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  1. Thanks for the details. But it's been told thousands of years ago in Rigveda, it claims there are 147, Among 7 colored sun-rays, each consists 21 each. And it tells that using sun-rays in a proper manner any matter/element can be transformed into any. It's exactly on what Albert Einstein was working. The spectrum of knowledge is vast...full of mystery which, I'm afraid, modern science never could explore. regards
  2. Hello everyone, Well anyone could please post me those photos? thank you
  3. Hi there, Well, Bhakti kinda thing could really releive your tention but ain't be the finest remedy to get rid of the harsh situation. You need to do something related to Tantra. Find some real astrologer with Panchaguli Siddhi, he can guide you. regards
  4. Yeah sure, There's huge difference between physically present and the one back to the originality. The one not present is used for worshiping like Krishna, Rama, and others... ... ... ...like swami Narayana ( he is the famous one here on discussion). But the living Guru BURNS us, gives death to almost anything into us and brings a newer person into us. But, ours is the corpse worshiper kinda society. regards
  5. Well, people have talked a lot about Bhairo. Great. But all the symptoms worshiping him are not real and even if, rare. Bhairo is the only living God who is present in the earth even today. Bhairo can be pleased real soon. On 23 of this month I'm having Batuk Bhairav sadhana, among various incarnations. Sadhans are only true means to reach the final goal. regards
  6. Dear Guest, Bramha is not the Supreme God. According to the Shastras, Parabramh is the supreme one, not that four-headed God. You can get into anything to find the truth out. Just don't speak up anything of your mind rather you should go for the scriptures. There's a nice anecdote regarding this. Bramha used to have five heads earlier but later the Bhairava hacked one head which spoke the evil of Lord Shiva and later realized his fault and started new journey. I forgot the whole plot so I'm sorry. I mean no offence. regards
  7. Dear guest, I couldn't quite catch you up??? I mean to say that why don't we try being like one of them rather arguing on them???
  8. People are happy arguing. The path the great personalities like Paramhamsa Swami Nikhileshorananda, Mahaveera, Ram Krishna Paramhamsa, Mahavataar Baba, even Shree Krishna is the tough to be followed. With a afraid heart we indulge ourself in discussing what they are and what they are not. Kali is the worst and the worst of its time has arrived. THis is time to elevate ourself. Stop arguing and try finding someone true to guide us on the path of real happiness. I guess it worths seraching. From the lives of so many great personality and their teachings we gotta conclude how we gonna live, live like an insect or ....... Simply following any great personalities won't make you that great, instead you are mere a follower creating a sect. Live for something high. Why should we talk about people? What stops us from being like one of them??? Why can't we be like them? THey were humans and we too are. What they got, we too possess. THen why this much of backwardness??? I don't mean any offence. Ive spoken the inner voices of millions of souls... may the peace, prospertiy and the love prevail. regards
  9. Stop arguing guys... try walking path of theirs... and the knowledge itself shower upon you with all the answers. regards
  10. Hello Brother, I'm more than happy to know that you are seeking a real Guru, the eternal one from our past lives. Relation between the Guru and Shisya is only true one in this universe. No matter where we born and where the Guru is residing, Guru manages us to reach him. Yeah, many hurdles may come around though! I too faced it, but I enjoyed the suffering which resulted in an eternal bliss. Well, brother sorry to say but I don't want to disclose my Guru's name in the public. Because we are truly concerned in uplifting of ourselves spiritually... ... ...and ... ... .still .. there are too many options. A capable Guru can lead you to the truth by any means... ... ... Brother if you are truly interested in finding out the real Guru... then I'll ask for the permission... ... well gotta ask you what if you are to travel to meet the one ??? and tell me what your goal exactly spiritual or the physical ??? Tell me everthing. Well, if it bothers you describing all in the public then hit me at ... theeasternthunder regards I'm dead sure, there could be many with the enlightenment in the Jungles and the Himalayas but not much in the society. Comming days will describe itself that the one I'm with at the moment is the only one whom I happened to find out just few couples of months back after a rigorous search for the truth of around two decades
  11. Where U from??? Up to where U are willing to visit? hit me @ ,,,,,, theeasternthunder regards
  12. Sorry I forgot, if an aspirant is practicing in own then it could take really long... even Kriya Yoga could take that time and any form of Yoga take the same amount of time. But if you are under the Self awakened Guru...it depends on your inner desires... how much dedicated you are... a true love without selfishness...devotion...faith...belief on Guru can lead you to the perfection in no time. A real Guru seeks nothing but the unconditional love from your heart. And I bet you people have never been to that kind of Guru and untill you don't sacrifice your self-centeredness you won't. This is a disturbing truth this kind of Guru is not found easily. I found my Guru after the suffocation of around 2 decades!!! I've felt the essence ... what a Guru looks like and what a disciple gotta be... If you have the Guts come vacating yourself ... a real Guru seeks nothing, nothing material...but only TRUE LOVE. regards
  13. Hello everyone, It seems as if the whole world has realized the essence of life and the importance of the ancient science in modern age. Around two decades of rambling brought me at the place where I am today with entire satisfation to the inner core of my existence. The heart of the KY is the celebacy... how come a sexual active human can get that perfect awakening !!! Never. Still there are other things on the way. Deeds of past lives haunts our existence and our attempts to the frustration and we start thinking the whole things is fake. IT's what all the finest men of the history emphasized on the Real Capable Guru. Untill and unless you don't go to the person who has awakened the 7th Chakra him/herself you ain't be getting to the perfectness. Too many of self-proclaimed Gurus who don't know celebacy how they can guide anyone to the perfection ??? No way. So, I plea all the seekers of the truth, there's only few years of life remaining of the person I know...with the 7th Chakra awakening. HEard of anyone who have conquered the death in present time ??? Anyone with third eye activation can do it. The person I'm with can live or die on own desire and promissed to be with us few years and will go to her native place. regards
