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  1. Sanaatan Dharam claims to be the eternal religion. I personally believe that this is true. A religion is supposed to uphold righteousness in the first instance. This being said. Human life has many more shades to it that just that. Sanaatan Dharm will be eternal because it provides solutions to all problems humans will ever experience. If Hinduism cannot provide the RIGHT solution for specific human problems then of what use is all the knowledge?? If human beings cannot solve their problems within a dhaarmic frame then they will have to look for other ways and ultimately fall away from Dharma. Taantrik Shat Karma has 1. Shanti 2. Vashikaran 3. Aakarshan 4. Vidveshan 5. Ucchaatan 6. Maaran My understanding is that you ask God for help and permission. God grants you permission or not. I have been searching for a real Taantrik or Taantrik Guru since a very long time to relieve me from my sorrow. One single woman has made life hell for me. She has been plotting and disgracing me intentionally since almost 3 years. Is there anyone who is well experienced in Maaran Prayog and can really help me?? Please reply only if you have the right person in mind who can prove his success in Shatkarma. I can't take any disappointment anymore. Thanks.
  2. I'm a true devotee of Baba Bhole Naath. Can you instruct me in the mantra saadhana? I'd be very thankful to you. Om Namah Shivaay
  3. has anyone gathered experience with this beej mantra???
  4. Tell me about the simpler way !!!! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?? Whats the use of having such a great religion like hinduism with all the Shatru Naash Prayogs but no competent people who can actually help you?? My enemy is causing me sleepless nights since almost 3 years now!! Who's well versed in shatru related matters??
  5. I would be thankful for the contact of the Baba ji also. Please send me his details, pls ... I'm really really in very big distress since many years!!!
  6. 1. simply create GOOD KARMA to balance out the bad karma 2. gaayatri mantra is excellent. hindus normally are taught this first as kids 3. you seem to be young. so you can just go to the concerned people and ask for forgiveness from THEM coz God will forgive you anyway but that won't spare you the punishment. As long as the concerned people are still hurt by your actions you will have to undergo punishment in one way or the other. This is the dignity given to living beings by God Himself. Imagine, you're hurt badly by someone and that person just chants some mantra and is forgiven! How would you feel?? Go and ask for forgiveness not from God but the living person you hurt. Do it as long as you're on this planet. Dont miss the opportunity while you're alive!!!
  7. do you have the dhumavati samputit baglamukhi mantra with sadhana procedure???
  8. could the people who say that vashikaran mantras have reverse effects kindly come forward and tell us if they're non-indian? please, this is important coz then you're probably misspelling the mantras and that would explain the result. also, can anyone tell me about a prayog that does not involve mantra chanting but a one day prayog with yagya or havan etc: ?? thanks in advance for your replies!!
  9. lol ... why share the mantra if you recommend people not to practice it?? karna pisaachini saadhana can be done in a vedic vidhi too. still, i personally would not tryi it. cozzz i'm scaredddd
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience. Baglamukhi saadhana can give you reverse results if not performed correctly. But you can read kshama praarthana at the end (even more than once if you feel like it) And I agree, if you're doing the saadhana for victory against a woman then you can't help but be angry on that woman. Anyhow, would you like to share more details on your saadhana since you did this saadhana a long time ago?
  11. can anyone tell me about their experience while contacting a taantrik for maaran prayog??? were you successfull or not? and please refrain from advice on being a good human and not practicing such things. 1. our rishis have given a solution for every problem humankind will ever encounter. 2. our rishis have given us the knowledge on karma and you know what consequence you will bear for what action. so, its YOUR OWN CHOICE!! 3. Even aghori and taamsic practices in hinduism involve asking GOD for help. as such, you only ask GOD for helping you and GOD decides. 4. if anybody has been raped by a person mentally, emotionally and in every other way then you know what you have to do!!! so please, is there anybody who can help me in fiding an appropriate taantrik who is well experienced in taantrik shatkarma??
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