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  1. So Right!!! Everybody wants to be a pseudo tantrik and think mantras are just a collection of words when they get them out of a book off the street. Many times these books also contain spelling mistakes. Guru and diksha is needed. Jai GuruDev!
  2. Jai Gurudev! Sabar Mantras are a very important line of sadhna that is both easy and quick acting. If you happen to be an issp member, why don't you create a separate folder in the data or Files section and put the mantra and procedure in it? This way, all the members and Gurubhais can take advantage (if you really plan on sharing the knowledge with all). Thanks. best regards, Jai Gurudev!
  3. Well, pretty much, as you have rightly noticed. There is no official rule saying so though.
  4. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of the Hindus. It is most importantly celebrated as victory of Rama over Ravna and Lakshmi pooja. Diwali lagna has special astrological meaning in regards to Lakshmi sadhnas that give quick result on this day. Many spiritual festivals in Hinduism are followed traditionally as a custom, but have a greater hidden meaning and importance.
  5. Yes we certainly need a capable Guru who has walked on the sure path leading to the goal. Only such a guru can lead. Rest is all preaching propaganda. Indeed it is a great fortune to find such a Guru. It is even a greater fortune to sit near the feet of such a Guru and be able to learn from him. Jai Gurudev!
  6. Interesting and unexpected deity avaran!!!
  7. Jai!! I haven't quite seen traditional Vaishnavas doing that. Can you please show another picture or give references where do they dress up Radha Krsna as Lord Shiva Parvati? This is interesting. Thanks. Hari bol
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