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  1. Which English translation of Rig Veda should i trust? Is there any online site available? The reason why i ask is i have some opponents in another forum who make fun of Rig Veda. They say some verses support eating of meat(beef).Some verses also demean Indra,women. I cannot sit back and avoid reading those comments. I have to prove them with a good english translation of the Rig Veda. Also I tried reading the english translation by Ralph Griffith and it also conveyed me the same that those guys told. So i want to get my doubts cleared somehow. Can anyone in this forum explain me. Thanks Kandukondein I
  2. I think this kind of discrimination by Brahmins over Non Brahmins is concocted story. I think this story happened only after 1850's or so because there are some evidences of discrimination around > 1890's. I think these stories should have been concocted by Brits and their then Loyal indian servants. Because most of the affluent people were in the high positions in the Brit govt. those people tend to look down on common people and thereby enriching the discrimination more and more. This was fanned by cste active elements during that time. I somehow think this cud be the real reason.
  3. Barney, I am not doubting Shankaracharya..Infact i posted some posts opposing his arrest. I wanted to highlight Karunanidhis hypocrisy who first wihtout any evidence said that Shankaracharya was a killer and shud be arrested and now for the fear of losing Hindu votes he reverted back saying it might be ther personal vendetta of Jayalalitha. I think politicians shud be kept where they belong, The gutters.
  4. Such a massive turnaround. Now MK says Sankaracharya may be innocent. Its Jayas Vendetta...Pathetic souls!! http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/holnus/001200411221859.htm?headline=Karunanidhi~sees~vengeance~in~Seer's~arrest
  5. At least She and Karunanidhi shud die a rotten death. I think their predecessor EVRamasamy had a somewhat gracious death. Hope that does not get repeated. May Lord help the needy and Kill the unholy souls.
  6. I whole heartedly agree with you guys. Hope Truth Triumphs...
  7. This is a Mockery of Hinduism. Until the DMK and other Anti Hindu Politicians are being elected by people nothing can be done. Why is there a need for a politician to remark abt Hindu Principles and faith at the same time attending Iftar parties. Oh Lord give me powers of Kalki that if i meet someone of that type, I wud severe his head and lay at ur footsteps. I being a Tamilian say Shame on Tamils and Tamil Hindus.
  8. Hello All It really pains that Sankaracharya has been arrested. I think Hinduism is dying in India and i feel its time for Kalki to come and Slay all $$$$$$$ Politicians involved in it. May God help us. Kandukondein.
  9. Death penalty for corruption. I think that will solve the problem permanently.
  10. Good one Priya. I knew the second one not the first. Informative.
  11. I found this funny...He is comparing pooja bhatt aishwarya rai...amir khan and a native villager for his aryan invasion theory. This proves the basic foundation on which AIT is built.
  12. Haaa haaa,,Good one barney .I do support that. That will be a very good answer to muslim bigots.
  13. http://www.hindulogy.biz/_wsn/page2.html May be this link wud help u. But in General its strictly prohibited and its a taboo. Its only some stupid freaks like Shabanazmi who due to their islamic identity brought it to indian society.I guess or else it was largely unknown as such among people.
  14. I feel its mostly because 80% of Hindus still bleave Ramayana and Mahabharata are stories. I think our government shud fund for some serious research on excavations and archeology without adding a political color to it. I know it cannot be done under present govt may be we gotta wait for 5 more years. Proof of Dwaraka , finding River Saraswati was an excellent contribution. This will help us to enrich more knowledge of our own past.
  15. Excellent...Good one. Proud to be a Vedic Bharathiya.
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