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  1. Dear Namana, Sorry about your state of marriage. What I see is that the marriage was done to the wrong boy to start with . It seems that the sad end of the marriage is inevitable. You are a strong person, you will get over it. Just that you have to under tone yourself in life , meaning you cant have everything your way. Life is not under our command, infact the day you understand this and accept the wonderful things that you have , you will be happier.
  2. Shree ganeshai namah Jup in 12H in aries means that it is the lord of 8h and 11H. Now as L of the 8H in 12 it is a vipreet Raj yog. And can mean education and success in faroff land. As lord of 11 th in 12th is upchaya hs and can mean two things that the expensen will be met by income earned/ elder brother who is faroff and being in 12 H which is the kaalpurush meen rashi, Jupiter besides being in Aries is always good here, therefor can mean expenses on education or Dharam/guru. Thus we have to see the houses that the planet owns and should not prescribe stones for a planet without seeing the overall ownership effects and by mistake by wearing the stone u will enhance the negatives of 8H an d even the expenses.
  3. Shree Ganeshai Namh U are manglik from shukra, lagna and even from UL. Which means that meeting your spouse is best if delayed. Since UL is in 9H it further means a arranged spouse through FATHER/guru. The accuracy depends on the placement of other planets.
  4. Shree Ganeshai namah I could not help intruding into trying to help doctor_74. Ketu in the 2nd says that u maybe rude and harsh with words and taking your marriage pretty much for granted. This cn lead to separation. U need to do some introspection. After 15 sept 07 things may settle a bit but then they r bound to cause major mental struggles after May 2008. Her thinking is spoilt and is soiling your's too. Be sensible in guarding your money. Remedies- you were born on amavasya and thus Rahu shall teach you a memorable lesson for the past karmas. Worship Goddess Kali daily and say the following mantra 108 times on rudraksh mala - kreem kalikay swaha this mantra is not only going to help you now but shall be your protector an sustainer. - wear an emerald( 3,3,7,10 ratti ) made in gold on a wednesday , right hand,little finger, in shukla paksh. The Lord shall be with you.
  5. Dear, Kind astrologer, My details- 23.10.67 Delhi 00:52:48 Jup/Rahu is on. Rahu is in 10th and Jup in 2nd with Ven. Transitting Saturn close to Natal Jupiter seems to be slowing playing up. Kantak sani is on. Saturn MD shall follow. My question is about my marriage well-being and accumalated money losses. The former was always up and down but last one year with Sani in cancer where i have 7 sani bindus things were good. I shall appreciate your interactive discussion , if u cn spare some time and allow me to do so. Thank you
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