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  1. Hello All Im 29 year old male. I have been given mantra deeksha by my GURU 15 years back and im doing jaapa daily.For last 3 year,im facing strange problem.During my sleep,i see moving images,bright light between eyes[like TV]. My head starts to vibrate during my sleep and i wake up immediately. Due to this,my nervous system became week.Now im not doing japa but get vibration problems reoccur. Is this problem due to kundalini ?how can this be fixed.someone help. Thanks
  2. Hi I have a simple doubt which is pestering my head for long time after reading narada bhakhi sutra.As per narada, thinking GOD as your friend,child or husband( not lust ) is way of Bhakthi.In that case, if people follow his principle, what is the need to chant mantra japas. Many sages like chaitanya and others have reached GOD like that. Please clarify which one is best. If we chant mantra without thinking god i feel that is waste.So im in opinion of thinking GOD in mind is enough for bhakthi. Please clarify my doubt.
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