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  1. In Maha Ganpati Sadhana vermilion, unbroken rice grains, incense, laddoos are offered to the deity. Light a ghee lamp. Make a mound of rice grains and on it place Mangaldaayika. Please let me know what is Mangaldaayika. Regards Shyam
  2. I think ancient scriptures does not mentioned complicate and long procedures of rudraksha pooja but simple chanting of mantra of rudraksha. Just hold the rudraksha bead on your right hand palm and simply chant the mantra as detailed in puranas. Kumar
  3. I am wearing one bead of 3 mukhi rudraksha on left wrist. Is it ok? Also, I think if anyone wants to wear rudraksha bead on hands they should consider all odd number mukhis (3m, 5m, 7m, etc.) on left hand and even number mukhis (2m,4m,6m,8m,etc.) on right hand. Regards S.Kumar
  4. Dear friends Currently, I am wearing one bead of 3 mukhi of nepal origin in left wrist. Is it ok to wear or should I discontinue. It is mentioned in puranas that one who wears rudraksha on wrists attains moksha. If anyone wants to wear beads on hands I presume that all odd number mukhis (3,4,5,7,etc.) to be worn on left arm/wrist and even number mukhis (2,4,6,8,etc.) is to be worn on right arm/wrist. Please guide. S.Kumar
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