  14. Namaste, It's really nice that you are looking for a Kundalini Guru. Well, lemme put my words( but not for any offence), if the Kundalini is a piece of a cake and the enlightened Gurus are found on the streets and in so called Ashrams easily, then every human would have gained the perfection. Don't you think so? I agree that few people might be with some chakra activation but not with the whole 7. Activation of the 7th Chakra... man... Well, if you are thinking of getting high on it then all those ashrams or anything won't be even a tiniest help. Still, such Gurus may guide you on the path but by no means they are capable to take your declining energy upward. Wanna know more ??? I got my email in , theeasternthunder. regards and hope you could find the real light
  15. Hello everyone, Well, through Meditation, too, the awakening of Kundalini is possible but demands an enlightened Guru to guide. By our own means we can activate upto the third chakra. In Tantra, there is the easiest way to the activation... SHAKTIPAAT. Shaktipat is given in numerous ways by a capable Guru. Only the capable one with 7th chakra activation can guide the upsurging to next. If there's no capable one to guide the energy on the path then Kundalini spoils in no time. I've met lotta people with the activation of 1st Chakra but lost the energy... ... ... and tell you guys, I'm under the shade of that capable Guru... and I've met people who have activated upto third eye under her guidance. She has been my Guru from several births. Around 2 decades of search for the peace of mind and the real truth has landed me on her holy feet. It's been just more than a couple of months. regards
  16. lemme ask U ...... have you witnessed the awakening of the Kundalini??? Are you under guidance of the enlightened one who have attained the perfection on Kundalini, the awakening of thousand petalled lotus ?????? regards
  17. Hi there, well you've spoken of the west i guess, i dunno, but not of the east or the South Asian countries... no woman is allowed to visit temple during that time. I'm gonna ask exactly what the reason is ... i heard of the things about that discharge...n let U know. I stronly oppose...no woman is allowed to visit temple on that period... regards
  18. Apparent... anyone with the awakened Kundalini, Sahashrar Jagarana, can relate oneself to Parabramha...we become Prabramha... it's what Great Sankara talked about,,,,, I myself is the Bramh... AHAM BRAMHASI... But it's not the fact that all are the incarnation of God as been told by Shree Krishna. If anyone is so keen knowing what exactly foretolds the incarnation of the God according to Bhagvat Gita... then find a book i guess " Purna Madaha: Purna Midam" by Pundit Pitambar Dutt Shastri of Banaras. It is based on a handwritten script by Sandipan Gurudev, the Guru of Shree Krishna. And you can find out the Janma Kundali of Rama, Krishana, Buddha and ... match it to the people's who are known as the God. It will spread a LIGHT...sure there had been a person exactly told by Sandipana Gurudev ... but ours is the corpse worshiper society... The day is reaching... when there'll be the streams of Tears on the shameless eyes of so called rational humans. regards
  19. Why people seem to entangled in worthless arguments talkig whether that person is God or not ??? Just don't if anyone is claming to be a God or else because we humans are sent to this earth for some specific reason. If self proclaimed Gods are irritating you why don't you try walking the path they might have traded on ??? It is simple to assume that if someone is claiming to be the God he must be with some powers... and it's obvious when there's somethig awesome people bow down. What I'm trying to say is, stop all these arguments and let's expereince the truth ourselves. They are humans, as we are with the physical body. What they can do, we can do too. But the path is like walking on the edge of a sword, we gotta be dare-devil !!! Lastly, both of them are not God, Swami Narayan is with the super consciousness or the enlightenment and Sai Baba is still walking on the path to reach it, not with the enlightenment so far, though he is the real son of the GOD fulfilling God's wishes, I guess so.I dunno much because I'm not on that position to judge anyone, first we gotta be on the firm ground ourself ... and I'm walking to the truth... ... ... People like Swami Narayan may claim to be God with the consciousness of the God...with the Godly state within themselves. Forget about all... U too can be the GOD !!!
  20. Hello there, I know you are going to witness your real life in near future. Brother, allow me to ask you up to where you'd like to walk the earth to find out the real Guru to guide your soul. I'm pretty much sure to take you to the one whom I happened to find out after 15 years of my wanderings. Ask yourself, if you are seeking the guidance truly, I'm pretty much sure to take you there. regards
  21. Hi there, At first the chanting starts on lips, then to the throat, heart and last to the Navi Chakra, if one tries Manasa Japa. regards
  22. Om Shree Guru Charan Kamalebhyo Namah: Jai Gurudev, nothing is useful untill and unless there's someone to guide you thoroughly... Jai Gurudev
  23. HI, well, any sadhana without the former initiation from a Guru who himself has attained the particular siddhi, ain't be that fruitful. if you are thinking of doing the sadhana without it... i must say that you'll watse the time only. Siddhi over Dakshin Kali will lead you to the siddhi over 10 Mahavidhyas. So think is it that much simple ?????????? hit me personally, if you are aspiring to get to the person who may guide you to the sadhana path.
  24. Hi, Yeah sure when we are with the eternal Guru we gonna get the inner peace. But it's a bit tough job to find out the one. Anyone could claim to be your Guru but ... you know what I mean to say. Sure, meditation helps even in the awakening of the Kundalini. In this too we need an enlightened Guru with the Kundalini Awakening. Searching through the sites amy help you finding out the Guru but I don't think so because the real one hide the real gist. I wish you could find Guru from your past life. regards
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