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  1. ever notice that in that old New York film footage where this guy is filming right in front of Prabhupada with the camera up close, i mean real close and Srila Prabhupada looks right into the camera and it looks like he's looking right AT you?
  2. Em. trust me, Em. Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! See? it also spells me backwards, a nice little touch. that combined with the inherent omkara sound and...Ding!...i think we got a WINNER! [This message has been edited by beemasane (edited 03-30-2002).] [This message has been edited by beemasane (edited 03-30-2002).]
  3. after guru pujaprayers in L.A...1975. Srila Prabhupada had handed out treats to all of the kids and then was giving treats, then fruit to all of some big devotees up near the vyasasana when he came to big Brahmananda...he had nothing left...big Brahmananda got this real overly sad face and hung his head with his lower lip sticking out and was pouting...so Prabhupada atarts looking at devotees, looking at the empty baskets...now i'm not sure about where it came from, if memory serves me correct it was from inside the side-arm of the vyasasana...well, anyways, he comes up with an apple somehow and gives it to big Brahmananda who gets this big satisfied look on his face, all to the cheers of the assembled devotees. Hari Bol! Jaya Prabhpada!
  4. Dear gHari, you are indeed a most soft-hearted and pliable chap(?) to "tinge" this new thread slant "Who is Prabhupada" with Bhakti. commendable effort...and who i am i to not go with the "flo"? Bhimasane. i have an overnight houseguest who just happens to be a distant relative who has a purport to support your very valid observation that this topic indeed has everything to do with our eternal relationship with divine pastimes. and now without further ado, straight from the catskills my cousin kinntukkey bab(a) temple commander of the "jimminy baba third elbow retreat" with a devilishly clever bit of cunning hokum and congenial flimm-flamm-ery from the down-home annals of Th' jimminy bab' hisself...good ol' kintukkey bab(a)..."'hossafat yew all...GUYS: tie yer yangeroo down sport! GALS: keep yer yin up 'acuzzin thetthere's really where its at. and both you gals guys 'n' remember what ol' jimminy bab' hisself usta' say: 'remember, wherever yew go, there ya' is.'". [This message has been edited by beemasane (edited 03-30-2002).]
  5. well, i do at least know it wasn't "Ta-Pa". i don't remember Kamala uvaca-ing this little bit of info that has me curious.
  6. precious, absolutely precious! i MUST see this, tanx fer salvo...where is he?, i miss him so much...weep-weeps the roadrunner, dying in separation...i can do a passable NO, actually a highly creditable Punch 'n' Joody with my hand puppets, Prathista Pandit Prabhu and Bhakta fRederIck the false eGo guy who have evolved spiritually from Minkey and Schminkey...its what i do, man.
  7. this here's kinntukky bab(a) sayin' g'nite y'all 'n' Hari Bol tew! i likes them there Vaisnavas.
  8. the formula for success @ the Yatra last night: 4 camps + the Holy Names ='ed 4 x the bliss...Jaya Sachinandana, Gaura Hari!
  9. this may sound childish but here we go anyway. how much of every day is just spent at crap. we all seem to be purdy well off in these parts...how much does it take from you for luxury. i am getting old and i don't care about a lot of non essential crap any more and some times...here it is...i pretend i am walking around with Prabhupada in person. i am not some big scholar, not good kirtan man or book man, but if Prabhpada is walking right there...how can i go wrong, our life will change even doing normal things because Prabhpada is walking with me? how can we ever get to these lofty high sentiment places...this is for my godbrothers only:if you think i am a crackpot so what. evry second is ticking. if you want to attack me here for being a simpleton go ahead, but i'll tell you this we better start finding more out who is Prabhpada after reading this agenda of Jagat ghari and Audarya Lila, huh? i am sorry, the sugar from the feast just wore off please forgive my offenses. all glories to you, Bhimasane, hey how do you guys like my new name my Prabhu Jagat gave me..its the big time now! [This message has been edited by beemasane (edited 03-29-2002).]
  10. dear leyh, from guru puja song by Narottama das: ..."He is my Lord, birth after birth..." and many Prabhupadas all over the place, hmmmm...i LIKE it!
  11. you have a delightfully dry wit my friend, i love it: re. the Prabhupada thread statement. absolutely delightful... unfortunately my stock and trade seems to be bombast only, sigh... i also have a GREAT story that concerns your Guru and myself and two others, altho' i don't think he'd remember. on down the road, i'll tell it to you...first a little more water under the bridge so you can find out "yet" more about me. thank you Audarya Lila. hari bol, YOUR servant, Bhimasane. (how d' ya' like this fancy new moniker Jagat gave me? smooooooth, huh?
  12. with all the complexity and big sanskrit words, the words "first deserve and then desire" in Jagat's last post fairly leap off the page right in ones face don't they? hmmmmm.
