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    Met devotees in 1978. No current association with any particular institution. Formal request registered for all who chant the holy names of the Lord to make some small prayer for me.
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    Disturbing meateaters with unwanted facts. Encouraging severe prasadam addiction. Trying to find loop holes in suggested disciplines.
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    Opponent of the status quo.
  1. 1.) Watch this short video. <o:p></o:p>http://www.videokarma.com/todays-video/2007/2/1/stars-and-planets-in-scale.html 2.) Remember that the all the innumerable material universes combined are but a spark of Krsna's splendor.<o:p></o:p> 3.) Now, attempt to think your body, mind, intelligence and false ego are somehow special, important or consequential in some material way.<o:p></o:p> Gaura Haribol!-<o:p></o:p>
  2. How did the devotees pass through all those multiple armed check points? Somehow I can see the devotee driving the van waving his hand at the Cop/National Guardsman/Fema Lackey and saying, "We are the people who you are supposed to allow in." (Translation: "These are not the Droids you are looking for.") The response... Cop/National Guardsman/Fema Lackey, "Uh...of course you are. Hey, men! Move those Barriers and let these people in!" Krsna the Mystic of all Mystics!
  3. Thank you Guestji. I am glad to see updated info on the Krsna.com site although I was of course hoping to find the devotees have been evacuated. All prayers that the devotees and the Lordships of New Orleans are somehow out of the way danger.
  4. I have been looking since the beginning of this crisis on the official ISKCON website ISKCON.com and found nary a mention that two Hare Krsna temples are in dire, life threatening trouble. Is it that these are not ISKCON temples that there is nothing about this disaster posted in the "News" section of that site?
  5. I was surfing the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) and entered “Krsna” in the search vehicle to see if there would be some reference to movies with Krsna or Hare Krsna mentioned. There is a documentary by Robert Downey Jr. called “The Last Party”. It is a video collage’ about the 1992 presidential election. In the “Thanks to” section of the credits Downey thanks “Lord Sri Krishna”. This seems a rather specific acknowledgement from someone not generally known to be a devotee of Krsna. Robert Dowey Jr.'s expression of gratitude not just to the generic expression "God" but to "Lord Sri Krsna" caused me to wonder how many other famous people may be out there who have, through a variety of channels, gained an appreciation for the books of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the devotees of Krsna and/or Vaisnavism in general. Such people may not be inclined to attach themselves publicly to the Hare Krsna movement since unfortunately, to the mainstream American public (i.e the consumers who write famous people's paychecks), the Hare Krsnas are viewed as followers of some invented, mysterious cult as opposed to being adherents of an ancient philosophical system embraced by somewhere near a billion people world wide, (what to speak of some of the deeper thinkers the world has managed to produce such as Thoreau, Emerson, Einstein, Ghandhi... ect). Out of an understandably founded fear that their professional lifes might be negatively affected by being publicly connected to the Hare Krishna movement such individuals quietly keep such venerations a personal and private matter.
  6. This was little more than a mad magazine moment amongst friends. I am sorry the satire flew passed you. I no longer have Hitler's birth certificate, I sold it to an anonoumous purchaser at auction, (at an healthy profit I will add.) I do have a pair of Hitler's gym socks from when he tried out for the "Ubber-Motherland, Little League, Combined Basketball, Genocide Tournament". (Oddly he failed to make the team...go figure? I was later told he got bounced because he was too short at the time to drop the poisin gas pellets into the feeder.) These cotten artifacts are currently on E-Bay and the bidding is fierce so get busy bidding. Hope this helps your grade.
  7. There is the verse in Srimad Bhagavatam which states that places of pilgrimage are the result of saintly souls appearing there. (Canto 1, Part Three, Chapter 19, Text 8). While you may plea in humbleness that you are not a saint this verse also refers to "Great minds and thinkers" which I can attest you show the symtoms of. Go and give what you can. The persons we grew up with are somehow plucked from the countless trillions of souls in the universe so there must be some past connection (former family members, friends...even former foes.) Go and give some chance for someone(s) to become as fortunate as you have been. This was an instruction I received from one of my Siksha Gurus. I had offered some thanks to him for his guidance and kindness toward me. His response was: "Please, simply do what ever you can to make others as fortunate as you feel you have become." Gaura Haribol, Gaura Haribol, Nitai Gaura Haribol!
