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  1. Evil is an existential reality. Evil is seeking pleasure by inflicting pain on others. Evil is a uniquely human passion. A lion killing its prey is not considered evil. A person in authority causing pain to those in their care is indeed evil. Hitler who gassed 6 million Jews is considered the epitome of evil. Who created evil? What is the source of evil? God the all-compassionate couldn't be the source of evil. The source of evil has to be sought in the ignorance veiling human mind. It is the unhappy human, alienated from his/her spirit, who indulges in the wanton acts of evil. Wherever it appears evil has to be resisted by good people. Evil should not be confused with a stand point. Neither personal agendas nor evil means are to be adopted in the name of resisting evil. He alone who sees Divinity in everybody has the moral authority and stature to oppose evil. - From the description of a video of Swami Bodhananda Saraswati of the Sambodha Society
  2. All of these demons and evil spirits have their history which brought them to that state, and the greater majority of the ones in Krishna Lila become liberated from their contact. It is the deluded mind and the unhealthy activities that make one act and assume the form of demons and evil spirits. They can rise from that and the pious can fall to that based on conciousness or lack of it. There is no evil really, just the absolute harmony of the complete whole and the inability of the deluded mind to see that.
  3. Though you may associate Maya Devi with evil, I would not. Of course at root of much of evil is the false ego which is related to Maya, but it the mind and actions that are evil not Maya Devi who is serving the Lord by arranging the material energy to fufill the perverted desires of the conditioned soul.
  4. Good and evil are only creations of the human mind. When you see that human beings aren't much more than bugs crawling around eating each other you won't be so impressed by their ideas. Where does evil originate? In your own mind.
  5. I have been around Krishna Conciousness from the mid-seventies, I saw and heard from many of the people you are talking about. I took Hari-Nam initiation from Srila Kirtananada. There were many allegations about him that I never believed, there were others that I simply didn't care about and the more he was marginalized the more I felt I had some faith for standing by him. Eventually, 12 years or so ago, I had a conversation with him where I told him that I was no longer inspired by him. He told me that was fine but for the sake of my own spiritual life I needed to find someone who did inspire me. I have done that but I maintain to this day that the fault lay with me and not with him. I consider him to be completely dedicated to guru and Krishna and would not disparage him in any way. I agree that anyone who breaks the law should be punished regardless of who they are. As far as that may apply to Kirtananda, I believe he has served his time. I also fail to see the relevance to this moment now to harbour ill feelings over the past rather than endeavor to purify our own minds. Hare Krishna. Phalguni Krishna das
  6. Perhaps you can help me. I vacillate between faith and atheism. I would like to develope faith in Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu in the line of Rupa Goswami. My problem is that I was raised Roman Catholic and found that difficult to accept. After years of thought and reading I have reached the conclusion that the whole story of Jesus is false. Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and Srila Sridhar Maharaja among others have said that Jesus was exemplary. I have a more firm belief that Jesus is false than I do that Krishna is real and I cannot understand how to resolve the conflict. Can you offer any help? clown hidden
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