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  1. Namaste! I'm travelling to India & looking to do a year long retreat. Would you please direct me to a Kundalini Yoga Guru / Practitioner anywhere in India. Also wondering how much would it cost & what practices can I expect to learn within this time frame. Thanks a lot. P.s: Anybody with a similar plan& want to join in : Do PM me
  2. omonk

    Tantra Retreats

    Hi I'm travelling to learn Tantra in India . Looking for long retreats , Gurus , but , unfortunately have no idea where to start . Any suggestions on Gurus , practices i can expect to learn . Some help? Thanks
  3. I've been deeply interested in the Dream Yoga practices lately & was wondering if there's a similar practice within Hinduism that lets you work with the subtle body (sukshma sharira) or something on the lines of astral projection. And where in India must I look to learn this practice? Do you know of any Guru who teaches this? Thanks
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