  8. I read the Nixon quote and imagined Tricky dressed out in the Pope uniform...I couldn't help but image other celebs in equally incongruent social costumes... Martha Stewart in a N.Y. Giants football uni...shoulder pads, hands taped and all...Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich at center court waiting for the opening jump as the starting center for the L.A. Lakers...Donald Rumsfeld decked out as a Las Vegas show girl...Mr Pres. George Bush in sannyasi cloth, delivering a sunday feast lecture...his danda wrapped in camoflage colors...Osama Bin Laden wearing a Mr Rogers sweater taking the kids on a tour of a honey factory...Rush Limbaugh dolled up as...a doctor shopping, drug seeking, junky... uhhh...never mind.
  9. In a previous discussion on this forum I brought up the hypocrisy of the Pope eating meat and drinking booze. I also asserted that he is moreless a victim of the deviation within the Catholic tradition which allows such activities. Srila Prabhupada and every other Vaisnava Saint has pointed out such indulgences are extreme impediments to genuine spiritual advancement. The current Catholic tradition unmistakabley disagrees. To his credit he has remitted his entire life to God within the tradition as he has been made to understand it which is absolutely no small accomplishment. I am quite sure the Pope is beyond sincere in his pursuit of spiritual life as he has been taught by the Church. You are quite right he has been a powerful and ceaseless voice of opposition towards other types of horrors within human society. The problem is clearly one of institutional approval of such behavior, not of the Pope being in possession of bad character. Nevertheless there is no escaping the reality that he is the face of the modern Catholic tradition and one cannot ignore his apparent inability to see, on his own, evilness where it resides within his own house.
  10. I wonder what brand he likes best...maybe "Holy Stoly".
  11. I recall reading an interview some years back in which Pope John Paul II mentioned that his favorite meal would have to include vodka and the most reprehensible and barbaric of corpulent foods, veal. I am not inclined to feel the Catholic cultural tradition in it's current administrative form is qualified to identify such specific detail as the identity of some alleged "Anti-Christ". The current Catholic Church is by plain admission implicated in one of the most simple evils to identify...the slaughtering of God helpless lower creatures...and the subsequent comsumption of their flesh for the base delights of the tongue. Ultimately given the hellish condition the Earth planet is sliding towards, any thoughtful person, no robes, no title nor any position in some worldwide religious institution required, could rather easily assert that some serious demoniac element has taken up residence on the planet. Such an observation seems to me to be a pretty wide and easy net to cast.
  12. I complete concur. Although time is a prized commodity, when we hit a point where it is too troublesome to take the 2.7 seconds it takes to type the name Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada or the name of any other saint worthy of notation or discussion some important type of consciousness has been disposed of. I remember many years ago at LA temple it became briefly fashionable amongst some in the community to greet people with the phrase "H-Bol, Prabhu". I always thought the folks inclined to abbreviate the Lord's Holy Name down to a single "H" sound were serving out some notably distinct punishment. Oddly enough I also recall many of the same retailers of this "H-Bol" utterance had plenty of extra time to speak at length of the fault's ISKCON and managed to do so using no abbreviations whatsoever.
  13. Quite a beautiful gem you have found and sent here. Thank you Prabhu.
  14. I recall Sripad Bhakti Guarava Naragashingha Maharaja once told a story about Srila Krishna dasa Babaji Maharaja. Srila Krishna dasa Babaji Maharaja was known to chant bhajan or japa almost every waking moment of the day. Once some of Srila Prabhupada's devotees went to see Babaji Maharaja. At some point he was asked "Babji Maharaja, how many rounds do you chant?" He reportedly laughed a bit and replied "That is simply ahankara!" (false ego). And dropped the subject. I felt the purport of such a statement to be not to get too caught up in some numerical formula for grading one's attachment to Krsna I mean not to minimize the concept of a sixteen rounds of japa. Simply said, I find in this (Western) World composed of 99.99% non-vaisnavas, I am pleased to be in the company of anyone who is merely thinking about someday chanting the Maha Mantra.
  15. My wife and I gave a friend who is a bit new to Krsna Consciousness a Tulasi mala as a Christmas gift. The other day she called and asked if it would be proper to wear it on her wrist as she has a small baby who was showing some inclination for grabbing it and she was concerned he might accidentally break it. My thought was “Utility is the principle.” If this adjustment would allow her to continue to wear Tulasi beads better she does it in this manner than take them off. I agreed this would be fine without excessive deliberation on the subject.
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