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  1. hi vibhutiGanesh, Good to know what you are trying to do. I was interested in your experiment but am very busy with my job. Please contact "Narayan Mantra Sadhana" Jodhpur, I am sure they'll allow some one from there to conduct your experiment and observation. All the best.
  2. Yes, its very true. After getting diksha you need to perform sadhana. But if diksha involves shakti pat then you dont. If you are thinking all this is a peice of cake then sorry to disappoint you but you'll find sadhaks have come out of mouth of death during sadhanas. Secondly, if you google for getting rid of physical ailments you'll find thousands of devees and devtas helpful. Now which one to go for is a question. VibhutiGanesh have elaborated it very well. Only a true Guru would know what medicine to give and when? Medical science has limitations. But in path of path of sadhana nothing is impossible. I've seen people coming out of various problems in a very short period of time. On the hand I've also heard people die of various small problems. So definately a true divine person is needed.
  3. VibhutiGanesh Your appreciation is much welcomed. skgarg1985 Yes, I'm always in contact of people who perform sadhanas and are getting benefited with it. I, myself have performed many sadhanas and benefited. Gurdev have been very gracious to me. Yes every word of mine is from my practicall experience. I am an engineer cum rishi after all... LOL .. I've mentioned i've seen people succeed in sadhana coz i've seen many and myself succeed. Trust me its not very difficult. My guru is Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwarand also called Sadgurudev dr.Narayan Dutt Shrimali ji. I hve taken guru diksha from his son and shishya Gurudev Arvind shrimali ji
  4. VibhutiGanesh Its a very nice post for the benefit of all. You very well explained the science behind the mantras. There're two thing I'd like to add on. 1. To practically use this whole information in a sadhana, You just don't need to hear mantra from a source (which is Guru) but you need to take it, as a whole as it is. In addition to all the scientific points you mentioned, There's a lot of cosmic energy involved in the process when a Guru gives mantra to his disciple or I should say shishya. Merely hearing a mantra from Guru does not get the job done. And there's a big reason for that. Because if you get a chance to see someone doing sadhana and achieving success you'll notice there's not much difference between his pronunciation and pronunciation of "just any guy reading a mantra". All the things you mentioned are so subtly involved that its really difficult to tell the difference. So mantra by a Guru is given to his shishya by means of the cosmic flow of energy from Guru to shishya called dikhsha. 2. Second thing important in mantra or any sadhana is your bhav. There's no use of dikhsha, tantra, mantra and all yantras untill you believe in mantra, diety and yourself! Doubt is the genesis of failure. I haven't come across any one who has failed in sadhana, having full samarpan to his Guru. And never will i. If you do sadhana and at the same time doubtful about mantra or diety then you can never achieve success in sadhana. bhav is the heart soul of every sadhana. On the contrary i have met people who doesn't even know how to pronounce mantra and use mala, still managed to achieve success! Just because they really were 100% in love with their Guru. But you got to have that kind of Guru who is full of Divinity. One who is brahm himself. All you need to do is find that person. And you'll find sadhana were just game of 2-3 days. Finding that person would be just enough.
  5. Makar, Jai Gurudev! Buddy i've seen some from you and boy! you really are a question machine!! LOL:biggrin: One thing you should know is that there's no rocket science involved in sadhana. As I've mentioned before, its all about heart of a women and steel body! Now comming back to your questions: "how do you know when sadhana is complete?" well, Every sadhana have a procedure given. When the procedure is complete, sadhana is complete. For example in some sadhana's its written do 111rounds of rosary then end with arti. Or it may be through the sadhana material in river or pond ect. And that it is successful or not? Makar , Sadhaks dont just do sadhana! Sadhana is meant for a purpose. The purpose can be for spiritual upliftment or material upliftment. For example you are in debt and you can do lakshmi sadhana to get rid of debt. If your puspose is served, consider your sadhana to be successful What did you get by veer vaital sadhana and narsim sadhana? How long did it take? For first part, Why don't you do sadhana and find out? for second: Vaital Sadhana was of 111 rounds and narsim sadhana is of 31 round of rosary. A sadhana is always a mantra sadhana? Three important aspect of sadhana is Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. I haven't come across any sadhana which do not have mantra. And where to get the mantras from? Guru.
  6. Hi, I have read this mantra or similar mantra before in some Gurudev's old magazine. I would suggest you should contact Gurudev shrimaliji at jodhpur, get Guru diksha and tell about your problem. You can google "Narayan mantra sadhana" for details of getting in touch with him, Visit and get it soved once it for all. May Gurudev be with you! Jai Gurudev!
  7. Dear Laxshman, Jai Gurudev! If you are so passionate about your this goal in life then why dont straight away go to Sadgurudev and ask him? What is stopping you??
  8. Dear fellow sadhaks, Jai Gurudev! Apasara sadhana is a sadhana that help you attain totality in life. These sadhana are often repeated in various edditions of magazine, Narayan Mantra Sadhana. Here are few tips for performing (any) sadhana (if doing at home or away for Gurudev phisically): 1. Get Diksha from Gurudev. However if not possible then one should contact Gurudev and ask for permission to do sadhana. 2. If that is also not possible then after performing sadhana you should contact your Gurudev and ask for blessing so that you sadhana is complete. 3. If you do not follow condition 1 above then place photo of Gurudev infront, ask for permission and bow to Gurudev. Then go ahead with the sadhana. These are not all, but few things that can differentiate between success and failure in one sadhana. Amit: LOL... buddy my first sadhana was veer vaital sadhana which ended up in complete disaster! Then i did narsim sadhana which worked fairly fine for me. You go ahead with this sadhana but make sure you can sit and do 21 rounds mala. Try small guru sadhana first of 51 rounds of mala. The sadhana i mentioned i.e. Guru Charan Paduka sadhana is best to do before any sadhana. Hope information is useful.
  9. Hi all, I just did urvashi sadhana last week and I can't put my experience into words! But i have observed that all sadhanas become small when it comes to Guru Sadhana. It needs a female heart and steel body! @Amit to get one with Gurudev you need love and love alone which can be achieved only through sewa and smarpan. There's no other way brother. But i must say that there one more sadhana powerful than even Guru Sadhana and then you will need to do no other sadhanas after that. And that is Guru Charan Paduka sadhana or Nikhil charan paduka sadhana also called as Samast Guru mandal poojan. Its easy and short. If one cannot perform purshchan guru sadhana then he must do this sadhana. Because on many occasions GuruDev disclosed that in holy texts it written that "Ek shishya ke liye sakshat guru poojan se bhi zada, unke charan padukao ka mahatv he! unke charano ka mahatv he!!" Baki to ek do din ka khel he!! Jai Gurudev!
  10. Kaal bhairav astami is today i.e. 18 Nov... The line "a tantric also will be fine" sounds a little funny. I guess u don't know the meaning of true tantrik and the power of tantra. To suggest you, I strongly recommend you Gurudev Shrimali ji. You can also visit jodhpur where Gurudev stays. But do contact him first. Best time to visit there is on 31st dec 2011. I know he can definatley heal you. Go and see for yourself.
  11. Dear Avanijay, I really got to give it you for enduring this whole thing for so long. I recommend you should do Kaal Bhierav prayog on coming kaal bheirav astami. For this I strongly suggest you should get kaal bhierav diksha from you Guru.
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