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  1. The Cosmic Power is in the form of Shakthi.Parvati is the daughter of Parvatha Raja or king and it described that she did penance to attain Shiva and pleased by her great devotion Shiva accepted her as His consort.In Hindu puranas we come across everso many such stories just to make people understand the impact.They are just like fairy tales to inculcate more faith in the humans towards Godhead.For anything and everything power is required and the real power is in mentioned in the form of feminine and so Parvati or Durga or whatever name one gives simply shows that the male form of a being or even God naturally requires a female form also.Just like in all the matters we hv two aspects.If there is positive there is nagative,if water you hv fire,if sun is hot then there is moon with coolness and in short for every thing there is an opposite factor and that is the beauty of Creation. Shiva as the Supreme Being is fire and to cool him Parvati acts as a catalyst. Thogh it also true that she got angry when Daksha did not invite Shiva when she was born as his daughter and married Shiva and cursed daksha for neglecting Shiva and Shiva in his anger sent veerabhadra to destroy the yaga conducted by Daksha.So the real impact is as we hv the mother and father the Creator has taken the shape of universal faher and mother in the name of Shiva and Parvati just to give an authenticity.At the same time we also accept the theory that God is One and why there is dualism.For that Shiva took the shape of Arthanareeswara thereby giving Parvati his left portion so as to emphasise that both of them are the same.One is in manifest form Shiva and Parvati is unmanifested in the form of power of Shiva.
  2. In the scheme of things made by the Great Intelligence it is well nigh impossible the motives behind Creation of all living beings including animals,plants,human beings.The Great Inrellgence we call God when we accept is omnipresent,omniscient and omnipotent pervades the entire cosmos and abide by in all beings of all sorts.So in effect the plants,animals also form part of that Great Power.That Power has defined some well settled laws of nature which can't be disputed by any being have to be scruplously followed and the results also can be enjoyed or suffered and the Great Being won't interfere in the normal activities.The Creator has done out of His/Her/Its own will and never bothered abt the after effects.That is for the creations to understand on its own and follow.In the schematic things of all creatures only human beings hv been given the power of of discrimination. This shuld be used in a logical way and if used in good causes that will lead the huma being to great heights and if not will lead to its downfall. Naturally there will be some confusion what exactly the Supreme Power created all these things and for what purpose.This is a riddle that has been plagueing the manking from the very inception.Who am I and what am I and what is the purpose of my existence?So far nobody has found an answer to this point.Since the Power that created human beings hv given the option of utilising the intelligence also the Seers of yore thru their penance for years to find out the real cause of this existence came to the cnclusion that all we see in this world is nothing but a dream as we are not separate from that Power which created everything.For that one has to take the spiritual route with proper discipline and inquiry and there is a power called Kundalini which lies dormant in all human beings which has to be arisen thru severe practices and when the same moves upwards from the baseof the spine to the head the individual passes thru various experiences and attains various powers and eventually reaches the highest goal in Samadhi and in that state the individuality is lost and the being sees everything as I,I,I.This I has nothing to the body concept but merges in the Great Power or the individual soul merges with the universal soul and there is no difference.This is sa state of affair which has to be experienced and can't be explained by words.These are the wordings of all realised sols and it is well nigh impossible for the ordinary folks immersed in their day to day problems.So they just preach worship God sincerely and in course all will come to good.This is a greattopic which will take much time to go deep into that but only persons interested in spritual uplife can understand this and others can only put questions and raise doubts as the same with the present state of evolution is difficult for them to grasp.There may one in a million whoc can achieve that stage.But ultimately all the beings will reach the source after undergoing innumerable births and deaths.It is just like a cycle when one starts from a point and going on rounding it and reaches the full circle and there the aspirants goal ends.
  3. The discussionsare interesting.But one must remember that there is a power called Kundalini which is equivalent to the cosmic power which is lying dormant in everbody which when awakened thru rigorous practice and discipline under the tutelage of a very learned Guru can release great powers and siddhis and can be utilised for beneficial and destructive powers.The so called ashtras are nothing but the power which is passed on the subject by mantra recital by adepts in that art.whether the same is true or not can't be explained as the spiritual matters can't be tested in labaratories but only thru experience over several years of practice. Regarding creation it is said that Lord Vishnu lyig in a reclined position over thousand headed serpent brings out thru his umbilical chord Brahma who has been assigned the job of creation.At that point Lord Vishnu is surrounded by ocean of milk which can be compared to the cosmic ocean.The etrenal brahman who is the source of the universe has no beginning or end.Brahma is suppose to be lying inside the cosmic egg which is known as the prakriti,.He is also known as Hiranya garbha as hiranya denotes Life-Light principle and vibrates within him.It is believed that the cosmic egg contains all the worlds,ocans,earth,stars,sun,Moon,planets etc.To be precise it is believed that the entire universe lies within the cosmic egg totally in a dormant state.This egg is covered by sheets nadeof four elements of fire,water,air and space.So Brahma who is also inside disturbs the three ginas rajas,tamas,and sattvic which are in equilibrium and created the firstprinciple kniown as Mahat or the Great or First atom of the Universe.This is the process of creation. Lord Vishnu who is pervading everywhere takes the responsibilty of all the aspects of creation,protection and destruction by assigning the jobs to brahma and siva and himself and hence He is considered as Supreme Being without a second.This is amply illustrated when He is called Vishwaroopa swaroopa.He is the One and Only Being always in existence and all other so called universes,beings all are embedded in Him always and within Him only all the processes take place.
  4. It is really strange that there is unnecessary conflict who is superior whether Shiva or Krsna.In fact both are the same just like the both sides of the same coin.There is no difference between them.In Vishnu Sahasranamam in bhalasruthy one can see Shiva praising Rama as the omkara swaroopi.In Ramayana Rama worships Shiva after killing Ravana.So both of them are not against each other but compementing each other.It is only in our own ignorance and by hearing misleading lectures that we differenciate between the two.Whether one worships Shiva or Krsna it makes no difference but a steadfast devotee of either of them can see Shiva in Krsna and Krsna in Shiva if he sticks to a particular God and never wavering whether this or that.The real impact is they are called Shankara-Narayana.One must strive to understand this thru experience and practice without having doubts in mind.One can worship Krsna as Shiva and vice versa.No harm.If the devotion is sincere he can get realisation of his ishta devata in that form.
  5. Yes.It is absolutely true.The scientists boasty they hv created test tube babies.But without a live sperm how is it possible to create that?Not by any ingredients they can give life to a baby.It is only an artificial insemination in other words.Man thinks he is great in everything and can create everything by his knowledge.But whatever he uses as materials were already provided by the Creator or else how can he create a thing out of nothing? agraman
  6. There is no doube Gita was composed thousands of years ago before the death of Buddha.In that there is no mention of any religion or even abt Buddha.So there be no doubt abt that.
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