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  1. One among many verses from Abhirami Andhaathi giving same meaning Ondrai Arumbi palavai virindhu ivvulengemai Nindraal anaithaiyum neengi nirpaal -endhan nenjin ulle pondraathu nindru poligindrava - ipporularvaar andru aalilaiyul thuyindra pemmanum em ayyanume She manifests into a One form and then takes many and pervades the whole universe, and yet she stand away from them all, but she took abode in my mind as a golden light - the meaning/secret of this is known only to the god who slept on Banyan tree leave (lord Krishna - vishnu) and our beloved Shiva. Vishnu - is considered as the form of Goddess - ref: Umaiyalal Hariyillai - Thevaram. and also ref: Lord Dharma Saastha - son of Shiva and Vishnu. So, Vishnu knows because it is her form only. Shiva knows because Shiva Shakthi is Abedham (No dual). SriMatre Namaha Vmsunder
  2. Thanks. Bhakthi is such a beautiful yogic path that makes one love all, if you and me and everything exist on the universe today it is because of LOVE. It is ultimate love that protect us all. I am staunch devotee of the ParaaSakthi - I know I am a true devotee - I know what I should do to get out of this samsara Saakar. And I worship her, as i told earlier, as who in the form of Mother protect us all, who is in form and also form less, and who is beyond the reach of world-gunas-anything and everything: Ekha Roopini, Bahu Roopini, Aroopa - Lokhadheetha - Gunaadheetha - Sarvaadheeta - SivaSakthiyaikya Roopini - Sri Lalitha Parameswari Here, there is no confinement, no form, no particular name - she is worshiped as Supreme Love Yaa Dhevi Sarva Bhoodeshu Maatru Roopena Samsthitha - Namasthasyai Namasthasyai Namasthasyai - Namo Namaha
  3. Yes Bhathi is also called as Bhakthi Yoga - it teaches compassion. It is the easiest path when it is practiced with full of love and ahimsa. It never speaks low of the other.
  4. Hey, just look at all your story deities they all become deities by just doing some magics. Nothing they did other than magics. The great philosophies are available in abundance in Brahma Sutras, Upanishads, Aagamas, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Thirumanthiram etc not only in Bhagavad Gita. God is beyond stories, beyond human, is god of the whole universe not only that of this earth. He cant be confined to few stories and just to one form. On your avataar stories, where are they now, when they can be present while Dhryothanas and Kamsas existed why not now, the world has become so worst now than those times. On their retaining their body - u yourself agree that their forms are mayic creation - then y do u worship maya - the name Krsna means black - that is the body complextion of lord krishna - how come u say that will engulf you when u say that - again u say the form are manifestations thru maya - where are you. Now some people removed Parasurama from ther 10 avataar list and added budhdha in his place - this speaks much about how this list of avataars are created. The Name Rama is that of Sakthi -u can see this name in Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam - this name was given to Dhasarathas son by Saint Vasishta - u please refer Ramayan - this name was not created only - was an existing one. The name of Shakthi- Rama is so powerful mantra thats y vashishta gave that name to Rama. There is a saying that even the Rishi Valmiki did not know anything and was asked to chant Rama which gave him such scholarly knowledge to write the epic. So he got the power not by worshiping story deities but by chanting a Mantra. Ramayan was written as a story so that ordinary people will chant the mantra Rama unknowingly by reading/hearing the story. Here the story is not important but the mantra Rama - chanting it is called Japa. On sri Ramakrishna, Thirumoolar, Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi, Sivananda etc - I requested the sincere seekers to look into their preachings which goes much beyond these stories. I dont have any problem with anybody, My message was only for some seekers who really want to grow beyond stories thats it. I salute unto the goddess who in the form of Mother protect us all, who is in form and also form less, and who is beyond the reach of world-gunas-anything and everything: Ekha Roopini, Bahu Roopini, Aroopa - Lokhadheetha - Gunaadheetha - Sarvaadheeta - SivaSakthiyaikya Roopini - Sri Lalitha Parameswari -as goes by Lalitha Sahasranaamam given to Agasthiya by Sri Hayagreeva.
