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  1. I was discussing Liberation with another forum.. The 5 Liberation's described in the book "The path of Perfection".. I was asking this question in a Advaita Forum and they seem to denounce Goloka as a permanent place of refuge.. They say we must Merge each and everyone of us.. like Sayujya-mukti.. that there is no other type of liberation.

  2. Are we to stay celibate always.. even in marriage? Because I don't think I can do this.. Will Krishna not accept me if I have sex within marriage? And If I do have sex in marriage I would practice it with tantra.. Is this OK?? I kind of feel depressed over this..

  3. I wonder if peace and love will be considered cool things again like in the 1960's.. Today it seems like hate is the cool thing. Just look at what happened at the last woodstock.. all that violence and destruction.. It's sad.. Alot of popular music shouting out in hate and anger.. It's just sad.

  4. Jesus came to this planet about 2000 years ago.. Correct? According to Christs followers of today.. You must accept Christ in your heart right here and now because you live only once and if you cant fit him into your life now you will die and goto Hell.. 2000 years and thousands and thousands of miles of people born here and there.. some in Christianized places and some not in Christianized areas.. So millions upon millions are going to Hell because of their space time placement on this planet?? This just does not make sense.. The only way I can make sense of this is thru belief of reincarnation..


    I was researching the Bible and Reincarnation today and read a very ignorant Christian website on the subject.. It claimed that Reincarnation would negate Gods love for us all.. WHAT?? This reinforces his love.. Getting a new life is alot better than Hell! It just got me to thinking.. That I just cant believe everything the Bible teaches..

  5. I just feel that it is relevent because most Christians out there say that the world was not ready for the love Jesus preached.


    And we have here Krishna where in the BG is almost completely synonomous.. (Just a few differences) I just find it sad that Christians only find Jesus as their only sourc e of truth.. I can sit here and write out a long passage of why I believe in Jesus and not the "Biblical" Jesus.. So If Krishna spoke of love like Jesus 3000 Years before Jesus.. Then who is Krishna?? *wink wink* Another incarnation (son) of God.. Just as Jesus.

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