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  1. Hi everybody.HAPPY PONGAL TO ALL.I have a doubt regarding mantra siddhi.Is there any specific count to attain siddhi for all mantras or it depends on corresponding mantra? If it depends, then how is it related?
  2. OK just try to leave whatever that has happened(ofcourse it is quite hard but try).In same forum,all vashikaran mantras were posted.You have a look of them and select one which you feel easy to chant and perform mantra japa as said.But you should follow some rules. You should have a bath,wear fresh clothes and perform japa.For best results I suggest that you chant the mantra everyday at a prescribed time only(Eg:6A.M. or 7P.M. etc) throughout the course of time.The most important thing is that you should have faith in it.Also you do it without eating anything.And I prefer a temple for chanting because it was said that the chanting done in a temple will have more effect than chanting at home.Generally japa malas were sold at shops near temples.You can get one and use only one.All the best.May god bless you.
  3. My dear friend,in HINDUISM there is no question of conversion.It is the basic religion and forms the basis for other religions.I strongly believe that all the starters of other religions simplified some principles of hinduism and preached but they never said that this will be a different religion.I studied bible and quran upto some extent and I found that hindus,christians and muslims have same beliefs and same gods with different names.Hence I suggest that you just keep on visiting the place you told and just chant the name of your favourite (single) god.That's what I follow and suggest anyone.You post any kind of doubt that arises in you so that both can learn.
  4. First of all thanks a lot for your info.Once I read in one mahatma's history that chandas,sakti,keelakam and beejam are not just to read like a sentence but they have some usage in chanting mantra.So if I know sakti,keelakam and beejam for a mantra how should I use them?Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry but I think this is a meaningless question because you yourself will have some likes.So you yourself can only be able to decide it.
  6. What you have said is correct but it is one of the difficult ways to do.In present world,it is almost impossible to follow that way for a common man.Those words were said with respect to some qualities of friend.But we mistake as present situation. 2.In my opinion what you think is wrong.All of a sudden we cannot perform japas by thinking that god is in front of us.So first we should do something and as the time progresses we will increase our concentration and we can think of god.This is called NAAMSMARAN BHAKTI.It is said by almost all the gurus who existed and even who are still living.
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