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  1. Hare Krishna,



    and I am NOT ahmed or the clone. How many times do I have to say this? I am just trying to save Indians and other backward people from themselves, that's all. That doesn't make me muslim or ahmed or the clone. I am a helper.




    Indians are not backward. Most Indians are quite intelligent and capable of saving themselves and do not need a third class anonymous prejudiced moron like you to save them. You do not even have the courage to mention your name and faith here. Tell me what is your religion first if you have any and please be truthful about this ie if you have any guts in you.


    By the way every point you made has been demolished here and you do not even understand that. You are repeating your prejudices like a foolish bible thumper. By the way how do you propose to "save" the Indians and what are your plans ? Just writing here will not do any help.

  2. Hare Krishna,



    makes a lot of sense, doesn't he? Thats why it's recd. so many responses. BTW: I am neither ahmed nor the clone, just an observer.



    The clone is a clown. The fact that there are so many responses that oppose and demolished this clone clown's view shows that the clown is full of nonsense and hatred expecially for Indians, just like you and/or Ahmed.

  3. Hare Krishna,



    Heading and leading organizations in software, engineering and research is not an exclusive domain of Indians. Sometimes over-patriotic people blur the ground realities here in India. Like somebody said India produces the largest number of scientists in the world, when somebody from, I think, IISc corrected that you can't include B.Sc. pass people in the category of scientists.



    This is what happens when one does not read the full post and goes ahead with irrelevant postings without understanding the context.


    The context is some guy pointing to Indians as not so intelligent by comparing them to teaching a few tricks to dogs.


    So my answer to them is pointing to many research scientists in Universities and other research institutes. Now whatever that IISc guy pointed to, I am sure he has no first hand knowledge of what is happening here in USA. Now this is not just limited to software but to many other fields.


    It is better for Indians who never visited USA not to make ignorant comments foolishy and for once i would request some people here to read the post in context.


    By the way, the East Indian community in USA is one of the most successful and highly educated minority group in USA.


    The most surprising thing of all is that you(an Indian) supporting a guy who calls Indians as dogs and slaves. Do you have any self respect at all.

  4. Hare Krishna,



    Sorry to inturrupt at an odd moment. There is truth in what both the parties are saying. The truth of the matter is that the outsourcing phenomenon is indeed a matter of saving the bottom line. I have been a part of the gaining side. However there is news that East European countries are now becoming the favourites because of the growing English education and of course --- lower per hour rates!!!.......



    I do not deny the economics in these issues. While these may be true in several cases, it is also true that Indians also head and lead many organizations in software, engineering and research. I have seen this myself.

  5. Hare Krishna,



    at least, the so-called barbaric teachings of koran have helped muslims conquer power in 55 countries, whereas hindus have been driven out of every country, even smaller nations like pakistan and bangladesh. In India too, hindus are treated as slaves and they almost had a foreign PM. So what does it say about Hindus? They are backward and worthless, a dead race, and their country india is a dead country. BTW: I am not Ahmed, the original poster, but a hindu, still I have to be objective, you know.



    I see a sign of frustration and total lack of self respect here if you are really a Hindu.



    It is a palpable fact that Hindus and anything related to it, like hk or vedic teaching etc. are all inferior and worth condemnation.



    Please demonstrate how ? I demonstrated to you how quran has the most degenerate teachings in it. Also we see how such degenerate teachings can make some nations powerful just as degenerate people sometimes get rich and powerful. So atlest we can agree that material affluence does not always point to a civilized society.


    In vedas acquiring wealth is also one of the goals, but that should be on dharma and not by looting people as mentioned in quran and hadiths.


    Frankly I think you have a serious ego problem or atleast total lack of self respect.



    for losing my cool in the previous post, but I was simply trying to offer a different perspective. And for the last time, I am NOT Ahmed or his clone, cuz I don't believe in unethical practices. lol. But the man, despite his sharp tongue, does make good points. Indians should understand that, particularly ppl who call themselves hindus or vaisnavas or whatever, take his advice and move forward.



    and what is this advise. If it is to give up Vedas, then you can give it up. Weak minds like yourself need a good shock treatment.

  6. Hare Krishna,



    Mother Kali is not Satan or something like this. Rather she represents the destructive force which we must remember has no effect on the Atman, but only on our bodies.



    Rama Rama...


    I am talking about Kali purusa and not GODDESS KAALI, a form of GODDESS Parvati, wife of Lord SIVA.


    Please read Bhagavatam.


    Kali purusa has a short 'a' inbetween K and L.


