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  1. The authorities seem divided on this subject, some texts even appear to contradict themselves. After reading many sets of rules and prohibitions, it is my impression that the beads must be treated with care and respect, avoid touching with index finger, don't allow to touch the ground or unclean surface. Otherwise go by what you feel is right. For example I wear my panchmukti beads at all times during the day, leaving them on the altar while I sleep. As long as you hold your rudraksha sacred you should have no fear wearing them.
  2. Hello, i am an American and a devotee of Shiva. I feel that I worshipped Shiva and Kali in a past life, but now I am wondering: is it a punishment to have taken birth as a westerner? I am afraid that in my next life I might lose this connection to Mahadeva as a result of such a birth. In this life i feel a great sadness at the lack of opportunity for satsang and blessings of holy places. Thank you for any suggestions.
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