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  1. I really appreciate your honest reply and thanks for the sound advice. Regards, Namana
  2. Mr Ravi, Thanks a lot for your opinion, yes I do tend to lose my temper pretty quickly and find myself quite irritable and frustrated very often. Regards, Namana
  3. Dear all, Awaiting for some replies, please help. Regards, Namana
  4. Thanks for going through my post, I have updated his information also. Waiting for your reply Regards, Namana
  5. Namaste to all, I am Namana, got married 1.5 yrs ago, my married life has been full of troubles and my husband claims he was forced into this marriage so has gone ahead and filed for divorce. Please kindly suggest if this divorce will come through or are there any chances that I can still save my marriage. Also, any astrological remedies that would help me? Details: DOB: 15/4/1983 POB: Bangalore, India TOB: 19:29:00 My husband's details: DOB: 5/9/1977 POB: Bangalore, India TOB: 14:00 I will be very grateful for any suggestions and advice Regards, Namana
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