  5. some people seems to be so arrogant and it shows in their replies. They call all others views as third rated but the fact is otherwise. Stories on god, avatars, puranas etc all are to pass great values, virtues and morals to ordinary people. To make ordinary ppl listen to those great message filled puranas they served prasadams in temple - so when people come to temple - they first make them listen to those stories and then serve prasadas - it is in a way forcibly passing great values to them. For common and ordinary people who cant perceive great gnanas, stories were cobbled and passed on - that was infact primary level, by listening to those puranas he will be somewhere influenced to emulate atleast few good qualities and reach higher levels in subsequent births so that he can seek the next level of spiritual growth - that is Dheekshas, tapas, yoga etc. Dheekshas, Tapas, Raja, Hatha and Kriya Yogas are for people who seek it from a master by selfless service for decades. It is utter foolishness to confine god to just one avatar, nobody including all these avataar deities could retain their body and live with us eternally that clearly shows that god is above them all - they just reflected few qualities of greater soul that is all. Like sunlight reflected in bubbles. Just ignore these arrogant people who refuse to come out of stories and think that god only lives in stories. Doing few worldly magic, few sidhdhies wont make a person god, let him try to live eternally with us and proove - nobody has done it so far except some like Ramana Maharishi, Saint Vallalar, Bhagwan Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swamy Sivananda, they went beyond these story mongers. For a sincere seeker who all have crossed the story level sincerely practice Japa, Tapas and Yoga for a real spiritual growth.
  6. When u sleep, u dont have any proof of your existence ever untill u wake up, this wake up stage does not have any proof when u r asleep, while in dream u believe that the dream is real. So, one avasta disprooves the existence of the other two, Fact remains the same whatever be the stage of avasta, like drama and settings may change but the stage remains. Just read Ramana Maharishis discourses that may give u clarity. On nature - God is called, infact in Vedas worship god as five elements of nature, Shiva is worshipped as Five elements of nature. so, nature is God, nature is Shiva. To negate Shiva is like nagating our Soul, for Jiva and Shiva are not dual. Ones life,soul is Siva only. The word Jeeva has come from Siva only. "Seevan enna sivan enna verilai, seevanaar sivanarai arigilar, Seevanar sivanaarai aridhapin, seevanaar sivanai vittiruppare" Thus goes one Siddhars verse, meaning - Soul (seevan in Tamil) and Sivan are not two different things, the maya covering the soul hides the light of the soul, once the maya is conquered, there is no duality - only the soul is seen thru the sheath of Maya - our body-mind all becomes Shiva then. Just ask Who You are, are you the body, look at the statement Ram passed away, if Ram is the body, where is the question of passing away, if not, then who has passed away - soul. So, the name Ram is not for the body but for the soul living in it. It takes several births and carries innumerable names, it is neither male nor female - Ardhanaree (Siva). It is everything. Jivan is Sivan only Sivoham Sivoham
  7. Dear Pujarie 0 I have read some of your posts, first of all my sincere namaskars to you, you have been worshipping the divine mother since the age of 17 i read somewhere, how blessed you are, choosen by the divine mother of all at such an young age is so great. I tell you it doesnot come that easily to worship mother, to follow Shaaktham one should have done crores crores of years of penance as stated in abhirami andhaathi - u r one such great soul i believe - thanks On your question on other gods - as all gods are her form when she align with Gunas - Guna sahitha Lalitha Parameswari, while in her Nirguna form she is alone - All gods in their subtle soul level are just a different form the great mother in a given Guna sambandham (set imposed qualities) those are her own creation. Thats why you can see all god worship, adores and take shelter under her feet. It is natural. So, one can worship all gods with pure awareness that they are all manifestation of our supreme divine mother only - who has taken such and such form for the very purpose of blessing us with such qualities those deities possess. Thanks & regards VmSunder
  8. This is Sheethala Devi - the goddess who punishes with and also removes miseries, chicken pox etc. Praying unto this god will help in gettind rid of chicken pox and related deseases. Sheethalethvam Jagan Maatha - Sheethalethvam jagath Pitha Sheethalethvam jagadhaathri - Shethalaayai Namo Namaha Thanks & regards VmSunder
