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  1. Ataia-Yoga

    black Tantra

    Please send us the protection mantra which we used to protect us from black tantra. I want to know it.
  2. Is yoga cure depression? I am very confused of it please let me know. As one of my friend is suffering from depression so I want to help her. Please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Yup! Its true. I completely agree with your words. I know yoga therapy is really very helpful. Thanks for sharing your views. I love it and enjoy a lot.
  4. I am seeking for the information about Kripalu Yoga. Can anyone please explain me that what is Kripalu Yoga?
  5. Yup meditation is best way to self-control. It increase our our self-confidence and concentration power.
  6. Great post..!!! Thanks a lot for this amazing thread. Linked it...
  7. want to know about Ashtanga Yoga.... I know little bit about it but want to know more. So please let me know. Thanks in advance....
  8. I also want to know about it so please explain it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Is yoga for everyone??? Can senior do all poses of yoga??? Can anyone please let me know???
  10. I also want to know about kriya yoga. Please let me know about it.
  11. I also want to loose my weight. So please mail me too... Thanks.!!
  12. Yes meditation is really an effective way of self control. Its very helpful for us. It makes our concentration power strong.
  13. Can Yoga helpful for instant reduce belly??? If yes then please let me know which type of asana is helpful for this...Need reply its urgent...
  14. Thanks for this information. I really enjoyed this thread...
  15. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Yoga is really so helpful to recover from any kind of pain. It will be helpful for you.
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