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  1. Well.. I havent told the Whole story thats why.. I said Brahma created me this demigoddess.. but it wasnt really him that told me about peace.. It was more of a collaboration of mainly Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and Krishna as well.. I know I shouldnt be speaking about this.. Because I was told not to tell too much.. So I'll try to keep the answers as simple as possible.. The BEST answer I can really give right now is to surround yourself with positive forces! Find out what positive colors are in your beliefs.. Find positive pictures.. Try Feng Shui.. Make your living area a shrine to what is known as the Holy spirit.. BE KIND! Don't just have a small altar!.. Dont worship the deities.. Respect them.. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are Deities as well and not Gods! Remember the Krishna and his supreme personality! I'll try to help as best as I can.. I still have my own life to deal with.. and I'm trying to follow this example as well.. Be strong in faith of compassion! If Demons come be peacefull with them.. SHOW them LOVE thru perfect example say that you wish to teach them truth.. If they flee.. so what! Dont try to destroy them because thats stooping to their own tactics.
  2. From My Knowledge it can mean a few things.. One is you need to generate more compassion, Two you may need to look into health issues like your diet and also may mean that a little bit of money is comming your way.
  3. Sorry.. Like I said it's a secret.. I was told to keep it a secret and thats what it will be.. I promise it is fantastical!
  4. Umm... I have asked that question and the answer is a secret =o)
  5. Another thing I found VERY interesting.. Was I was talking to Brahma for help and He said he created a Green Luminous Woman Deity Who used flower tipped arrows to help people like me and he said her name was Saraswari.. I was looking in a Kundalini book and found Sahasrara the seventh chakra with this quote "Subject, Object and God. The Inspirer of the Both. All three are (formed in) Brahma. And nothing but Brahma. And nothing but Brahma. Knowing this one should try to realize HIM in one's own Being. Nothing remains to be known after this." So this built my faith up in this respect.. Anyone have any theories or knowledge about this? Because I'm pretty much at a loss.. Like Why green? Why is her name so similar to Sahasrara and Brahma is associated with her?
  6. I think I may have become enlightened.. I'm really beggining to understand spiritual truth alot better I think the little bit of Krishna practice I have done has awakened me and my Schizophrenia is almost under perfect control now.. I can actualy control my illusions and I make sure that they do not get too real... Not that they ever really do.. It's actually Kind of cool..
  7. Umm... Ooops.. Should of had a V8
  8. Been doing research and I was wondering if there is a Mantra of Protection that has to do with Rama?
  9. I've found that all my studies and practices have brought me to a place that I have never experienced before. My Schizophrenia has allowed me to bring a new light to my mind and I can see things much more clearly now.. It feels like a great awakening for me.. I can speak to all the Deities within Sanatana Dharma that I personaly know and have them all working together. I'm not sure how to define Enlightenment in Hinduism.. Anyone have any thoughts?
  10. Krsna I agree with you in part.. The last time I was in a Mental Hospital the Doctors, Nurses and Therapists.. Kept trying to tell me I was wrong and that I was disturbing other patients.. So I mostly kept my mouth shut and tried using notes to some people and good example for others.. For example there was a young girl there next door to me and I'm not sure why she was there I think they thought she was Bipolar.. Which means To feel extremely high and on top of the world and then feeling very low and depressed it fluctuates from time to time. The movie Mr. Jones shows you the problems of Bipolar Disorder. So I kept sending her good thoughts (not Psychicaly).. That she was doing well.. I saw her coloring a picture and I told her it reminded me of a mandala.. I kept encouraging her and I showed her that I can't read minds by using a deck of cards. She was the first one released on my hallway.. There was a suicide patient way down at the end of the hallway.. I kept thinking about his suffering and how to improve his behavior.. The Doctors wanted him to cover up his scars from his suicidal / Mascicistic behavior so they gave him small gauzz and medical tape and a short sleeve shirt so people could still see that he cut himself up.. So they took the gauzz and medical tape but he still had the short sleeve shirt on so they everyone saw his scars... So I thought positively how one person was allowed to wear clothes that looked fine but there were others that were not allowed to wear good clothes. So I thought about this every now and then and they finaly allowed him to wear a sweat shirt. I kept telling them what kind of diet I prefer but they kept giving me meat and sweats.. This guy sat in the same room as me a few times and I knew he ate meat so when I was giving meat I gave it to him and he started to get better and became more respectful. There was a guy who was a terrible slob and I kept cleaning up after myself around him and when I saw him do something slobby I would shortly think to myself "He's being a slob" and actualy clean after him.. shortly like a day or so he was cleaning up everything he could find. Doors windows and so forth.. I helped so many people in that Hospital so I cant tell you everything. Reamining silent is actualy impossible because your mind is active and your body is active.. Writing small notes to certain people.. Keeping your mouth shut is'nt really keeping silent.. I agree with Vigraha when he spoke about Srila Prabhupad.. First he spoke of a man who was a student of Prabhu and went around saying "Prahbhu Surrender" what he was saying was not to surrender to Prabhu but for Prabhu to surrender to truth.. And alot of people hated him for saying it (Thus the Imfamous) because Prabhu was a hypocrite if you reread Vigraha's story.. I was reading Bhaktajans post and I think he's pretty intelligent for a kid. I saw he wants a poster on Sanskrit. I don't know if he'll read this post or not.. But It's easy for him to make his own poster by using the Bhagavad Gita As it is.. It teaches alot of sanskrit.. The Alphebet is at the back of the book all he needs to do is scan it and make it big enough to fit on the size printer he has and thats his poster he doesnt need a big one.. and the terms words and definitions are at the beginning of every verse and he's a kid so he can learn it better if he just puts it to practice.
