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  1. Ok. I didnt mean to offend you if I did.. I see all "demigods" as an aspect of Krishna. If you believe otherwise thats fine.. It all leads to Krishna..
  2. I'm sorry I should have asked this in the last one.. Demigod of Health. Name?
  3. I know.. I know.. I keep asking about demigods.. Whats the name (if there is one) of the demigod of art and music?
  4. I was looking at the concept of Hell and How Jesus used The Word Gahenna. Now the word is the name of a pit or ravine where people threw their trash. I was looking at Hell in the Kabbalah and found that they have the word Gehinnom which means the same thing.. It's a Pit where people threw their Trash. It is used in the Zohar to Symbolize a Hell.. This Hell is nothing like todays Church acceptance of Hell.. It is defined as a place for the punishment of sins. It is not Eternal and lasts as long the sins of those within are finaly expended. The degree of sin measures the degree of torment and length of time within Hell. Also the Kabbalah Teaches Gilgul which is their word for reincarnation.. It is also known as Ha'atakah. When one dies they reincarnate according to sins and virtues. What we call Karma. This view matches Buddhist views on Hell realms. I am ignorant as to the teachings of a concept of Hell within Vaishnavism. But I'm sure it is probably something similar because they accept the concept of Karma.
  5. Can someone please explain to me why Unfertilized eggs shouldnt be eaten? The way I see it The Chicken is a Holy animal that same as The Cow.. The Cow gives us Nourishing Milk and Dairy products and they dont suffer by it.. Now I dont believe they should be ill treated in the collection of that Milk.. I see the Chicken and the egg that same way.. I consider both Animals as a Holy Gift and therefore a Holy Animal. Remember I'm Talking about Unfertilized Eggs. Actualy when it comes to it.. I believe more closely (Not Exactly) to The Jainist Views of Dietary Consumption.
  6. Dark Warrior: All I can say is that you should really meditate on 3 things.. Bhagavad-Gita 7:21 "I am in everyone's heart as the supersoul. As soon as one desires to worship the Demigods, I make his faith steady so that he can devote himself to some particular deity." Gods Universal Form.. And the Ominpresence of God.. That God emanates through everything.. The only way you can dispell your Ignorance is if you Meditate on these things with all your heart and your mind. You say you Believe in the Gita.. Then start showing IT!
  7. OMG.. Dark Warriors Ignorance is so appalling.
  8. I believe it is better to say that EARLY Christianity was exactly like Vaishnavism.. Differences in words maybe.. but the same.. The Catholic Church and the Council of Nicean had brought the fall of Christs True teachings.. What is sin? Sin is an act that seperates you from God. Galatians 5:16-25 (My Favorite chapter) Tells you how to know when you are walking with God. When you are walking with God you will have the fruits of the Spirit. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Self-Control, Gentleness, Faith (Knowledge of God).. When you sin it will take these things away. Much Like The Afflictive Emotions in Buddhism and How they keep you from Enlightenment. Now I would like to examine the "sin" of Idolatry.. The problem of Idolatry and how it seperates you from God is it can detract you from the true knowledge of God. When Moses came down from the mountain He found the people had created their own God. This God had it's own qualities but it did not contain the truth of God because it did not create the fruits of the Spirit. This is how Idolatry seperates you from God. For Example.. There are unfortuanate people out there who actually worship Charles Manson. This Worship is not creating the fruits of the Spirit. So they are performing Idolatry. However.. If your worship is creating the fruits of the Spirit then this is not Idolatry. Understand? Jesus has down away with the 10 Commandments.. The new Commandment is to Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and Mind. Bhakti is this practice.. Most Christians don't realize the meaning of one of Gods qualities.. Omnipresence.. It practicaly Goes Unnoticed.. Just as Bhakti Tells you to see God in everything which he is because he is Omnipresent.
