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  1. Haribol, Many thanks for your responses. I hope I don't sound too money minded. I just like to check out how one should be living, in case I'm committing any major errors that I could avoid. Living entities in the material world are bound to commit mistakes due to their imperfect nature, but one should try to avoid making too many by asking for good advice. I don't go in for speculation on the money markets as making money just for the sake of it holds no interest for me, and the more material things you have the more bother you have. I just have investments that are required to cover the mortgage on my home and some small savings for the future. I would prefer to be working for God full time but one still has to pay bills! In the householder state of life with a family one is bothered by so many things, but when you are in this position you have to be responsible for what Krishna has given you to look after, and must not act whimsically. My real wealth is the happiness I have found in spiritual dealings with devotees and God, reading scriptures and chanting. Most of my thoughts revolve around this now. Thank you for you comments Evan, I whole-heartedly agree. I do need to worry less about material things, as well as the future, and trust in God totally, and many thanks to Jayalalitadd for your message. I have not made enough posts to be able to reply directly yet. Hare Krishna Mark
  2. Haribol , Can anyone give me some enlightenment about what one should and should not do about with ones money when they are a devotee (or in my case trying to be one) please? I have noticed that many banks are now offering sharia compliant financial services for muslims so that they do not break any Islamic laws in their financial dealings ie they do not allow usery - gaining interest on their money, although making profit is ok, and no investment is allowed in alcohol, gambling etc What rules should Hare Krishna devotees follow in regard to money ? I have a ordinary bank account, savings accounts and investments. I guess this means some of my money is being invested in things we do not approve of. Even 'ethical' investments probably still invest in companies that deal in meat trade, alcohol, gambling, etc, although avoiding things such as the arms trade. Is it ok to make to obtain interest on savings ? Muslims obviously do not think so. My long term investment policies were started before I became interested in KC, and I cannot change them easily, if at all. Perhaps the Hare Krishnas/ISKCON should set up their own financial institution for devotees to put their money in? Should I not worry as Lord Krishna says he will protect his devotees ? Hare Krishna and all glories to Srila Prabhupada. Mark
  3. Haribol Raga, Thank you very much for your answer. I have not made enough posts yet under this user-id to be able to reply to your private email. I shall ask the senior devotees at the Coventry temple UK where I attend for advice on what to do. I will offer my Tulsi mala neck beads on my altar and ask Lord Krishna to accept them and bless them until then, and then not take them off unless I absolutely have to. I have no easy access to five substances of the cow! Perhaps K.C temple shops and websites should not sell Tulsi mala without this information, as innocent but ignorant persons such as myself could cause offence? What about Tulsi Japa counting beads? Should these first be offered to the Lord as well before use? All Glories to Srila Prabhupada Hare Krishna Mark
  4. Haribol! Oh dear.. I bought my tulsi neckbeads from the Bhaktivedanta website in the UK when I first became interested in KC. I did not know any of this before today. Would the beads have already been offered to Lord Hari before being sold ? The beads did not come with any instructions about useage/offence I have always taken them off before showering to avoid the beads getting wet and perhaps eventually being damaged by swelling up/drying out. Will Lord Krishna forgive me my ignorance/offence as I meant none ? All glories to Srila Prabhupada Mark
  5. Haribol, my humble obeisances to all, and all glories to Srila Prabhupada I have been trying to avoid chocolate as it is a fact that it contains caffeine in varying amounts depending on the sort of choc it is (or so I have read). Caffeine is a no-no I believe ? There does seem to be something addictive about it, and on the occasions when I have given in and eat some I feel like stuffing my face full of choc, wanting to eat more and more. I then always come out with a faceful of spots a day or so later, which always seems like a warning to me that there is something bad in it so its worth avoiding as far as I'm concerned.. Hare Krishna Mark
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