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  1. "Jare dekho tare kaho Krishna Upadesh" Means whomever you see talk about Krsna only <!-- / message -->
  2. All glory to Prabhupada. What a grace Prabhupada has to His devotees. Today I am fasting even not knowing His Disappearance day. Jay Prabhupada
  3. Even if a crow carries one seed of Lord Chaitannya Mohaprabhu and plants on a fertile soil that sprouts a tree and grows, that crow becomes associate of Lord Chaitannya Mohaprabhu for His causeless mercy. So anybody can plant the seed given by Chaitanny Mohaprabhu just like Lord Sai Baba did for me unknowingly and I found the seed giver as well as Supreme Personality of Godhead Mohaprabhu. So everybody should plant this Hare Krsna seed as many as places He could by following the instruction by Mohaprabhu as "Jare dekho tare kaho Krishna Upadesh" Means whomever you see talk about Krsna only
  4. Sathya Sai Baba did not gave me Narayana Mantra and He did not told me that He is Sathya Sai Baba who initited me. The Mantra was given Hare Krsna Mohamantra and I searched my Guru through this mantra. Atlast I found that the unknown Guru was Sathya Sai Baba. So it is the seed of Lord Gouranga Mohaprabhu which sprout within me and shows me that Lord Gouranga Mohaprabhu is primary owner of this seed and Sathya Sai Baba is secondary owner of this seed. So to me Lord Hari who is Lord Gouranga Moahaprabhu is my supreme Lord. And Stahya Sai Baba as initiating Guru and by whose mercy I come to know about Guru and Moha Guru (Prabhu and Mohaprabhu). So to me Moahprabhu is the supreme personality of Godhead and Sathya Sai Baba as initiating Guru is Narayana as of today. But definitely by mercy of Lord Gouranga Mohaprabhu to whom I yesterday talked and come to know that if Sathya Sai Baba continues services to Lord Gouranaga Mohaprabhu then He will get Vishnu Pada means become Lord Vishnu. That is the last conversation I had with Lord Chaitannya Mohaprabhu yesterday. But as a whole I am serving both Sathay Sai Baba and Mohaprabhu in the name of Lord Krsna Chaitannya Mohaprabhu
  5. Don't respect other mayawadi religions. If you are Vaisnava then only respect Krsna and Chitannya Mohaprabhu. Follow the teaching of Prabhupada and you will be delivered.
  6. Don't worry, you are already in oldest religion i.e. Vaisnavism. If you are looking some new stuff contact those Babas you already knowing.
  7. Can you transfer your experience to me such that I get all expereince from you. Good luck O soul!
  8. Krsna takes care so many cows, then why not one more?
  9. Prabhu missed my point which says "Krsna is not against bull and that’s why given to Lord Shiva". I did not say krsna is against beautiful bulls in Vrindavana. If Krsna offers one beautiful bull to Lord Shiva as a gift to carry Lord Shiva's Load where is the offence? Above all Lord Shiva is one dearest devotee of Lord Krsna
  10. Krsna is sending light through this hole to become enlightened
  11. Krsna is not against bull and that’s why given to Lord Shiva. Shiva uses those bulls and asks bull to carry His weight which is definitely so heavy I guess. But Krsna is always against demon which challenges Krsna Himself, Supreme Personality of Godhead<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p>
  12. All trees either in material or spiritual worlds belongs to Krsna. Krsna is the original owner of everything. But when a tree grows up and bears fruits based on the nature of the soil, Krsna observes the tree from distance. Some time He asks some of His associate to nourish that tree based on the seed given. After some time those trees are grown over getting light, heat, water etc all the five elements of the material nature and with the mind and indigence of the gardener which supposed to be spiritual nature who is looking after that tree based on original thoughts of Krsna.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> But unfortunately there suddenly comes winds and storms. Sometime that tree could not grow up because of insufficient material elements and spiritual light or can be uprooted by will of Krsna. Sometimes the tree grows up but because of the ill nourishment bears poisonous fruits which are not good for health for the living entity. Such trees are uprooted by Krsna or by material energy of Krsna.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> But unfortunately the original gardener comes back and claims that this tree originally belongs to the gardener Himself though He remembers that Krsna asked Him to plant the seed. But if the gardener is wise enough then He asks Krsna to give another seed to plant and uproot the poisonous tree. Otherwise the gardener starts quarreling with Krsna and that becomes 2 edged dragging because of the ignorance of Gardener.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Prabhupada had planted such a tree from a seed which has been tested in every soil in earth and heaven and found that it bears always sweet fruits full of juices and good for health. Such a seed is Hare Krsna Mohamantra which is original seed of Krsna Chaitannya Mohaprabhu. Any gardener can plant it in any soil and always bears sweet juicy fruits and good for health of human. This seed does not belong to any one, this is the seed of Krsna only and Krsna is always its primary owner and gardener is the secondary owner.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> But other seeds which are given by Krsna to plant one particular type of soil do not bear good fruits and even bears poisonous fruits in some soil. This kind of seeds are seed of Christ (limited to father and son relationship), Islam (Master and servant relationship) etc. Where as Hare Krsna is combined of all kind of relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> If you ask me whether I was knowing or not 2 edged dagger, yes I know. I was returned back because I was asked to help, one was not sufficient to take all burden here. Just think who has so many trees through out universe why He will finght for one particular tree. He should nourish all trees equally. <o:p> </o:p>
  13. Nobody can go against the rule of Dharma, even not Krsna Himself. Krsna is holy name and nobody can use this name for any material gain. If someone plays with Krsna, He will suffer like hell in earth and there is no place for him in Heaven. So scriptures written by Vishnu can not be violated.