  13. Audarya Lila...we're out the door right now! Hari bol! see ya there Puh-raw-booooo! Everything is in the Names!
  15. so, now gHARI AND jAGAT this is what you are doing for me , i am going to the temple with my two boys right now and chant HARE KRISHNA and i am going to "light it up" and when everyone goes ooooooh where he get that i will tell them from YOU! (and Prabhupada, of course!) Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe here we come. ooooooh, ain't it cooool?
  16. hey leyh, some kinda' party huh? glad to see you...i have decided to nickname you leyh-leyh for two resons 1. it sounds sooo cool and 2. saying it once just isn't enough to express my like for what you write about Prabhupada! Jgat, gHari. i cannot wait until after temple time to respond to "...siddha-pranali and siddha-deha after realization of svarupa..." and development of faith thru assoc. with ADVANCED devotee(in the operative present sense) ...anyone who is trying to be honest should know at least where he stands in the total survey of plan: sraddha>bhava, preme spectrum. a barometer of heart as it were. i am neophyte developing faith. i find that over last 6 years i am really concentrating on perfecting solid japa and treat these high topics with guarded respect and as supplementary to Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhag> and CC. however it is nice to have higher things in backround ie Goswami literature. back to chanting. so many devotees i talk to say they are doing what i call "job-japa" which= "just get it over japa". i have been trying to make japa a real and i emphasize real here, a prime focus of sadhana, a contact point with Srila Prabhupada (advanced GURU devotee sanga gHari cited!). my reason for this thread is to refine that contact by getting more sanga info..and maybe i give something to you. This is what i have experienced by really, really "getting" into chanting as MOST important, more even than big jnana : 1. actually i look forward to my japa now 80% of time. IN THE A.M.; Early for best effect(and before Audayara Lila Sanga for sure! haha)and you know what, 2. taste is coming, after 30 years...if a little ruci is not there what are you doing wrong. 3. i absolutely believe you can be with Prabhupada in japa. this may raise all kinds of alarms with people, but the fact is there are times i am directly with Prabhupada during japa. why not isnt EVERYTHING in nam? for all to have? even if you call this sahajiya, i do not care because that contact produces more taste which now iam really liking this japa session and i want MORE, LOTS MORE. and sometimes i am so excited it makes others want to chant. Taste and association with Prabhupada...He is NOT dead, He is THERE for you. this is how i am for one knowing Prabhupada before it becomes "official-svarupa time" and until then its getting real nicer and nicer...if exposing myself like this helps anyone it is only on behalf of Prabhupada to help his disciples who are drying up and just arguing all the time, which by the way completely destroys my taste when i stoop to it. sometimes when i am pressing the "submit reply" button with some nice tasty glorification to some nice devotee after i have done tasty japa,oh Prabhupada's smile goes right thru me to you somebody out there just like this...watch...(i am pushing the button right now to you... can you feel Prabhpada smiling?) oh Jagat and gHari and leyh you are doing niiiiice things for me! i like it!
  17. Oh and Jagat, Bhimasane it is. i tried to change it on the Audarya postings but was too stoopid to figure it out... i'll try again this evening. sheesh im a clutz!
  18. Golly! ask and ye shall recieve! if it means anything to you gHari and Jagat...i just want you to know that i for one am absolutely humbled by your efforts and time spent what to mention heart and expertise in the compilation and grooming of this very special nectar. this is is exactly the mood i am very greedy for. it will benefit all. the materials posted here and other places i am finding actually are consistant with other areas of my research and i take great joy in this unity of content. i have started to read the materials here this morning and was so moved that i just had to jot this brief note. these topics and other Goswami material always humble me with how much is to be done spiritually on oneself, but the bliss i find being absorbed in it i makes me go deeper deeper and more focused with the chanting and makes me not care so much about the self decieved rascal that i know that i am! oh and on a more humorous note, over goolawbs last night me 'n' the Godbros. @ the Yatra, well we had a real chuckle when discussing how somebody yesterday here @ Audarya referred to me as "yakkin' rtvik". i stand chastened...i promise...never again. hee-hee! The ironic thing about this is that i've honestly never wanted to know much about them, don't even have a clear idea about what the debates are all about, ANY kind of negative talk scares the hell out of me for fear of making ANY offense! My good ol' dad always had a saying, "if you can't say nuttin' nice, dont say nuttin' at all!" and if you don't mind my "jumping ahead" to a higher level of Bhakti here on this one, i think i'd just like to keep this naive modus operandi here on Audarya and respect all Vaisnavas. Bhimasane is now off to read and then its up to the yatra for a bang out kirtan! thanks agin' guys! i'll be back. Jaya Prabhupada. [This message has been edited by beemasane (edited 03-29-2002).]
  19. oops i pressed the buttons wrong and this was a duped message..sorry. Jaya Srila Prabhupada! [This message has been edited by beemasane (edited 03-29-2002).] [This message has been edited by beemasane (edited 03-29-2002).]
  20. gHari i just got back from bliss to say haribol thank you for the sentimnt and slokes, i gotta go now or my family will shoot me haha see you....goodnight Prabhu. oh...wooooooooo Lord Chaitanya kee Jaya!
