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  1. Jai Shree Rama Dear, I can understand your worries and mental conditions. Do not leave hope, and have faith becuase the balck magics from which you think you are suffering are just the minute thoughts of God. Maa told you that it will be alright after Navaratra. She can't be worng. By the way, here is answer of your question 'why nothing happened'. Dear, you need to understand that water can be found only by digging the well deep enough. Digging 1 meter for water, then leaving hope and starting a new digging will not fetch you water ever, no matter how many plots you dig, for how many hours and how many years. You just need to dig one plot continuously. You said that you prayed all. These all are just one only. So, you must grab a tight hold over any one. For this, just churn out the ocean of your heart and find in whom you have the strongest faith, right from unknown childhood days and start your 'Bhajana' again. If you need any other guideance, let us know. Jai Shree Rama
  2. Dear, JAI SHRI RAMA First of all, I will not recomend you to do any such mantra without a guidance of a Master(Guru). It is a shabar mantra that relates most of its part to Shri Hanumanji and the Divine-Mother as well. It is not specifically for dream stuff. It is related to meditation. I do not want you to practice this unless you have control on your breath and calm down your mind. One of my friends has used one such shabar mantra without Guru's guidance, which ruined his married life. I hope you will not like to see any wrong horrorful dream that will come true due to this mantra. But, if you still want to do it, there is no bad in this. Just be a kind disciple of any accomplished master(Guru) before this. JAI SHRI RAMA
  3. Dear, JAI SHRI RAMA First of all, you will have to understand what term 'Bhajana' really means and how we do it? After that i can tell you valuable things that i know about it. JAI SHRI RAMA
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