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  1. hi asish, i dont know wut does mrityunjay beej mantra do the person? can you tell me please. thanks
  2. hi ashish, this is sonali. i heared about his maran mantra to kill someone in extreme case. can you tell me from where will i get this mantra. do you know or any resource. please write to me in details. thankss
  3. dear friend after reading all these mantra please please advise me most strong powerful mantra for vahsikara. here in short is my situation. myself and my lover are in love from 3 yrs but he is always straying outside . i mean he is always getting attracted towards other gurls figure or sumthing and this leads our relation to weaken. this time he broke up with me saying all silly excuses and deep down i think he still love me aleast little . i wanna to get him back in my life by attracting him towards me and rekindling our lost love back again. i am doing nuthing against will of anyone. i love him extremely and he use to do same . please people help me. i will be alwayssss grateful to you and tons of blessing. thanks
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