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  1. hare Krsna, i do not want to hurt anyone's feeling but i have this quote from padma puranam A person who considers demigods like Brahma and Shiva to be on an equal level with Narayana is to be considered an offender and an atheist. Padma Purana
  2. hare krishna , the best lila is when sudama comes to meet krishna. because it is written in the bhagvata that whoever listens or tells this story develops love towards krishna. what else does a man want ???
  3. let me tell you a short story.once in a boat three men were going where that i do not know but all the three were hindus.suddenly a heavy storm came and the boat started sinking. the first hindu said om namah shivaye and jumped into the water lord shiva came and rescued him. the second one chanted om namo bhagvate vasudevaye with firm faith and lord krsna came and rescued him.the third one said om namah shivaye after two min he again said om namo bhagvate vasudevaye but nobody came there for help.he then said om ganeshaye namah ..... but he died.After going to heaven or whatever you may call it he asked god why didn't you came for help. god said though i have a huge wardrope but it takes time to change clothes you should have chanted only one mantra ..... therefore shiva and krsna are one and only one and we should worship one and only one of them. for further details you should read the 12th chapter BHAKTI yog of the BHAGVAD GITA that why one should worship a personal god.
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