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  1. Madhavji, I was facinated by your words towards brahmins and your determination to help them. What I think is that God is working through you. Keep up the spirit. Bye, Madhav Daitha. daithamadhav@
  2. Dear Mr.Mannar, To tell you the answer, I will ask you the question first. If you can answer it perfectly, then the answer is in your answer only. Question --------- In the Government Hiearchy, right from the Head to the Class Four, who is entirely responsible for the success of the goal of the Department. To be clear, who is totally responsible, i.e, without the help of any other, can do the entire job. Your immediate answer would be the head of the Department, but can he do the job without the help of his class four who will take the pressure of moving the files, doing the labour work at the office or to that matter any one in the chain, if failed, the job would not be completed. As in this situation, Every God is given the specific job to be done and without either of them, our existence would be unimaginable. Any where, I like Lord Vishnu, I praise him and someone likes Lord Shiva, they praise Lord Shiva, and others like other God and they start praising him. So, to make a decision, do not be biased and judge unbiased. Actually speaking, above the positions of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector), Shiva (Destroyer) there is only one supreme. That supreme is called Vishnu by Vaishnavas and Shiva by Shivaites. To make this clear, our scriputers say that "Shiva and Vishnu Mediate each other" So, none is supreme all are doing their job. You need not get depressed, when Lord Vishnu is shown inferior to Shiva as it is done only by people who do not understand and you need not worry on an ignorant person's remarks or stories. Keep up you reaction, but please be on the positive side of it. Bye, Madhav Daitha daithamadhav@
  3. Dear Friends, Please understand the damage done by Gandhi, He is not the only person who got us independence, it is a collective effort of all the think tank, both furious and calm, people who contributed for the freedom. Gandhi, from the day we got independence, started ruining the Independent India, first by giving Special Priveleges to Jammu & Kashmir and now the Hindu Pandits are masacared there by the baustard muslims (I am using this word as my blood is boiling, sorry to use so). Gave regime to the Idiotic Family "Nehru" and the worst effect of that Nehru we are still facing. If we start listing the damage done by Gandhi, I think that this board will be filled with his damagae deeds only. These I am saying after reading the Autobiography of his life. From then I started hating him from the core of my heart. You can understand how he spoiled India. Bye, Madhav Daitha.
  4. Dear Friend, The character itself says that it is ignorant about Hinduism and talks about it. If anyone follows it, it is their ignorance and we who know about Hinduism, need not worry about it and they are low grade people, who should not be given any importance. Come out of this mood. Bye, Madhav Daitha.
  5. I request anyone to help me understand the effect of the planets (Nava Grahas) on the life of humans as well as other living beings like animals and plants. This is the pestering question, I am encountering for a long time and no one I met could give me the satisfying answer. You may even contact me on my mail daithamadhav@ Please help me in uderstanding them. Bye, Madhav Daitha.
  6. Dear Rajiv Khosla, I have gone through the site you mentioned and could not find any reason why she should be called the Kalki. You may note that it is "Kalki Purusha" that would be coming and she is in no way concerned with that, either by way of her sex (as she is female and not male) and I think that she is not having children, to think that she is the mother of Kalki Purusha. She is just like another person who tries to teach the kundalini mediation to others. If you are of the impression, that she is Kalki, please make your point clear so that I can also understand it. It is not a challange, it is trying to understand your point. You can contact me on this mail daithamadhav@ Bye, Madhav Daitha.
  7. Dear Ajit, I appreciate your keen interest in discovering the Kalki Avatar. You please understand that we are in the first phase of kali yuga and there are still 3 and a part of first phases to be completed and at the time kali yuga ends, no one who are present today will be existing in this form and we may take some hundreads of rebirths. This is evident from the "Vaivasvatha Manvanthare, Kali yuge, prathama pade" which is recited every time we need to do pooja to describe the time, place, etc where we are doing (this is called SANKALPAM). This type of sankalpam is being followed by our ancestors who gave all the pointers to the end of kali yuga. So, it might disappoint you, we do not have the Kaliki Purusha incarnated till now, as this is not the time, where Adharma is in full bloosm. Still we have Dharma working out in different places of the world and it is India, where it is ruling (tough not in full blosm.) If you have even some doubts, there was one sage by name "Veera Bhramendra Swamy" from Andhra Pradesh existed a long long back and attained Samadhi. He even gave the pointers for the end of kali yuga. I am not the follower of him, I just happened to listen to his teachings. If you want me to help something, you can contact me on my mail daithamadhav@ Bye, Madhav Daitha.
  8. Madhav, As our first names match, our ideas also match. What you said to barney, about not to assume authority in Hindu matters is aptly correct. I also advice him to study and practice Hinduism so that he can understand it. If he needs some help, he can contact us and my mail id is daithamadhav@ Bye, Madhav Daitha.
  9. I do not really know where you live on the earth, but I live in India and I know the reality over here. I will tell you that. Here in India, we have reservations for the so called dalits to the tune of 50% and the upper class had restricted their competition to the remaining 50%, or otherwise, they would compete for 100%. You need to appreciate the adjustment that is agreed. You said that dalits are asked to enter the house from the back door. If you are unaware of the fact that in majority of best hotels in the world, the staff enters the hotel from the back door and not allowed to sit before the customer. If you think that enterance by back door is only caste discrimination, then all the reputed hotels follow it and the majority are in the western countries who talk aboud discrimination. Before you give any comment or a talk, you first of all analyse the same and talk as it might cause the misrepresentation of the facts. Please take the note of it. Bye, Madhav Daitha.
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