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Maran (Killing): Beej Mantra - 26

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Mantra: Gham


For killing a person without any physical symptoms of death. The

knowledge of tantra is never complete without the knowledge of

Shathhkarm, i.e.; Shanti, Vashikaran, Stambhan, Vidweshan, Uchchatan

and Maran. Just reciting the Beej Mantra won't accomplish any of the

above; but, will surely create a favourable environment for you. This

mantra is taken from 'Mantra Rahasya' written by Guruji and later, I

discussed it with a senior gurubhai for more details.




Beej Mantras are single character mantras which are as capable as any

bigger mantra. Sankrit is called the language of gods because every

character of Devnagari, current script for Sanskrit, is a Beej

Mantra. Beej Mantras are free from all restriction; there are no

rules, no rosary or yantra is required and no diksha is necessary.

And best of all, these can be recited mentally anywhere while doing

anything. To recite mentally, I imagine to be hearing the mantra

again and again in my own voice.


Beej Mantras are available for each deity or god, thus have solution

for any situation. The best example of their power is the

Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Mantra -'Hreem' which is a Beej Mantra. The

method is simple. Pick a Beej Mantra of your liking or based on the

situation, and recite it as much as you can till the problem is

solved. You can do it in office, in gym, in restaurent and even while





Good Luck...



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What are good and bad on using Maran Mantra Mantra: Gham? How it will affect the person who does the Mantra?


can you please explain me.


Thank you

John David




David John and others,


I sincerely and kindly warn all of you to shed of the tendency to do harm to others even if be a drastic enemy.


It will bounce back with full vigour.


Rememebr one thing -- motivation is the driving seed for any sadhana. If motiviatio is love you will get back love hundred crore times multiplied. Even if you chant love, love many times it will be returned to you manifold. Otherway is also true.


Please clean up your tendencies even it be some sort of adventurous tendency.

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Hi Sonali,


I found a book on said mantra @ a Book Stall, Hyderabad Central Bus Stand. It was written in telugu. It mentions clearly about it's limitations and after effects (As mentioned in early replies) and finally it's applicability.




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Guest indian

plese do not use these mantras  if u  are using then tell to god that empower me and strengthen me and always keep ur blessing  on me and show me the correct way,by giving some one harm u will never be relaxed ,always remember god is looking each and every thing

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can anyone tell me about their experience while contacting a taantrik for maaran prayog???

were you successfull or not?


and please refrain from advice on being a good human and not practicing such things.


1. our rishis have given a solution for every problem humankind will ever encounter.


2. our rishis have given us the knowledge on karma and you know what consequence you will bear for what action. so, its YOUR OWN CHOICE!!


3. Even aghori and taamsic practices in hinduism involve asking GOD for help. as such, you only ask GOD for helping you and GOD decides.


4. if anybody has been raped by a person mentally, emotionally and in every other way then you know what you have to do!!!


so please, is there anybody who can help me in fiding an appropriate taantrik who is well experienced in taantrik shatkarma??

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