  14. Krsna never said Last and First Avatar. Krsna only preached that if there is any problem about Dharma in any time, any where, to protect Dharma I will incarnate. How He will incarnate and when He will incarnate that is upto Krsna because Krsna told that. So there is no last and first Avatar as per Krsna is concerned. Krsna may incarnate even also not showing His face and may choose to remain unknown. That is Krsna's will. But surely He will work to establish Dharma and that is guaranteed through Bhagavat Gita. So there is nothing with us or without us. Everything belongs to Krsna even being with us or without being with us. As per last Avatar is concerned that is upto Lord Jaganntha. That's what Vishnu wrote in Bhagavatam and Krsna supported by revealing to Vishnu. Now a days there are so many Mayawadi Krsna. Krsna is not going to killing them but only revealed the truth. Dharma only matters for Krsna and in Mohabharatha Krsna only supported Dharma.
  15. Leave it to Lord Jaganntha. He is only the final authority in this kali yuga.
  16. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 1) God controls everything. You and I are controlled by God. However, there is something called "FREE WILL". Since we mis-use this free will, we sin but if we use it in the service of Krishna, we become devotees. So, technically, Krishna cannot control us 100% because we have a very minute quantity of Free will. Sin is temporary but not illusionary. ANS: That's why Krsna told give me everything including your FREE will and you will be FREE from material activities 2)The argument again revolves around the mis-use of our free will and hence end up in a punishable state. Punishment from God is nothing but His mercy on us. It is like if my father punishes me...it is out of his love for me and that he wants to correct me and not to hurt me. So punishment by Krishna through the agent of Maya is His mercy to dovetail our free will with Krishna's will. ANS: Again by punishment your father nullify your FREE will. You can not use your FREE will for FREE stuff any more 3)We do not worship an idol. We worship a deity that is made of material elements and invoked spiritually through sound vibration. In other words, God Himself has mentioned specifically in the Scriptires as to how He wants to be worshipped. Again, this is for our sake and not for Krishna. Krishna is complete and self-sufficient. He does not require worship. But, since we minute jivas are small, insignificant, conditioned and suffering, Krishna has volunteered to accept our service through deity worship. By constant worship, we can dovetail our free will to Krishna and ultimately attain prema-bhakti. The whole process of deity worship is technical and methodical and cannot be done whimsically on our own. As conditioned souls, we misuse our free will, and by proper methods, we can love Krishna and one of the processes is deity worship (of the 9 processes to attain love) ANS: Krsna's name is His worship. That's what Prabhupada and Lord Chaitannya Moahaprabhu had preached for. If you take the holy name in your heart and chant always, you need not to worship deity. Deity is optional for the beginner only. Like A,B,C.. Once Krsna's named is placed in the heart by practicing sankirtan, you need not worship even deity when you reach highest state of devotional services to Krsna. But following scriptures and worshipping deity is always welcome. Did you not see how the Muslims or Christians people pray without any deity. That prayer also goes to Krsna through their mediator.
