contact with an authority, explain the situation and ask what to do, perhaps suggesting to get an exterminator to come. Otherwise, move house.
  11. IMO, Just get them out of the house! Especially if you have deities in the house. Personally when it comes to cockroaches, I capture them, shout Hare Krishna and throw them outside. I wouldn't be concerned about what they do out there, and if they disturb others, but don't take it on yourself to kill them if you can avoid it. Of course if the house is infested, then you may have to take matters into your own hands, but otherwise do what you can to prevent the presence of bugs.
  12. If the house is clean, you won't have problems with cockroaches and other bugs, rats etc. We used to have a rat problem at our ashram, because leftover prasadam was put into a compost bin outside, and then eventually when we got rid of the compost bin, the rats had nothing to eat and would come into the ashram because of the smell. However, since the ashram was clean, the rats could find nothing to eat and never came back. You can also get repellents that put out a smell that makes these sorts of bugs leave.
  13. The site also hasn't been updated in 2 years, and appears to be a work in progress.
  14. I wouldn't worry about banks and banking Just do what you need to. And of course, gaining interest is fine, it's Krishna's money and so long as it's used in Krishna's service then the more the better.
  15. I doubt it is. However they are recognised as being in the mode of passion, and when you want to raise yourself to the mood of goodness, it is best to avoid them.
  16. Show your friend how Srila Prabhupada defeats the other philiosophies in Bhagavad-gita, and try and get him to start reading
  17. Dwayne


    Atma is not material, but rather spiritual. The modern doctors cannot see the Atma let alone move the Atma so don't be worried.
  18. Maharaja Yudhisthira preforms a sacrifice after the battle : SB1.12.32-35 ?
  19. A Hare Krishna devotee, no doubt.
  20. Can you provide any sort of official link for that? There is a lot of rumours that go around in Krishna Consciousness, Srila Prabhupada said this or that, but unless it's coming directly from a disciple or a recording (of a disciple or Srila Prabhupada) I wouldn't believe it. Similarly I heard "GBC said it's okay to eat chocolate" but I don't see that in any GBC resolutions, or Krishna.com, or ISKCON.com, etc.
  21. Additional Notes : 1. If possible, it is suggested that you don't eat food made by Karmi's, including chocolate. 2. Onions also cultivate the mode of passion. 3. It's important to be practical, and not be fanatic. When you're away from home, there isn't much you can do in the way of showering so don't worry about it too much. Keep in mind that you very muci when you have past stool and don't handle any devotional items if possible, but if you have to you have to. I'm not sure about the question of your daughter, but really that's just technicalities, just be focused on the goal and everything will work out fine. But at a guess i'd wash her, and then wash myself. Children are always going to be unclean no matter what
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