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    hinduism♥krishna reacted to RadheyRadhey108 in Do Vaishnavas ever pray to Lord Ganesha?   
    I'm a Vaishnava, and I pray to Lord Ganesh to remove obstacles before I perform puja. I also worship Him along with Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali.
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    hinduism♥krishna reacted in Do Vaishnavas ever pray to Lord Ganesha?   
    Sree Krishna Himself prayed to Lord Ganesha to remove the obstacles in marrying Satyabhama. Sree Rama invariably prayed to Lord Ganesha all the time before He started the war with Ravana. All Indian Vaishnavities (Except stupid ignorant fanatics) pray and pay respects to all important forms of Lord like Shiva-Durga, Karthikeya-Valli-Devayani, Ganesha and all forms of Narayana... NO Discrimination as its like disrespecting Sreeman Narayana Himself.
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    hinduism♥krishna reacted to vanamali in Do Vaishnavas ever pray to Lord Ganesha?   
    At the beginning of the pooja we pray to Lord Ganesha.
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    hinduism♥krishna reacted to hindustani in Gaudiya Vaishnava Conception of Shiva   
    Don't worry Raghu and leave all this to God,such miseries is expected from a soul who is lost in this material world.I sincerely Wish Shri Krishna will show him reality one day if he is a real devotee of Shri Krishna although he looks busy attacking other ways of Worshiping God which in my opinion Shri Krishna never spoke of/advised.
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    hinduism♥krishna reacted to divinesoul_0 in Hinduism real Facts   
    Whatever you have said about Hinduism is totally rediculus which is completely distored, misinformed and rubbish.
    Idols worship was there from the ancient times (before Buddha or Jainism came into existence).
    Before Buddha was born 5 thousand years ago scriptures were written about the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. And the Buddha's arrival is clearly mentioned and also about Lord Kalki which yet to happen.

    As per the meat eating of Brahmins are concerned, it is clearly mentioned in the scriptures how and when to consume meat. Not by killing. The animal has to die natural death and without disease. Such animal within the specific time the meat can be consumed. But this is not possible in the age of Kali yuga, therefore meat eating is religiously banned for those who worship in the Temple or doing spiritual sadhana.

    Yagna /homa is a different technique where fire sacrifice is performed. It is not related to cooking as you have mentioned. Many scientific study shows its physical and mataphysical results out of it. It has its own huge explanation which is not sufficent in explaning in this fourm. Because now-a-days you have many instruments to check the vibrations, energy that are generated during the yagna and homa. There are thousands and millions of devotees that are benifted by such rituals.
    No one can take anybody's GOD. All are one and the same. It is rediculus to say that.
    Education was given to everyone in the ancient times. King Bhoja Raja had almost all citizens educated and the caste system was not hindarence to the education and well being. During the recent past due to invasion from differnet countries, islamic and so on the social structre was changed. As per your accusation, infact most of the consitution part was analysed and written by Brhamins and Mr. Ambedkar was supervisor who accepted their work. Infact Brahmins have also equally contributed to the developent of the country and society. Great philospher's like Swami Vivekanada and his Guruji Ramakrishna paramahamsa (how is from Brahmin community) helped the whole mankind.
    As per Lord Parasurama Mr realdemigod has already replied.
    can you prove Aryan theory?? Yes, it is a theory and not the law. It was Britishers who altered our Glorious history. They just want to say whatever is there in India are from outsider. Also there is no such period in our history called vedic period. Where we use the terms called pre-vedic and post-vedic. The real fact is ancient India where vedas were practised.
    Brahmin is not a tribe or cooking professional. Those who are in teaching field, invovled in the welfare of the society, give correct guidance to the kings and people are called Brahmins.
    You have to learn and understand the concept of Hinduism. All those who seek knowledge and enlightenment with pure and strong desire and with full faith, A Great Guru will come to his/her life. That is what needed. The Guru is one who takes away the darkness.
    I know for sure you are a converted christian who has been misinformed and hatered towards Brahmin community. What you are explaining is full of rubbish. And the history was not properly read. It is unfortunate that you are using this forum to degrade the Great Hinduism.
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    hinduism♥krishna reacted to Amlesh in How to reduce kama   
    Can't stop smiling when i read what i wrote in this thread some years back. ROFL, I was indeed funny.
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    hinduism♥krishna reacted in how is it that we eat carrots?   
    In Prabhupadas letters he clearly says carrrots cannot be offered to the deities.Have a read.
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