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  1. As long as the Acharya installs the deities then the temple is ok to worship in. Pramukh Swami IS THE ACHARYA OF THE SWAMINAYAN FAITH. He has full authority to install deities, and Lord Swaminarayan DOES reside in them.
  2. jai swaminaryan. for mahesh and others. it shouldn't matter what Pramukh Swami sits on. He is a living saint and deserves to be respected. It's not like the Vadtal/Ahmedavad Acharyas sit on a bed of nails all day. Are these the philosophical points you wanted to debate?
  3. Lord Swaminarayan Artwork on Flickr by
  4. Yes. This is what Lord Swaminarayan taught, you are the company you keep. Kusang (Company of Vicious People): One who seeks ultimate redemption should always remain away from nastikas (who believes only in karmas and do not recognise God as the giver of the fruits of karmas) and Shushka Vedantis (who profess; 'I am Brahman' and therefore have no moral obligation. They thus indulge in antinomianism.) (Gad. I-48) http://www.swaminarayan.org/scriptures/vachanamrut/gems.htm#kusang
  5. lol, did you create that junk site. or was it the Vadtal crooks. My 5 year old sister could create a better site then that.
  6. thank you. Jay Swaminarayan. This is so simple, but still some can't follow. They'd rather argue. Anger never solves anything Vadtal/Amedabad people should take a clue and quit the bickering. Jai Swaminarayan.
  7. I think that quote most clearly descibes you, and the Shree Sampradaya. I have no problem with you sect, only when you bash BAPS.
  8. I've been emailing BAPS for a while about getting all of the vachanamrut up. It's a big task but hopefully they will.
  9. hmm. I can smell the sarcasm. Either corruption is a problem in ISKCON.
  10. I think that is very true. Money is important to keep the ball running. It's important to organize well. An be corruption free. There are plenty of groups out there, who you can take examples from. JSN!
  11. Arguing with you is useless. Your whining and ill will won't disrupt BAPS satsang. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=615 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width=563 bgColor=#fdf2ed> || Two Unforgivable Sins || Thereupon Somlã Khãchar asked, "God forgives all of the mistakes of His devotees, but which one mistake does God not forgive?" Shriji Mahãrãj replied, "God forgives all other mistakes, but He does not forgive the mistake of spiting a devotee of God. Therefore, one should never harm a devotee of God in any way whatsoever. Furthermore, of all mistakes made against God, to denounce the form of God is a very grave mistake. One should never make this mistake. One who does do so commits a sin more serious than the five grave sins…" [Gadhadã I-71] </TD><TD width=26 background=images/right.jpg></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> http://www.swaminarayan.org/vachanamrut/51.php
  12. Lol, what scandals? We're squeaky clean! You can't name any huh?! But I can name plenty from you sampradaya! Which ones would you prefer? Murder, rape, assault, prostitution etc... You are the worst of all sinners to Lord Swaminarayan. Spread lies and propaganda just to get revenge on BAPS. And it still won't work. You people are desperate to bring down good devotees, just because you are criminals. You have along way to go toward moksha, if you ever get there. You can hate our success, but that won't change anything, Lord Swaminarayan has blessed us. And you can rest assure that BAPS Sadhus and devotees will obtain moksha, before your crooked Vadtal/Ahmedavad prostituting, murdering, criminal "Sadhus" will. The so-called "original sampradaya" won't exist in the nex t 100 yrs. Because of rampant corruption. Half of your santos are already in prison, it won't be long 'til the police catch up to the rest of you jokers. Envy Under the vicious influence of envy, one is apt to malign a devotee. One should shed this instinct of envy totally. (Gad. I-4) Anger The instinct of anger is like the contagious saliva of a mad dog. If this poisonous saliva touches an animal or man, each dies in agony. The infection of the instinct of anger is, therefore, like a dog's poisonous saliva, and would deflect a saint from the path of saintliness. The instinct of anger can be compared to the vicious nature of a butcher, an assassin, a tiger , a leopard, or a poisonous serpent. They are extremely harmful and are likely to take life, if one comes in contact with any of them..... It would make those who imbibe it appear cruel. (Loya-1)
  13. I still haven't heard back from you in a while!
  14. Pramukh Swami Maharaj's North America Visit 2007 Portal BAPS Chicago Visit Portal Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Chicago Visit 2007 1/2 Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Chicago Visit 2007 2/2 BAPS Houston Visit Portal Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Houston Visit 2007 1/1 BAPS Jacksonville Visit Portal Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Jacksonville Visit 2007 1/3 Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Jacksonville Visit 2007 2/3 Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Jacksonville Visit 2007 3/3 BAPS Toronto Portal Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Toronto Visit 2007 1/2 Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Toronto Visit 2007 2/2
  15. That's because he's the leader of BAPS. When people thing of the swaminarayan movement, they think BAPS,in a good way. Vadtal is corrupt. And always scandal ridden. No one wants to associate with those crooks. And luckily they don't have too. BAPS is here to stay and those who want to worship Lord Swaminarayan know where to go! http://www.swaminarayan.org/
  16. This is so true. I am a BAPS devotee. Alot of the so-called "Original Sampradaya" crowd, don't realise that if it wasn't for BAPS the Swaminarayan movements wouldn't be an international movement like it is. People wouldn't even know Lord Swaminarayan words, if it wasn't for BAPS and Pramukh Swami. And all there hard work. What does Vadtal and Ahmedabad do? But bicker and complain. Instead of hating BAPS, get off your ass and start helping the world, like BAPS. You know what Lord Swaminarayan tought about Envy! Envy One filled with the sense of sheer envy always feels absolutely belittled when anybody other than himself is honoured or respected. (Sar. -3) Under the vicious influence of envy, one is apt to malign a devotee. One should shed this instinct of envy totally. (Gad. I-4) If at all anyone sustains a feeling of envy for another, he should try to imbibe his virtues of which he falls short and for which he feels envy.(Gad. I-4) http://www.swaminarayan.org/scriptures/vachanamrut/gems.htm#envy
  17. Hey Kishan. I agree with you comments. Lord Swaminarayan was different(AND SUPREME) because of his powerful words.
  18. Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Africa Visit 2007 1/3 Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Africa Visit 2007 2/3 Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Africa Visit 2007 3/3
  19. Hi, I feel bad you don't have any temple near you. You should make you own alter and do puja. Anyway if you wanna chat my email is celinamahek@ I'm a BAPS Swaminarayan follower btw.
  20. Jai Swaminarayan. You should check out my profile on youtube. I put up some videos on BAPS and Lord Swaminarayan. http://youtube.com/profile?user=celinamahek
  21. it's doesn't matter what time we were created, we worship Bhagavan Swaminarayan. BAPS is it's own sampradaya.
  22. no one's bragging about temples. this is about religion. Eitherway BAPS does lots of work for the poor, everyday. So stop oversimplifying things. Your rant makes no sense. http://www.bapscare.org/
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