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Bhuvaneshwari: Beej Mantra - 5

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Mantra: Hreem


For realization for Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, getting everything

including but not limited to Kundalini Jagran. The best and the most

powerful. This also the mantra for Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Sadhana.

Also creates a strong base for all sadhanas.




Beej Mantras are single character mantras which are as capable as any

bigger mantra. Sankrit is called the language of gods because every

character of Devnagari, current script for Sanskrit, is a Beej

Mantra. Beej Mantras are free from all restriction; there are no

rules, no rosary or yantra is required and no diksha is necessary.

And best of all, these can be recited mentally anywhere while doing

anything. To recite mentally, I imagine to be hearing the mantra

again and again in my own voice.


Beej Mantras are available for each deity or god, thus have solution

for any situation. The best example of their power is the

Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Mantra -'Hreem' which is a Beej Mantra. The

method is simple. Pick a Beej Mantra of your liking or based on the

situation, and recite it as much as you can till the problem is

solved. You can do it in office, in gym, in restaurent and even while





Good Luck...



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i am need of sahasra mantra sara sangrahah part-1and part-3.i humbly request the one and all to arrange me the copy of book through net (pdf) or a copy of xerox.i am one of the sishya of gurugi c.v.seetharama iyer .my old texts was stolen .hence i believe my gurunathar(thatha) will arrange it through one who is going to help me .

awaiting for reply.please help me

thanks regards


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Dear Ashishji:

While reading your posting on Beej Mantra I have a question about Maha vidya:

1. What is the the Beej Mantra of Mataa Baglamukhi?

2. Can you perform Sadhna with the mata Baglamukhi beej mantra and how many jaap mantra and do you still have to perform Havan after completing jaapa?

3. I have Book on Maa Baglamukhi Shidhi and it clearly says that you have to have proper Guru diksa to perform this sadhna

4. I did not understand the Tankric way and Vedic way to perform Sadhna.

5. what do they mean Vahm Marg and I don't know the other marg, I think in one of this marg you can go sadhana without diksa. But I don't know which. If you know then please elobrate.

Hope to hear you soon. My sincere gratitude.


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@ khanty

Guru Diksha for Mahavidya is necessary as this would provide correct & quick results.

1. Hleem is the beej. (For any beej, always check the viniyog of the mantra)

2. Yes. But correct mantra would be more effective when taken with sankalp - Om Hleem Baglaamukhi Sarva Dushtaanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim Vinaashay Hleem Om Phat.

Count depends on You - havan is 10% of the sankalp jaap

3. Guru Diksha is necessary

4. I do not want to answer. Guru should tell you.

5. I do not want to answer. Guru should tell you.


Dhruv Bhura

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Hi, Vigvini

I am balaji i have those book and cv. seetharama iyers grandson pls contact me. i live in hyderabad. i will go to karur and my thathas house very often. and send your details too. cantact me as soon as possible.




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hello, friends, I am new to this forum and do not know much about tantra, mantra but have a strong believe about the super natural power they posses. request to you all leaned people here t teach me the basics to go ahead with with theses sadhna's

thanks and looking forward to hear from you




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