  9. "Manidharum Dhevarum Maaya Munivarum vandhu Senni Kunitharum Sevadic Komalame - Kondrai Vaar Sadaimel Panitharum Thingalum Pambum Bageeradhiyum padaitha Punidharum neeyum en pundhi ennalum Porundhugave" Humans, Gods, Mystic Saints all come and bow their head under your feet Oh my sweet maa, You and the one who wears the flowers, River and crescent on His head- your husband, both be always set in my heart. Our beloved mother is god of all - the one in ignorance - humans, the one in bliss - Devas(Demi Gods), the one who conquered both and reached supreme knowledge the Saints all come and bow their head unto her feet. She is mystic to saints who conquered maaya even. Please refer Lalitha sahasranamam "Lokaadheetha, Gunaadheetha, Sarvaadheetha, Samaathmika" - She is beyond the reach of worldly power, mind power, and any other power, and she is present in everysoul equally" She is uncomprehendable. So let us all bow our head to Her beautiful feet with the same prayer which Abhirami Pattar begged for - Siva Shakthi's supreme awareness in our poor souls. She is already there (pl ref "Samaathmika")- we need to be aware of it - that is possible only thru her blessings. Thanks & Regards VmSunder
  10. "Arindhen evarum ariyaa maraiyai - arindhukondu serindhen unadhu thiruvadikke - thiruve veruvip pirindhen nin anbar perumai ennadha karama nenjal - arindhe vizhum naragukku uravaaya manidharaiye" "Learned the scripture that is not known to anybody - by knowing it concluded that your foot is the supreme of all - Oh devi i am now scared of those who dont respect your devotees - by doing which they belong to the cruelest hell of all" Saktham is the best of all the form of worship. This is known and practiced most secretly for the simple reason that it is the most sacred form of worship. Hence, it is not known to the majority of the spiritual world, so not available in vedas too, so abhirami pattar says he learned the veda which was not at all available to others, which is not available in the four vedas on which all the other worship methods are based upon, it must be noted that the term Veda (marai) used by abhirami pattar refers not to the four vedas that we all know, he himself clarifies it by his words 'this veda is not at all known to anybody(arindhen evarum ariya maraiyai). There ends viewing and measuring of Saktha margam with (known) vedic eyes. This is beyond the reach of known vedas. Abhirami pattar thus continues, "Upon gaining that knowledge which is not known to anybody, I surrendered unto your feet, Oh great goddess, devi, because of dawning of supreme knowledge i found that you are the only truth, only goal, so, now i keep myself away from thos other ignorant people who do not know the greatness of your devotees, because of which they are are liable to end in hell, I am scared of them" Here, abhirami pattar declares that saktham is the most supreme and whoever follows saktham method need to be worshiped and respected, others, whoever he may be, whatever may be his method of worship will end up in hell if he is not respecting a Saktha devotee. So he further says he is not interested in going to them and explaining about saktha method - better keep off from them - keep distance - get scared of those people who dont respect saktham. Saktha devotee need not go and explain to others, it shows, it by itself, because it is supreme will make all others respect him, if someone is found not respecting, leave alone insulting, he/she is doing due to his past accumulated sins, uncleasable sins which he mounted in his millions of births in the past, so dont go near them, this is what abhirami pattar suggests to the fellow saktha devotees.
  11. Thunaiyum thozhum theivamum petra thaayum- suruthikalin panaiyum kozhunthum padhi konda verum - pani malar poonkanaiyum karuppuch chialaiyum - men paasaankusamum kaiyil anaiyum thiripura sundari aavadhu arinthaname If we think deeply we can conclude if at all we live today it is because of our mothers selfless love - she took care of us when we were not even able to talk, even when we were in her womb, she took care of us did so much service to us when as a child we gave all sort of troubles not allowing her to eat, sleep etc - she ignored all and loved us so much - because of which we live today. All living being almost exist surely because of its mothers unconditional love - which made life survival possible - sometime even fighting with the father - the male who fathered it - see pussy, lioness etc. Here Abhirami pattar tells that he realised that Abhirami is with him as his wife, as his beloved goddess and as his mother. And now he now find the meaning of the vedas - the vedas in different ways only praises her in the beginning in its explanations - that is puranas, and in its conclusions - vedantas - the Upanishads, though they talk many differnt things - but in effect its all talking about her and Her only. By the term 'pathi konda verum' he refers that the Vedas have come from Her Husband (pathi) Lord Shiva only. So now he realises that wherever he could find unconditional love and supreme knowledge - it is infact She the Great Goddess Abhirami he is seeing. To continue..
