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  1. Really interesting.. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  2. Could you please let me know in which college you are pursuing this course and give me more details on the course content please? I would also greatly appreciate it if you could let me know the reference books you used for your studies..
  3. God is beyond all thought... he can't be comprehended by mind..
  4. Ridiculous!! Its illusory to think that Gandhi was described in the Gita.... Gandhi was no saint or yogi.... jus regarded as such by some politicians.. Read the words of Godse during his trial at court and discern..
  5. Thanx.. Prior to posting this thread i did search in Banaras university.. but i couldnt find any related courses there.. Cud u please help more in this regard?
  6. Hi, Does any one know any university offering formal courses on studies of Hindu/Bhuddist religions in India? If so, please share the details of the same...
  7. Yes, additionally they were saying that Homeopathy cures the patient as a whole and the energy flow(prana) rather than the symptoms alone...
  8. ....which is not at all easy.. To get a spiritual guru u need the right meritorious deeds and good karmas accumulated from plenty of previous births...
  9. Yesterday, i attended a exhibition on Homeopathy. Homeopathy system of medicine, i learnt, is based on extracting juices of plants to prepare medicines. I queried them on the difference between Homeopathy and Ayurveda, they told that Homeopathy prepares just one medicine from one plant wheras Ayurveda mixes the extracts of various plants to prepare a medicine.... Could anyone shed more light on this and the pros and cons....
  10. ukarma55

    Shiva Loka

    It may be recalled that good people who die are said to have reached "Shiva loka"... Also, it is said that the Sahsasrara chakra is the gateway to Shiva loka...
  11. Good one.... There is also another common belief that staring at the moon for long hours will make one go mad... Experts please share your opinion....
  12. This is a common problem wherein the priests try to exploit the people visiting the temples. Just console with the fact that no one can escape from the Law of Karma. If you had a debt to that guy in your past birth in some way or the other you are giving it now, if not that money will come back to you. The Law of Karma.
  13. I have the CD where the rendition is simply outstanding (Fusion) ... Details of the product can be had from the Sacred chants Vol.3 produced by kosmicmusic
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