  11. For the past week I had simple nightmares I used the power of observation to help me out of them for example I had a dream that the government kidnapped me they told me they took me to a mental hospital on the moon.. but I looked out a window and realized I wasnt on the moon but I looked out a window and found out that I was only somewhere in the southwestern united states because I saw the wilderness outside and it resembled that area.. And I would just test these things that they kept telling me and see that they were wrong.. but they would transform into a good dream then turn into a simple nightmare again. So I started using things that would protect me as I slept. I used a Native American nightmare catcher.. I used positive music.. Positive candles.. Dragons similar to Chinese Dragons who were wise and Compassionate.. But I still got these simple nightmares.. Then I remembered my reasearch on sigils about a month ago and made one to protect from the things that caused those nightmares.. Thoughts of CIA agents.. Demons.. Vampires.. Vampire Hunters.. Good Aliens.. Bad Aliens.. Moksha.. Nirvana.. Early definition of the Jewish name of God Elohim which is exactly like the Universal Form of Krishna.. Governments.. Alternate religions.. Philosophies so on and so forth. The sigil I made is for me and me alone but it worked very powerfully. I hung it on 2 walls in my bedroom Both sides of my door and one on my computer background picture.. My room is where it helped most.. But some of these evil beings within my mind kept trying to torture me.. no matter how much love I gave them. They just kept trying different strategies to make me suffer... So I used the truth of Karma on them.. Like using a mirror showing them what they were doing to me and that this reflection brought this same suffering they were trying to put on me and brought it to them. So they fleed from me.. Using all the positive stuff I could find and the Sigil I made and the Truth of Karma altogether helped me settle these nightmares Please remember to use these for positive improvement in your lives and dont use it for selfish gain.. I know Charity is Good and all and that winning ALOT of money can help alot of people... but then it also hurts you in the end because then EVERYONE wants your money and they will try to manipulate you to get it. It's better to win small amounts of money every now and then and use that for charity. The same thing with Healing and other types of good gain.. It's Important to find your positive middle way.. The Buddha realized that miraculous events only screw people up. He saw that people saw him as a God so he taught them to be atheists.. But they still worshipped him as a awakened one.. Respect is better than worship because worship seperates you from the thing you worship because you think that thing is better than you and you'll never attain that kind of power.. I like Krishnas Universal form because it shows you all the truely positive compassionate and kind beings in the universe. This here is a simple example of how a sigil using a language that you know and wish to use is created.. It's better to make a complex system.. I'll make one up later to show you how it's made.. I cant explain it all because it's a system of my subconscious I'll point out some simple things within it but I cant show you all of it.. It's better to do it this way and remember it's for your own personal subcncious message.. You dont need to stare at it or contemplate it all the time you'll look at it every now and then and remember what certain things mean. You'll eventually remember what it all means.. Once I show you a more complicated kind.
  12. Ancient Mariner.. I find your name interesting were you a sailor in a past life?
  13. I know it may be hard for some to accept this.. But Last night I heard Krishna playing his flute for me with amazing skill.. I love him so much..
  14. EXCELLENT Theist! Very well said!
  15. The way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva. The pratcice within this book is exactly like Bahkti-Yoga.. If you understand the meaning of worship.. Which is to Reverently Love and respect.
