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  1. Well done , Iskcon. What the world needs is Karma Yoga as taught by Krishna to fight against the injustices and evils anywhere in the world , and ISKCON has shown the right path ahead , in the spirit of Lord Krishna . Onward, ISKCON warriors. Death on the battlefied fighting for truth and dharma or justice in the true spirit of a karma yogi like Mahatma Gandhi or Subhash Chandra Bose or Henry David Thoreau,all devotees of Krishna, is preferable than living a vegetating life.
  2. Hari, Rama and the other names of God are there in the Guru Granth Sahib. But as Avinash pointed out, they do not believe in the Divine Incarnation. It is a belief of theirs. We on the other hand believe in the Divine Incarnation, and I know for a fact that divine incarnations are indeed there in India now itself. Let us not focus on trivialities but rather focus on developing our character and making ourselves perfect and helping others to be perfect as well. The Sikh Gurus have been stated by Sri RAmakrishna to be themselves incarnations of Janaka. And indeed , like Janaka, the Sikh gurus emphasized Karma Yoga a lot. Guru Nanak and Guru Govind Singh have been stated to be the descendants of Rama himself . I have read about this a couple of times. Also the Sikh gurus and their teachings are also a part of the hindu heritage and sikhism is a sect of hinduism, and their teachings too are a path to achieve moksha or enlightenment or nirvana or salvation from the cycle of birth and rebirth through mainly karma yoga and bhakti yoga ( or love for God.) Swami Vivekananda has stated that each one of us has to become a Guru Govind Singh if we wish to effect the national regeneration of our country. He was truly one of the greatest heroes India has ever seen.
  3. Remember we are playing against the best team in the world. If we assimilate their winning traits like a staunch selfbelief and selfconfidence,patriotism , mental toughness and resilience and character, then we too can conquer them. In fact if we defeat the world champions , we can defeat anyone else on earth easily. This is a glorious opportunity to learn from the best , in order to conquer them. As the well known saying goes, " All problems are really opportunities in disguise. " Fortune favours the bold. --- Virgil. Have faith that you are all my brave lads born to do great things. Let not the barks of puppies frighten you, not even the thunderbolts of heaven. But stand up and work. --- SWAMI VIVEKANANDA All Indians should imbibe the above attitude and success traits , in order to be successful and be world beaters. <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  4. INDIA VERSUS AUSTRALIA --- CLASH OF THE TITANS. It has been stated in the mahabharatha that it is a matter of pride in being defeated by the best. The australians are the 50 overs world champions. While we are the 20 overs world champions(which we won recently ), in the 50 overs format they defeated us fair and square in the first India -- Australia match in Kochi in october 2 ,2007 of the seven match series , just after our 20 over 2007 world cup win . Now we need to understand that they are the 50 overs world champions and what is it that that made them the best,winning three consecutive world cricket world championships in 1999 , 2003 and 2007. From my analysis of their winning traits over the years , it is these I learnt... 1) A staunch self-confidence, rockhard self-esteem and self-belief that they can win from any position. (These indeed are qualities we have to imbibe, if we have to be the best of the best , and defeat the aussies to be the undisputed world champions.) 2) Tremondous pride in being an australian. The australians deeply emphasize patriotism and pride in being an australian which motivates them highly. This pride and patriotism ,according to them, helps them to give their best in the field. (If the aussies are proud of their country which is less than 1 century old, we have all the more reason to be proud of our country and culture , which is more than 6000 years old, and has produced great men like the Rishis, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Govind Singh,Shankara, Swami Vivekananda , Swami Dayananda Saraswati,Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Aurobindo,Ramana Maharshi, Tiruvalluvar and many other sages who are revered all around the world. We had great enlightened masters, sages,scholars and warriors among our ancestors and are the descendants of an ancient civilization. ) 3) Great emphasis on mental strength and resilience. (The Indians need to imbibe perfect mental toughness and should be as tough as nails, if they are to defeat the aussies. The Indians indeed have iron nerves by the way they defeated the australians in the 2001 test series, and the pakistanis in the 20 overs world cup final of 2007. However we should be super-tough now, and steely nerves in order to defeat the aussies , who are the best in the business. If we can defeat the aussies convincingly , we are indeed the best of the best, and can win against anyone then.) 4) Perfect resilience. Even though the australians were tottering at 125 for 4 in the 25th over , they took it from there to make it to 307 . Every player takes upon the responsibility to bring the total to the planned score, and lifts his game in accordance with it , by virtue of his mental strength. India had too shown the same ,when .V.S.Lakshman and Dravid posted 281 and 190 to defeat australia from a losing position , in the 2001 series. This should be done by India , consistently , at all times . We should show this phenomenal character that we displayed then at all times. Every player should take individually the whole responsibility for the team and should become a match winner for the team when the time beckons. Each of the aussie player is a leader , other than the captain. While the captain is the formal leader, the others are informal leaders, and everyone of them takes full responsibility for the team on their own shoulders and becomes a match winner when the time comes for them . This is the main difference between a champion team and good teams. Everyone in the Indian team have to be a leader , and should lead from the front and have perfect character , in order to win and conquer. On the conduct of each, depends the fate of all. --- Alexander 5) While the Hindu scriptures emphasize calmness, equanimity of mind , steadiness and mental strength and enjoying what you do, it is the Australians who display these traits more, and hence they are the ones winning. Time we brought the wisdom from the sacred scriptures and make it part and parcel of our actions and character. 6) Perfect physical fitness. All the aussie players , though oldies, are well toned players. The Indian players are relatively much younger, but guys like ramesh powar with his pot belly leaves a lot to deserve. Yuvraj , Sreesanth, utthappa are quite good physically fit guys, and this shows in their work as well. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Physical fitness should be emphasized heavily in the indian team and brought to its peak always. 7) Perfect professionalism . Devotion to duty and work seen as worship is mentioned in our scriptures. Professionalism is emphasised very much in them. Again we see that it is the australians who are following professionalism to the peak, while the Indians are not so. Time to change that permanently. The Indians should strive to attain peak professionalism in all their professional aspects. Not only the Indian cricket team, but all Indians should assimilate these qualities to succeed in their chosen fields and be world-beaters. If we too become world beaters, we can then succeed in making India a developed nation and a superpower by 2020. ARISE , AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED. --- SWAMI VIVEKANANDA JAI HIND. <!-- / message --><!-- edit note -->
  5. Great modesty and humility. We all make mistakes, but admitting it and rectifying it takes a lot of courage and character. Thank you for this great personal example in wisdom and right conduct.
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