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  1. drkpp, can you please help me translate my name: jenna ? thank you!
  2. Hello! I want to make sure I am saying "Vaishnava" right. What is the correct pronounciation? Thank you!
  3. Can someone please help me translate: Jenna ? Thank you so much
  4. Yeup. There was a girl there who was also a Bodhisattva. It was a real nice place. I used to never see devotees anywhere. Now I see them all the time!
  5. Today I went by this one tattoo and piercing place that I have been before (to pierce my ears) and they weren't doing piercing today. so today I thought i would go by the Sherman Oaks (in California) Galleria, where I don't usually go, but I decided to go anyway. On the way there, I noticed ANOTHER tattoo and piercing place. So I thought, "Ooh it's my lucky Day!" and I came in. ONE OF THE WORKERS THERE IS A DEVOTEE. Lord Krishna helps us in strange ways if we worship Him! What are the chances???? By the way, I got my nose pierced (I'm married, see) and it made me very happy to go to a devotee!
  6. I completely agree with JLdd. Guest - I too, have the same feelings. My husband is Jewish, and before we were married I promised him that one day we will raise our children Jewish. I will never break that promise. We also believe that if she one day says, "I don't want to be Jewish, I want to be something else," we will stand by her and love her no matter what. I really don't know what else to tell you that JLdd hasn't already said. But I do feel the same way as you do, sometimes. If you ever want to talk about it, please. It'll be my pleasure. my email is: jenna@harekrishnatemple.com or xdementorsxkiss@. and my aim, and msn screennames are xdementorsxkiss. Please feel free to contact me, if you ever want to. -Jenna
  7. I forgot to add that also, the place we are going to for my birthday has a DEVOTEE shop, and most likely I will buy something for my altar, or something religious. Most likely.
  8. Tuesday, May 16th is my birthday. My parents got me and my husband tickets for a fundraiser for autism reasearch. That is my present. It is a donation. My Grandmother said she will give me money so I can buy worship items/books/things I might need religious-wise. My sister asked what she can do for me. I told her, what would be very nice, is if we go out together, to just spend time. I said, "maybe we can see a movie, or have dinner. You can pay for me, and that will be my present." Saturday, May 20, myself, my husband, and 3 friends of ours are going to a place where we live, with music and fun, and also, devotees go every Saturday night to chant! So my husband said that if I see something that I might like there (it has shops too), then he will buy it for me. (Well we share the money, so in some way I'm buying it for myself too, lol). I don't want to be materialistic. I'm really scared that sometimes I might spend money on an item. Most of the time, I only buy things like food, clothes for my daughter when she needs them, shampoo, other things like that. Only things we NEED. What exactly is it meant by "materialism"? Is it okay to sometimes buy something that I might WANT, or is that no good? I hardly ever buy anything that I WANT rather than need, but since it is my birthday next week, I thought.. maybe it's okay? By no means am I greedy, I'm actually quite generous. (I think so?) Should I be worried, or is this okay?
  9. Okay, thanks I waited until I got up this morning (much much after sunrise), so I'll just do that from now on, to be safe Thanks again!
  10. 1. Today I ate a candy that is not chocolate, but tastes just like chocolate (fake chocolate). It had no caffeine. Is this okay? Do we not eat chocolate only for the caffeine, or for the taste as well? And if it's only for the caffeine, can we eat chocolate if it has no caffeine? 2. Onions. Is it the taste of the onion that we're not supposed to have, or is it the onion itself, whether you can taste it or not? There are some foods/dishes/recipes where onion is involved (you can take it out of course), but you can NOT taste it. Is this okay, or should I just ignore it regardless? 3. Bathing. I follow the bathing rules, what is recommended, but I do have a question. I have a 21 month old daughter. She is turning 2 years old in July. After she has a stool, should I wash her first, or me first? Do I have to wash myself after I change her stool diaper? Also, when I am out, and for example if I am an HOUR (or more) away from my home, and I pass a stool while I am out, what should I do? Should I go home right away and shower, or should I wait until I am done with my errands? How long is it okay to wait until I shower? I am going to a wedding in Canada in early July. While I am at the wedding, if it is during the ceremony or the party, and I pass a stool, the same thing I ask: Is it okay to wait to shower until after everything's finished, or shower right away? This wedding is for my first cousin (my father's nephew), and it is very important for me to be there, to be ever-present. What can I do? Thanks! -Jenna
  11. When is it okay to end the fast? At midnight, or when you wake in the morning? Thanks! (I ask because it is past midnight here and I'm hungry! LOL -Jenna
  12. I agree with what everyone has said. I too, have troubles with certain things still. But just keep trying. If at first you don't succeed, TRY TRY AGAIN! Some things can take a day, a week.. and others can take years. Just hang in there! -Jenna
  13. I'm a paranoid schizophrenic, and for a long time I was only on medication. It helped, but I felt like it didn't help enough. Ever since I started chanting, I've really noticed the difference
  14. Thanks you guys Yeah, you're right. Why would they say that? Of course I'd bring her, to bring her. I don't want to bring her to say, "OMG BELIEVE IN THIS OR ELSE!!!jKDFJ!!!" If she does when she's older, that's great! If she doesn't, that's great too. You know? I worry I'm a mom, afterall THANKS!!
