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Do you beleive in curse?

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From the tv serials of Mahabharat, Ramayana and from other scriptures, I strongly believe, that curves do exist.

About anyone can curse, but for the curse to be effective, I think the person who is cursing should have attained some level of spiritual advancement.

I dont think that in kali yuga, cursing is that effective as in previous ages unless you are being cursed by someone saintly may be.

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Last week, I saw one story in 'Mano Ya Na Mano' TV Serial, which is telecasted on Saturdays at 11:00 PM IST in India in Star ONE Channel.


Briefly, it goes like this.


A Truck driver was driving one night, and he noticed a traffic Jam on highway, on investigating, he found that there was a pregnant snake lying in the middle of the road and it was not moving, but stayed there, inspite of several attempts to move by people. But, this truck driver decide to run his truck over the snake to get rid of this nuisance and he did that. Snake was killed on the spot.


At the same time, his wife was pregnant and delivered a boy. Amazingly, his entire skin was like of snake's skin, and he looked like more of a snake than a human being. After this, his two other sons are also born like that. Now they are grownup, but still carries the same skin. The episode showed their entire family with the driver.


This shows that there is some form of curse that is either given by snake of some almighty power...


Believe me... this is true... Curses do exist.

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Curses do exists and are part of our Karma. That is why we should always live our lives with respect for others. By following the simple rules of Ahimsa we can achieve this.


Vaishnavs telling Shaivas that they are wrong, and Vica versa is not following ahimsa.

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