  21. i offer my obeisances unto all the gurus, the devotees, the Lord's avatars, his expansions, his saktis and the primeval Lord himself, Sri Krishna Chaitanya. hari bol gHari. you should be ashamed of yourself. why? you make it very difficult for me to sleep again...and also i think you are cruel to disturb the mind of the ignorant like you are doing to me...AND even worse, i think that you are arousing my fighting spirit to somehow find out how to not only repay you a surmounting debt, but to challenge you double or everything! and finally, i think you are a cheat, to some how always win and i will not be able to go away. you are"rascal number 1! Have a absorbed Gaura-Purnima. and i will not let this Jagat escape from my master plan of eclesiastic world domination either! you must please tell me if the word adhikara is also used in a "lesser" context meaning capacity? and on a separate issue concerning your previous interpretation of my word "too", an operative word, i believe is the way you described it... i have found that by closer examination of the spirit of the author, i have determined that you are lacking from a quantitative standpoint...please also have a heartfelt Gaura-Purnima Jagat Prabhu.
  22. Dear gHari, i have read over what you sent me last night and it is touching my heart. all i could do is go into my room away from the family and chant after i read it. you did't cheat me out of too much sleep tho'. anyways, i'm dashing this off to you as i leave for the Temple and want you to know that you and Jagat have made this a very meaningful Gaura-Purnima for me! thank you both very much. Hare Krishna.
  23. thru the graces of gHari Prabhu and Jagat Prabhu we now have siddha pranali system here before us in a public forum and nicely qualified too, i cannot thank you to both enough for the generous kindness and expertise. so, with straw in my teeth i am humbly asking: when his disciple is ready, how does this system work without Srila Prabhupada here physically?
  24. whoa....i gotta' back up here for a second Gauracandra...sorry. dearest skeptic. Prabhupada to me IS Krishna, you will not ever find God without Guru...on a lighter note, its nice to have you along for the ride..you truly have haunted me with the broken heart" talk of yesterday congradulations for making my japa priod this morning a memorable atoning and re-afformation to try not to break Prabhupada's heart anymore...all respects to you my friend, the skeptic...heres to you to keep us Blissed out!cosmic interlude here...gHari, oh most soft-hearted lover of His Divine Grace when i was in india last 1999 i was in Puri Maharaja's camp in Puri and was blessed with three days of Katha about the relationship of Prabhupada with His Holiness Sridar Maharaja. one of the things that was told me was one time when both of the Gurus went off to speak privately one of Prabhupada's disciple asked him what all the laughing and goings on were...He replied the EXACT words you have posted today. interesting lotus footnote huh?...segway to leyh...if only i could become the servant of the servant...the level of humility we will need to even approach the weighty issue of who is Prabhupada is so staggering that to me, with my bloated false ego, is staggering. how many times i am corrected at our bhagavadgita class example: i am the "Nsringha" guy around these here parts and when its time for His prayers everybody > knows thats MY job... well i forgot at the end to sing Jaya Pralada Maharaja and this godbrother sang that at the end and i just had to let him finish my pitiful attept...i stewwed about this for DAYS! you will please help me become more humble please. servant of the servant!Gauracandra scenario here..cheerio, hari bol and all that thot...by the way you remind me of my senior godbrother Mukunda Swami: he is so level headed, NEVER gets mad and is totally a gentle man of professional discrimination. i am old enough now to know that there is no time to waste on any mental speculation. i want to know the parameters of the job to be done and get on with it. if some other fine Guru who had a relation ship with Prabhupada...how can i POSSIBLY lose with his fine instruction. i have been studying gurutattva with regards to siksa for 4 years now and know many advanced disciples from three camps and these people have some of them THREE gurus...i am not afraid of this i am envious as a snake...it seems they get triple fun during their japa and guru puja! i will shortly tell you two shoert storiesof my experience with these ever well wishing saints who i tell you they dont even are on the ground when they walk over to you and look into your eyes to see how serious you are about your sadhana to Prabhupada...their innermost intimate friend....oooooooooh i am not kidding it is very spookey nice to be zapped by Vaisnavas of this incomprehensibly advanced level. jaya for now Prabhu...i realyy think you would like me in real life Gauaracandra, i know i am a big ol' gassbag but i bet i can make you laugh til you cry...i just bet that i caaaaaaa-AAAAAN! i can do robin williams type immitations in a fun non offensive way of devotees... if i can make laff some of the temple presidants that i had laff...oh you will be so easy of a defeat for me haha! all glories to you!
  25. dear gHari i do not have the words to descrbe my thanks to you for this, suffice it to say i am in your considerable debt. this could not have been posted at a more appropriate time, considering where this thread has gone today and the fact that it is the eve before Gaura-Purnima. reading the list of devotees that co-operated on this book has given me such joy in my heart...thank you gHari...i am sure we will meet one day for that great big hug i spoke of you earlier today. Hari bol Prabhu...Jaya Sachinandana Gaura Hari and all glories to his wonderful devotees. good night.
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