  16. Ok.. I have been saying that I have the Label Vaishnava.. I'm starting to think that may be entirely accurate although I believe there is truth within Vaishnava and it will lead you to God.. I'm slowly learning more and more about Hinduism and It is a wonderful collection of teachings but I'm finding more and more that I believe that the Bagavad-Gita is the Ultimate truth of God and if you follow it you will Rapidly increase in Spiritual Practice. I'm finding Im accepting certain things of specific Yogic Principles.. As I compare them with the Bagavad-Gita.. I believe Bhakti Yoga is a Extremeley Efficient practice and I'm seeing how Other Yogic and Tantric (The Sexual ones ONLY with a marriage partner) can be applied to Bhakti.. Alot of Buddhist Yoga is helpful.. It helps me see God in a Clearer light. Which is the Purpose of Yoga. I accept the Teachings of Christ and I know that he and Krishna are on the same level. I believe in alot of the Kabbalah and that It's Sad that The Council of Nicea rejected the Zohar and they should have included it in the Old Testament. I accept the example of Solomon and How he found True Wisdom by learning all the religions. I believe wholeheartedly that I have found God... I just dont know what label to give myself other than a follower of God. I have Schizophrenia.. I hear voices and I was Plagued with what Psychology called False Beliefs. I had a deep realization about 3 days ago.. In 3 days I have learned to dispell my false beliefs and the negetive voices that I once heard has lessened to such a degree that my suffering has been greatly reduced I know that if I continue with my fellowship with you people my knowledge Of God will improve more and more.. You have all taught me alot and I hope to continue my fellowship with you.. Dark Warrior has taught me to be more humble all his retorting made me see the light.. That light is to talk to people in Love.. I'm sorry I insult him on occaision and that will stop.. I'm sure we probably will disagree but thats fine he'll eventually find the truth. Bagavad-Gita-16:1? "Freedom from anger.. tranquility" these are the things of God we all should practice this.. The Gita is Ultimate Truth..
  17. I dont actualy play keyboard.. I consider myself a composer.. The machine I have allows me to program the music in without a typical keyboard.. I look at a scale list to help me match the notes correctly but I've practiced with the machine and know it fairly well.. I also have a very good Effects Processor that I use to effect my voice.. It lacks a couple of effects I would really like to have but it suffices.. I have an affinity for vocoders and had an excellent one but I lost it because I was broke and needed money. I also have a very good Sampler where I can run drum loops (I can do some drums but I cant do it excellently.. Sometimes it sounds to synthetic) and record sounds like frogs and birds and other sounds and use them.. I use my Mac for my Creative stuff and I use it for recording and simple editing.. I wish I had a Korg Synthesizer because it has more of the sounds I'm looking for.. I pray to Krishna that he gives me one.
  18. The Reason why Jesus didnt use any names of the Vedas was because he wasnt communicating to people who were at all aware of the things of the Vedas.. If had used these terms They would have stoned him dead and about 5 minutes.. Remember these people would go out of their way just to kill a harlot.. Instead of trying to help her.. I mean they Killed him for saying that he was the son of God.. His message would have never been heard in the west if he professed eastern names..
  19. Im sorry it must be an English Translation error.. In all the Gitas Ive read they use the word Demigod.. I have 3 different copies.. Im not very versed in Sanskrit terms.. Is it Devas? Or Devatas? Ive seen this but Ive always seen it translated as Demigod.
  20. I find it interesting that Darkwarrior picked this as his name.. I think It suits him VERY well.. Again I will try once more.. This time with the utmost love and hope PLEASE think about this.. I am begging you to compare it to what you are Professing here.. If you truely Believe in the Gita that means you dont reject it's teachings.. Think about what I had posted last time.. Think about The Universal Form.. Think about what it means That Krishna gives those sufficient faith to worship the demigods.. Think about what it means to see Krishna in EVERYTHING.. You keep professing that you believe in the teachings of the Gita but your fruits say otherwise..
  21. I find it interesting that Darkwarrior picked this as his name.. I think It suits him VERY well.. Again I will try once more.. This time with the utmost love and hope PLEASE think about this.. I am begging you to compare it to what you are Professing here.. If you truely Believe in the Gita that means you dont reject it's teachings.. Think about what I had posted last time.. Think about The Universal Form.. Think about what it means That Krishna gives those sufficient faith to worship the demigods.. Think about what it means to see Krishna in EVERYTHING.. You keep professing that you believe this but your fruits say otherwise..
  22. Cool.. Not really my type of music.. But I'm sure I could learn to like it.. My problem is I kind of dont know how to dance to it.. Personaly I like to mix a dance with the styles of Fluid and Hip Hop.. I listen to Trance Ambient.. They tend to quote spiritual teachers and I can dance to it.. and some of it is quite peaceful and of course some of it is pretty fast.. Who is this who is singing? If you like I could introduce some of the groups I listen to.. I know some that quote and sing Srila Prabupad and Yoga Sutras.
  23. My mistake.. I'm still learning.. How does this relate to Krishna being the supreme personality of Godhead?
  24. I have a friend who is a famous hypnotist (Not extremley famous) Mike Hathaway.. He has 3 or so books that have been published. He has Hypnotized on several occaisions so I can remember my past lives.. The life before this one I was a Girl in the 1960's (I was born in 1973) I'm not sure of the exact date when she died.. She drowned in a small pond getting exausted because she was outta shape.. after she died she entered a Hell which was very similar to the sea of faces Hell realm in the Movie "What Dreams May Come" She wasnt there for very long because she remembered a Buddhist book she had read and began to practice.. This slowly released her from this hell and she was born into me. My question is what kind of Hell was that? And what could have caused me to go there? I have had several other lives that I can remember and some are pretty horrible.. Others pretty good..
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