  12. Udhikkindra senkathir uchith thilagam - unarvudaiyor madhikkindra maanikkam mathulam pothu - malarkamalai thuthikkindra minkodi menkadi kunkuma thoyam enna - vidhikkindra meni abhirami endhan vizhuthunaiye Raising sun is thilak on her forehead, Self realised soles alone know and rever the greatnes of her - not all know her greatness, she is so fair and sweet like a flower, lightening is her form and kumkum like fairness is her complexion, She is my only saviour - she alone is my saviour. This poem give inputs on how to meditate, who can meditate etc, generally, all Male gods are supposed to be meditated from foot to head, whereas Goddess to be meditated from Head to toe, thats why the very first song starts from the thilak on her forehead, also it may be noted that As per Saiva Aagama rahasyas the Sakthi thathvam is felt at the 1000 petalled lotus at our head and then it merges with Siva thathvam. So the slokam, this blissful verse just descending from the supreme consciousness direcly to bless us all, directly from the Goddess, it may be noted that the Abhirami andhathi was given by Abhirami pattar when he was in the supreme state of Dhuriayaatheetham (as called in yoga saastras). The male gods are meditated from foot to head, pl refer the verses on Ganapathi by Avvaiyar (ancient women saint who lived 2000 years ago) it starts as 'Seethak kalaba senthaamarai poom patha silambu pala isai paada' and one on Lord muruga starts as 'Sashtiyai nokka sarahana bavanaar sishtaruk udhavum senkathir velon Paadham irandil panmani chathangai pala isai pada' ---- to continue
  13. Here is my humble presentation of Abhiraami Andhaathi for those who seeks truth and believes that all are creation of God. So, when creation comes the creator is obvious - the Mother. Lalitha Sahasranamam given by Lord Hayagreeva thus starts with the first namaavali as Om Sree Matha To know more detail about Abhiraami andhathi - please go thru the details given below; Now the first verse Thaaramar kondraiyum shenbaga maalaiyum saathum thillai oorar thampagaththu umai maindhane - ulagezhum petra seer abhirami andhaathi eppodhum en sindhaiyulle - kaaramar meni ganapathiye nirka katturaiye Oh lord, the one who wears the dew filled flowers, oh the son of the uma, this verse of abhiraami andhathi is a shower of bliss meant for all the worlds, oh ganapathi let it stay for ever - seek your blessings - will continue Many years ago in South India there was one devotee of Goddess Abirami called Subramanian in Tirukkadaiyur, Tamilnadu. He had deep devotion towards the Mother, indulging in doing Pooja i.e., showering of flowers at the feet of others imagining that they are the goddess of Abirami. The deep love he had on this goddess made him to assume the other living females are none but goddess Abirami. One day King Saraboji visited the temple when devotee Subramanian was meditating about Goddess Abirami. The king was provoked seeing subramani’s ignorance about the king’s arrival. The king asked who that fellow was. One man told that he was mad thinking the other ladies as Amman and used to shower flowers on them. The priest told no! He was a deep devotee of Goddess Abirami. The king wanted to test who he is. So he asked Subramanian whether today is new moon day or full moon day. At that time Subramanian was in eternal bliss of universal mother enjoying mother’s beautiful face surrounded with thousands of sun lights. So Subramanian answered the king that the day was full moon which was actually a new moon day. Hence the king ordered to push him in burning fire at evening 6 ‘o’ clock if the moon didn’t appear. After sometime, the king’s army awakened Subramanian and called him to come with them, to fulfill the punishment. Returning to his consciousness, Subramanian realized that Goddess Abirami alone made him to say it was a full moon day when it was really a new moon day. Burning Fire with rays is beneath him and Subramanian was on the top, inch by inch moving down by the forces. Realizing that Amman alone can save him, he started singing 100 songs on Abirami (the so called Abhirami andhathi and prayed her to come to his rescue. While singing the 79th song stating that Her merciful eyes have got superpower and she is an ocean of blessing with no limits. Immediately Annai Abirami appeared before him and threw her ear-ring in the sky which appeared as moon for full night. The king was immensely pleased on his devotion and honored him by calling him Abirami Patter and became a disciple to Abirami Patter. What we come to know from this is that god alone is all pervading superpower and immortal. All other worldly creatures are not perennial. If you are really interested