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white patches cure

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Burdock is the best blood purifier. Almost any skin disorder can be linked

to toxins in the blood. Burdock is a western herb and can be found in any

health food store. It may be important in Ayurveda also. Katy

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Is that the one macrobiotic people make tekka from it.?

I have some species that called Gobo, its a japanese one, much greater and bigger. So you make a tea from it, or just cook it like a vegetables ?

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Try this out , put some black grams ( chana ) in water. Put a tablespoon of Trifala in it.Leave it overnight. In the morning throw away the triphala and water and eat the soaked grams.Good cure for White patches.

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thre is very effective treatment for white patches and the Ayurveda treatment is follows:-

first of all virechan should be done by castor oil . in sunday or saturday..

take 5-6 tea spoon castor oil add sweet milk luke warm 200ml drink before sleeping and drink more 200ml next day three or 4 times motion will come in that whole toxic in body will come out..

then rasayan chikistsa will start..

compound 1--


tamra sindoor.


shila sindoor

gandhak rasayan

sheetpita banjan ras

aakeek pisti

prawal pisti


make seperate dose and take 1-1 dose twice a day with mahamajista rista


compound 2..

keshore gugglu

arogya vardhani vati.

panchtikta gugglu


mix and break all those gugulu add some nimbadi churna. make in powder form take 10gm of powder with kadirarista and sarivadasava 3-3 tea spoon and 6 tea spoon water ..after lunch and dinner..

befor sleeping take one tea spoon Haridra khand with milk and one tea spoon Panch tikta ghrit..

take regularly one months i m sore for cure of 40% and if u take longer medicine u will get rid of white patches problem from roots..


adwait tripathi

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