  9. Yes.. you need to look at truth and know what truth is.. What does Infallible mean? Infallible = exempt from liability to error. This means It cannot have any errors within it. I can point out errors.. Some examples.. The Doctrine of Hell. In todays Bible you will find the word Hell aproximatly 35 times. In the old testament the word that is translated as Hell is Sheol which means Death not eternal torment. In the New Tetsament The words Gahenna and Hades are translated as Hell but Gahenna was a pit where people threw their trash and Hades is the lord of the Dead again not a Place of Eternal Torment. The Jehovah witnesses and the Christadelphians have this right. If you look at Mathew Chapter One and Compare it with Luke Chapter 3:23-38 you'll find that the Geneology doesnt line up.. They are completely Different. Galatians Chapter 5:20 Jealousy and Wrath (Anger) are listed as things NOT of God. Exodus 20:5 Clearly says "for I the Lord am a Jealous God." and Im not even going to count How many times the Bible states about the "Wrath of God" its too much. Now is God a Hypocrite? No.. So Where does the Error lie? Not in God but in the Bible. This is Just Three things that I can point out right off the top of my Head. There is alot more... SO yes the Bible is not infallible but when you know the truth and have been set free you can see the errors and you can see the truth.
  10. I made a post a while back about how I had no devotees to associate with. I just realized today that I have all of you on this forum to associtae with and ask questions to. I just want to say that I really appreciate all of your help..
  11. I had a major realization last night.. I know it may not seem like much to others but I finaly see the truth in Jesus in relation to Krishna. For a long time I loathed Christianty because when I was a believer what the Christians taught me really screwed me up. Last night I was thinking about Buddha and Krishna and Kabbalah and their similarities.. and Galatians 5: 16-25 and how it's very similar to Bhagavad Gita chapter 16. and Kabbalahs view on Satan. (Not the accepted Christian View of a Evil being trying to rip people into Hell) I saw how Todays Christians dont understand real Jesus's truth.. How the Bible isn't Infallible and I can point out major mistakes in it's teachings that are accepted today. And I realized Jesus is in union with Krishna. I'm so happy.. I dont have the rising doubt that being a Krishna Devotee is going to send me to Hell because of what Todays Christians preach. And that is a BIG thing..
  12. I dont understand exactly what that means.. What is it of Krishna I'm supposed to think about at all times? I mean do I see everything as Krishna? Or do I think of the qualities at all times? His form?
  13. Whats the purpose of meditation as a devotee? Is it just for mental discipline?
  14. I'm having a hard time understanding BG 2:45 and 47 45 : ...not caring for acquisition and preservation; 47 : ...let not the fruits of action be thy motive; So say I'm in college and I'm studying for a test.. I shouldnt care whether my effort will give me a good grade on the test? Dont care for Preservation? Where does compassion fit?
  15. Is there a Demigod of knowledge? Is there one for Justice? What are their names?
  16. Personaly.. I would take the trip to India..
  17. I dont think dreaming of God could be a bad thing.. I practicaly pray every night that I may dream of him so that I'm thinking of him even in dreams..
  18. I know in Buddhism ego is something to be devoid of.. Is it the same here?
  19. I was watching Indiana Jones and the temple of doom and they had these magical shankara stones. Do they actualy exist?
  20. It says to have your mind to be fixed on Krishna. Using Buddhist mindfullness in fixating that Krishna is everywhere and in everyone.. Then everything I do is for Krishna because I see him in everything. Does that sound right?
  21. I'm a bit disapointed that I only got 2 replies.. I thought this would attract more replies than what I got. What does it mean to be fixed on Krishna?
  22. I had a vision of Krishna which helped me with my mental illness.. Ever since then I've been a believer..
  23. I'm not sure how exactly how to apply this in my life. To use for example doing the dishes.. Do I think to myself.. 'I am doing the dishes for Krishna." and then do the dishes. Or do I repeat to myself silently "I'm doing the dishes for Krishna." as I do the dishes? Or do Involve my mind more into it? It just seems like repeating that Im doing them for him doesnt quite capture him.. It's just vain repititions. any advice?
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