to see Him you are supposed to do meditation and prayers that too in the early morning ie. morning 3 am to 5 am. God is great. Also read the story of Markandeya who conquered death with the help of the divine that took place in Thirukkadaiyur in Tamilnadu. Some Interesting facts Abirami Pattar’s name was Subramaniam. Since he got the grace of goddess Abirami the king Saraboji named him as Abirami Pattar. Every year during the Tamil month of thai during the new moon day Abirami Pattar festival is celebrated at Thirukadaiyur even nowadays. Abirami Pattar’s father was Amirthalinga aiyar. His son was called Subramaniyam who was later called as Abirami Pattar. Abirami Pattar’s son was also named Amirthalinga aiyer. After him it was Ramaiya and then it was Subramanian. Their successor today is Narayanasami aiyer’s son Amrita Barathi. It seems his age as of now is 70 and he doesn’t have any issues. Abirami Pattar wrote the following 1. Abirami anthathi (100+1+1 songs total) 2. KaLLavaranar pathigam - 10 songs 3. Amirthakadeswarar pathigam - 10 songs 4. Kala samhara moorthy pathigam - 10 songs 5. Murugu venba - 10 songs 6. Abirami ammai pathigam - 22 songs King Saraboji not only gave the name “Abirami Pattar” but also lands, gold and also a surname “barathi” for Abirami Pattar’s generations. Abirami Pattar had always remained aloof and received hatred from the temple priests and officials in his earlier days. The 70 year old successor of Abirami Pattar living today, Amrita Barathi was also born on the Tamil month of thai during new moon day. His birth star is thiruvonam. Madhavi, the second heroine in the story silapathigaram, with whom Kovalan had an affair, was also born in Thirukadaiyur. Today Madhavi’s house is used as panchayath office. There is also an olden vaishnavite temple in Thirukadaiyur. The gods in this temple are Amrita Narayanar and Amrita Valli. The fourth house in the street “melvalaga theru” is where Abirami Pattar lived. This house was later bought by Sivaprakasa Desikar which is used by none and remains locked even today.
  14. hi intelligent fellow Who said Rudra is shiva and do u know the very first tamil literature by Nakkeerar which date back 2000 yrs is on Lord Muruga - Thirumurugatruppadai Hope u worship Lord Hayagreeva - who worships - admits worshipping Sree Lalitha Parameswari the wife of Kameswara shiva - where do u find Kameswara in Vedas - where do u find Lalitha in Vedas - do u mean ur Hayagreeva bluffed. Lalitha Sahasranamam was given to Saint Agasthiya by Hayagreeva only - just go thru Lalitha sahasranama and its meaning before concluding that shiva and rudras are same. Few lines Manipoorantha rudhitha - Vishnu kranthi Vibhedhini Aakgna Chakkraalandhastha - Rudra kranthi Vibhethini Sahasrarambuja rooda - sudha saraabhi varshidha when we just try to come out of story reading and contemplate on these tantric lines - lot of knowledge will dawn upon. Lalitha saharanamam is a treasure if we really seek truth beyond stories (of historic heroes - who at the end committed suicide) thats all I can say and moreover thats not my job either - I just started and have a long way to grow beyond those story hereos Thanks & regards vmsunder
  15. Yeah! it will be confusing.. See if you know and have even iota of doubt at heart the devotion will be incomplete. It is better to get convinced and the follow the path. See - Everything has come from light this is what our scriptures say. Do u know that this is true - as per science the earch was a thrown away piece from Sun (star). The Sun is full of fire and hence is almost in gas form - there is no solid items - all that you see on planet earth originally belong to fire - thats why u see lots of fire worship in Vedas and scriptures, In Saiva philosophy God Shiva is referred as Param Jyothi (ultimate Fire Ultimate Light). Truth can not be two. The core of our scriptures can not contradict, like sugar coated tablets - the quoting, by mixing certain stories and examples, they covered the truth. See water is used to put off fire - but water itself is combination of two highly flammable gas. Any solid matter crushed beyond a level form will get the form of gas. Please go thru Saiva Sidhdhanthas and Aagama saastras and Patanjali yoga suktham and Sidhdhars songs (Thirumanthiram English translation) - the truth is apparent. Any suspicion will lead to futility - only the sthithaprakjna's get salvation (a confused and doubting mind can not reach sthithaprakjna stage). even if you pretend it will fall at some point - so doubt and get cleared then only the SURRENDER WILL BE WHOLE HEARTED AND COMPLETE. Thanks & regards vmsunder
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