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Found 3 results

  1. Dear All, Hello, Namaste, Susrikal, I am new here, good to know of this forum, a mom of four beautiful kids. Thank you. Please help me know more about a third eye sensation,intense direct pressure, physical movement or actual opening feeling. Five times this happened to me within the last five months, spontaneously in middle of the night - the last times were last night and about a week ago. Direct on the spot and intense and as if someone came there to massage, there was pressure and movement directly between eyebrows, very pleasant and welcome by me. I was pleasantly surprised. I hope to hear many details and perspectives in regards. No formal practice of yoga, yet just a deep natural unguided free love and devotion. I feel I've always have deep love for all, and for spiritual ways. I stopped eating animals (besides fish about once a month) beginning age 16 and easily abstained by age 19 (in a meat eating country). If anyone wants to hear about the visions of Shiva and the goddess possibly Shakti in the trees, outside my large windows (where my head rests on the pillow)...just ask, this was during the year of 2009. I was very surprised and comforted for these prolonged (months) visits, and I was involved in utter devotion. Prior to this in 2008 I spent my off days in nature, seeking beauty as refuge from years of painful marriage. Thanks for listening, truly hope to know more about the third eye spontaneous sensations. Sometimes I feel Sattwa guna is present. p.s. We've been to India 2x and the best part is being w/the family's in the villages, sitting/socializing on the charpoi/manja..preparing meals there..having tea 3xper day...sleeping under stars with family/kids; the cows and bulls nearby, fresh buffalo milk. Smiles of the cheerful people. Keep the beautiful culture alive!! Shukria. Sat Nam Namaste Blessings E. Heart SF Bay, Ca. U. S. A.
  2. Dear Readers, I am a current PhD student at an American university. I study anthropology and have been focusing my research in India for the last three years. At the end of this year I will be returning to India for two years of research, where I am focusing my studies on researching the ways devotees use art to make the relationship between themselves and a given deity manifest. This becomes particularly interesting to me whenever this relationship is understood in kinship or familial terms--as in Krishna worshiped as a son on Krishna Janmashtami, or bhakti songs where God is talked about as a husband or other familial member. I'm still working through some of these ideas, but the concept of art I am working through is pretty open-ended, with currently everything from tattooing, bhakti poetry, bhajan, kirtan, temple art, murti form, leela, etc. falling within my present purview. I really need some help, however, to locate everything and hone in a particular example. If anyone is willing to share their thoughts or experiences, maybe an idea of a particular location where this kind of research could best be conducted, or any other helpful information, I would be very appreciative. Also, if anyone has any information on the Ram Rasik Sampraday or knows of any Ramnaamis, that would be great. Thanks in advance for any help you offer, and best wishes for a blessed day.
  3. Om Namo Narayana! I have read in some threads here and in other sites too that the sahasranama stotras, other than Vishnu Sahasranama and also Bhagavad Gita and Durga Saptashati were 'cursed' (??) by Sage Parashurama and hence cannot give suitable results. Can someone tell me the reason why they are cursed? And if I want to read them with bhakti, is there some way to 'unlock' them so that they can give me the desired results? Thank you! Om Namah Shivay!
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