  15. *looks in the mirror* are you talking to meee?? huh??? are youu???
  16. Monday night (last night for me) during dinner I told my husband (he's Jewish, and very open-minded), all of my feelings for Krishna (I told him 3 years ago *BEFORE* we got married that I loved Krishna), and that I wish to become a serious devotee. I'm learning a lot, he's really happy for me. I explained to him that God is God, no matter what He is called. So Jehovah/Elohim/Adonai is the same as Krishna. Just a different name. He understood this perfectly. He knows I chant, in fact he likes it that I do. He says, "whatever makes you happy makes me happy," and he knows that I meditate regularly. We agree with each other on spiritual matters 98% (minus 1% for what we CALL God and 1% for dietary differences). So there's no conflict whatsoever. I promised him before we got married to raise our daughter as a Jew, until her bat mitzvah at 13 (I think maybe you all know what that is, but if you don't, ask and I'll explain). After that, she can decide what path to lead. If she chooses Judaism, then she can (if she wants) have her bat mitzvah. All I want is her happiness. I am perfectly okay with this. Perfectly fine. I'm not one to push anyone into believing anything. I will teach them, if they ask, etc. But you'll never hear me condemn. I asked my husband last night if he would mind coming with me to the Temple. Of course, I told him, you don't even have to go in if you don't want to. I don't expect you to. There is a shop and a restaurant on the same premises (Govinda's of course!) and he can keep himself and our daughter entertained I just don't like to drive so far by myself, especially since "the city" isn't the best place for a young girl (such as myself) to drive alone. (Car jackings, etc). He really didn't say anything. He said, "Okay." and then he said "And I really need to go to MY temple, too, it's been a long time." I told him how I felt about going, about how I feel I need to belong somewhere. It's okay if I just worship and praise Krishna on my own in our home, but of course, doesn't everyone need to socialize with people of common belief? Right? My birthday is in about 2 weeks (the 16th), and for my birthday, we are going (with his sister and our friends) that Saturday, the 20th to "3rd Street Promenade", where every Saturday from 6 to 8 pm, devotees come and "hang out" and chant, socialize, etc., and they do so, to give people a chance to come be with them, to socialize, to learn about Krishna. They are all very excited about it (there are also tons of restaurants and street performers and even a guy who says his cat is psychic! A lot of funny characters). I feel a little nervous about meeting with someone at the temple for the first time (I was raised semi-Jewish and even I don't know Jewish Temple etiquette!), and excited at the same time. There's something inside of me (Sri Krishna?) telling me I need to go, that I will be happy and fulfilled if I go, and worship Krishna, be with devotees, maybe finally finding a guru for myself, etc. But of course I'm telling myself that I will never be happy, that I will always feel alone and miserable. I know I sound completely irrational and I know it's wrong, but sometimes I also think to myself: "What if they tell me that my daughter must be raised with the same belief or else I won't be accepted?" I know that sounds ridiculous, but I think that all the time. I don't know if any of you have children, but I'm sure you know what I mean when I say that I'm a "Mother Lioness!" Above all else, I want my daughter to be raised knowing she has her own choices to make in her life, and she doesn't need to feel that she HAS TO do anything she doesn't want. I want her to know that she can follow her own heart, to what she feels is right. I love her more than anything else, more than I love myself, and I wish her happiness. I really don't know what I can say... I feel "trapped," like I have no chance of going to Temple, no chance of anything. I absolutely do feel so much happier than I have been in my life, but why does it feel like I need to be happier? That there is something missing still? Do I need to be a more serious devotee than I am already, before I am fulfilled? I'm a new devotee, and I do know that I still have much to learn. -Jenna
  17. How true that is, nekozuki! Whenever I WANT to do it, it doesn't happen. whenever I forget about wanting to do it, it happens! So i promised myself to just forget about it, and it'll happen when it happens One time I did it, I psychic attacked myself (I think...?) My physical body-eyes opened and I saw my celestial body looking down at me, and I nearly had a heart attack! I remember I crashed back down into my body and I ached for days! But at the same time - it was so wonderful to know that it worked, that I wasn't just dreaming!
  18. nekozuki - I have OBEs all the time! & I don't even know how I'm doing it either..?
  19. I live in California, in what is called "they valley." I don't know if all of you have heard of it, maybe you have, it's quite popular. I had to go buy things for my baby, diapers, etc at Walmart. Everywhere I went in Walmart, in each section were DEVOTEES. I have been in that Walmart many, many times and have never seen them before. I was SO happy and so thrilled I went and spoke with them. They tell me that they go all the time! I told them: "It is a shame that we always missed each other!" One of the devotees said to me, which is absolutely true: "When you find happiness and love with Lord Krishna, He will show you everything. It is no coincidence that you saw us here today. Devotees are supposed to be together!" I was so thrilled! I couldn't believe that with all the pain I went through in my life, all these years, I finally found Lord Krishna's love, and accepted His love, and everything has been coming to me! Love, happiness, and including the devotees! Isn't this wonderful? It was NOT just a coincidence that so many devotees were at Walmart today! It was NOT just coincidence that we happened to meet! Have you had similar experiences when you were new devotees?
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