  17. Here is the answers for your questions: These are just thought questions, I find so many things contradictory in the teachings of many religions including Hinduism, but unlike muslims and christians, you tolerate me when I ask so its ok (hopefully). 1) What do you think about this? If God is everywhere, he controls everything, i.e. he is isvara, then what is sin?. If he controls everything then aren't you or I being controlled by him right now, so whatever you or I do , it is his "doing" , right? Hence, sin is an illusion, right? Ans: If you surrender completely by offering all of your activities and fruits out of those activities, then of course whatever is acting through you, that is Krsna is doing. That state is Moha Bhava, means not a single moment you can not stay thinking without Krsna. If you achieve that state, the state of Lord Jaganntha which is Moha Bhava state, supreme bliss full state of Lord, you are completely devoid of any sin. That's why Lord Jaganntha is the supreme manifestation of Lord Krsna in the state of Moha Bhava. 2)Then , what is the use of Punishment? If you do something 'punishable' by God (example adultery), it is really God commiting sin, so there is really no way you are responsible, then why should God punish you or anyone for anything? Ans: Krsna never did adultery. Krsna is always perfect. All the gopies are expansion of original Krsna, who already had qualified to be gopies through loving devotional services to Krsna. They look like Krsna by mercy of Krsna. that's why so many gopies and so many wife of Krsna. Krsna only has single divine consort Radha. So illicit sex is always punishable which is an act of bull. If any one does that in Golok, immediately he will fall down and come to Lord Shiva to get birth and suffering starts. 3) Third, God is everywhere , then why do you worship an idol? I agree I am not God, but if he is everywhere , He is in me right now, and also in a rock at the same time, so why can't I worship a rock, or my own body? Ans: Idol is also God just like a picture of your Father is also your Father. God can transmit His divine energy through idol, image of God. Just think that when you see one picture of your father, immediately in your mind all loving relationship of your father appears. Similarly when you see one idol of Krsna, your soul immediately is filled with love of Krsna. 4) Finally, I am being sincere when I ask this and I do not mean to offend anyone, but I was meaning to clear these doubts for quite sometime, please give me some good answers and no insults please, thank you. Ans: A Vaisnava should ask always doubt. If one has doubt he can not achieve God.
  18. Only Krsna's glance is sufficient to produce calf and protect them from demon. Did Krsna not killed Bull demon on Vrindavan? No bulls are allowed in Golok. Did you not read Phancha tattva? If you are new comer please take some calsses in ISKCON or read pancha tattva.
  19. Only ethical decision is finding your own cows. Prabhupada already thought how to find your own cows. To protect and find your own cows you have to follow Prabhpada's teaching 1) No illicit Sex 2) No Meat eating 3) No Gabmling 4) No Intoxication 5) Body of the cow is chanting holy name of Krsna. That is only the thing you have to practice and help other to practice. If you understand this you are always with Krsna. If you don't follow the above teachings of Prabhupada then you are a bull. So you have to go to Lord Shiva and have to take birth in this material world again and again, suffer like a dog and eat like pig. It is your choice, whether you want to enjoy in Golok Vrindavan with association of Krsna becoming cowherd boy or you want to live in this material world like a dog and eating like pig all filthy stuffs. You only have this two choice and choice is yours.
  20. If you are Vaisanava don't worry about bull protection. Bulls belongs to Lord Shiva. If He wants to protect them let Him to protect. Bull does not give milk only labor. That's why they always takes birth in this material world which is most laborious place through out this whole universe. But protect celestial cow of Krsna who always gives milk. Without milk no calf can alive. So if you want to survive protecting cow is must and which is reflection of the celestial cow of Krsna in material world. Krsna had given you a cow through Prabhupada which is having 4 legs 1)No Meat eating 2)No Illicit Sex 3) No gambling 4) No Intoxication 5) Body of the cow is made with changing Hare Krsna. If you do this for yourself your cow will be protected. If you teach this to your own children your calf will be protected. So you got cow and calf. Go on multiplying and help other to learn to protect their own cows and calves. Once you have so many cows and calves through multiplication of your own cows and calves, you will play with Krsna becoming cowherd boy. Krsna is original cowherd boy and you will be His associate. You all will play and enjoy together in Heaven becoming cowherd boy like Krsna as long as you want. So protect cow in this material world which is your own cows in heaven. If you kill here cows your own cows will be killed in Heaven. This is the real teaching of Krsna. Krsna enjoys seeing that you protected your own cows in Heaven and as well as in material world. This is the key to success in Krsna consciousness.
  21. Again this word practically means some what material in nature. Can you define what is practically. "We have to live our lives spiritually" following the instructions given by Prabhupada is what I mean. If you want to drink milk you have to love your cow and serve that cow always. If cow dies there is no milk and there is no sound of flute of the cowherd boy Krsna. Then how can you play with Krsna? So protecting your cow is the first practical and spiritual duty to you. You are living your material life which is temporary and any time can happen anything to you. So what practically you can do for it?
  22. The key point is Vaisanava is eternally pure who is engaged devotional services to Lord Chaitannya Mohaprabhu. Those who make argument they always may not be Vaisanava. So you have to realize that whether the argument is how to serve better Lord Chaitannya Mohaprabhu or something related to material nature. If material nature defeat that argument with your whole strength. Vaisanava never gets defeated in Philosophy since it is related to Supreme Personality of Godhead
  23. Oh What a crazy mechanics he was!
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