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  1. JSK...in 2003 when i came to england to study...i was only 15 and i had to stay with my aunty and uncle...there was a book shelf in the room i was in...many books belonging to my cousins...and there i spotted ''Coming back-the science of reincarnation'' a book by A.C Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada...i read the book and fell in love with Krishna...then i moved on to read the Bhagavad Gita..and Srimad Bhagavatam... and the strange thing is that when i asked my cousins whom the book belongs to,1 of my cousins said oh someone gave it to me randomly but ive never read it,didnt pay much attention to it...i kind of feel this book was planted there just for me...Lord Krishna wanted me to find it and read it... i love his Lila...
  2. awww thanks...that makes me feel a lot better...happy diwali.. jsk
  3. JSK, i need help...today i was very happy and so i looked at lord krishna's picture and gave him a flying kiss as a sign of affection and how much i love him...i told a close friend i did that and he started accusing me of having sexual intentions in my mind...he said its not right to do that...you dont treat God as a human...but i never treat God as a human, i respect him a lot...i really dont understand why he said it is wrong...does that mean i cant even show affection through a small flying kiss?? i have no sexual intentions what so ever...i told my friend that Lord Krishna is a mum, a dad and a best friend to me so y would it be so wrong to give him a flying kiss...so does that mean i cannot even kiss his picture or kiss his feet?? i am very disturbed after being accussed...i have already asked for forgiveness from Lord Krishna in case my friend is right about the affection issue but i really need to know from all you devotees what you think about this issue. I sincerely apologise if i have made a mistake by showing my affection...am only 19...didnt know it would be wrong... Thank you, Nirali.
  4. Jay Shree Krishna, Thank you so much
  5. Jay Shree Krishna, Thanks...Good Luck to you too
  6. Jay shree Krishna Does anyone know when Morari bapu is coming to the UK? and does anyone know when Swami Ramdev is coming?
  7. Jay shree Krishna awww even i say 'i love you'...when ever i finish my daily rounds i will say to God '' I love you, i really love you'' and then i would ask god to just hold my hand...i dont need anything else as long as he is with me... nowadays i have been putting my hand out for him...i put my palm straight and wait for Lord Krishna to put his hand on my hand...and then when i think that he has put his hand in mine i will slowly close my hand and hold on for a few minutes...i dont really know if he puts his hand in my hand but i like to think he does
  8. Wow...well since it has actually worked for you i will keep on practising until i reach my goal...and i will keep on praying to Lord Krishna Thanks for sharing your experiences Jay Shree Krishna....
  9. Jay Shree Krishna, I focus on the words... when you start saying the mantra, just listen carefully to each word you say... i also think about Lord krishna's past times and laugh sometimes...in my home temple we have a big framed picture which has lots of little pictures of Lord Krishna whom appears to be stealing makhan or holding the govindam mountain on his finger or killing kansa...that picture actually came from a calendar...Lord Krishna looks soooooo adorable...why dont you put a picture of lord krishna infront of you while chanting and just look at him, admire him while chanting if you cant think of any of his past times...
  10. Jay Shree Krishna, Pleasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me how do you do it...i have tried a lot...sometimes i try staring at the wall and i try not to think so that i can control my senses but it hardly ever works and if it does it is just for a few seconds Please give me some advice, Thank you
  11. Jay Shree Krishna, I would reccommend that you go to the following website: www.neetasherbal.com ....you may get the answer you were looking for...
  12. Jay Shree Krishna I wonder if anyone knows of a drink (apart from coffee) or particular food one can intake in order to stay awake... As i have my exams i wake up at 5 am to revise but even though i wash my face several times it is very hard to keep my eyes open...
  13. Wow...the drawing of lord vishnu is really very beautiful
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