    Goddess KAli has a long 'A'.

  7. Hare Krishna,



    "Anything Purna cannot be affected by maya"


    Yes, that is the point. That the amshas are apparently bound, is the Maya. This Maya is overcome by right Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga or Jnana Yoga.Jnana yoga imparts the knowledge that jivas are truly not bound.



    First you say that amshas are apparently bound and this is maya.


    Then you say Maya is overcome by right karma.


    Then the question that follows is, what sees amshas as apparently bound and what overcomes maya.


    Since amshas are also Brahman they cannot be bound ie amshas cannot even have the maya that it is apparently being bound.


    If these amshas, ie Brahman, even temporarily imagines itself as different from Brahman and imagines itself bound then amshas are not Purna.


    So you did not make any sense in your post.



    Who knows why the Lord prefers to keep amshas under the veil of Maya? Possibly, for His enjoyment or possibly out of compassion so that amshas do not permanently forget the whole. Does any one know?



    Well you told that amshas are Brahman above. How can Brahman wish to keep parts of HIMSELF under maya. If parts of Brahman or amshas are under maya it implies parts of Brahman are not Purna. It consequently contradicts the Sruti Purnamidam....



    But this Maya can be unveiled in 3 ways as stated above and on removal of the ignorance, a jiva will know that the ego that was assuming individulity is Bhandasur -- it simply does not exist.



    If Jiva assumes non-existent individuality, then it implies Jiva is not Purna. It further implies that Jiva is not Brahman and that advaita is wrong.

  8. Hare Krishna,



    You can teach the dog a few tricks, but at the end of the day, it is only a dog.Because they provide cheap labor. What would you do if a bunch of third-worlders are willing to work for 25 cents per hour, whereas your own people are bent on making $25 for the same amount/type of work. It is economics, doesn't mean indians/chinese are bright.




    Total lack of knowledge. I know in software industry and in usa it is Indians who excel. It is not only in software but in every field Indians do better than most others. This is through my direct knowledge.


    Contrast this with the muslim population in USA and UK. Most of them are backward, the religion Islam teaches terrorism, mohammad himself approves of kidnapping and rape of captured women, koran acknowledges capturing women as slaves. Talk about backwardness in islam or rather backwardness is islam. Think about how you people treat minorities in islamic countries, how you treat your women like ..


    Koran is full of backwardness. It urges muslims to hate non-muslims, teaches stupidity and hatred and teaches non-sense.


    Compare that with Vedas and Hindu scriptures. Women are to be treated as a Goddess, Nrada Smriti urges Hindu Kings to treat peoples of other religions righteously even if they oppose Vedas, teaches their people to act selflessly(teachings of Gita), shows the entire world how to attain enlightenment through Upanishads.


    There is not one abarahamic religion which offers such generous protection to peoples of other religions and islam is the worst human rights abuser.



    Oh and by the way, better to be poor and educated and have a rich religious and devotional culture, than to be financially rich and unhappy as most people are in countries like the US"


    The usual argument by frustrated people.


    And by the way, I am an American!"


    I am sorry to hear that.


    All you good devotees may bow to such stupid comments, and I love you for it!



    That is the difference between muslims like you and Hindus. Hindus give more importance to spirituality and soul, while for you muslims your pretend god allah sanctions looting of non-muslims for survival.


    Our GOD encourages us to act righteously even in vry difficult situations, while your pretend god asks you muslims to loot and rape non-muslims.


    If such muslims and muslims like you call us stupid then so be it.



    I thought kshatriya was a male soldier, but you are a woman, if I go by that picture. Strange that a woman should come forward to protect a male-dominated religion. Very strange!



    Women in Hinduism are treated much better than your barbaric religion of islam. I am not telling this out of hatred, but out of relization and direct knowledge of islam. One needs to see in saudi arabia, pakistan, bangladesh etc. Many women raped in these countries are jailed because their words does not carry weight as per islamic shariah and you are calling Hinduism as male dominated. No wonder all muslims are backward and ignorant like you. To top it all you are in USA and still ignorant about koran and its barbaric teachings.


    I am urging all muslims out of love to get rid of their false, backward beliefs and barbaric teachings of islam for the good of ths world and for themselves.

  9. Hare Krishna,



    Cowardice was probably too strong a word to use, but as vaishnavas think they have all the answers to everything and that they are the only true representatives of the Vedic religion, where were they for an opportunity like this?


    The reason I chose the example of the parliment of religions is because all the other religions were represented there except Hinduism, which was only represented after Vivekananda's visit. It just goes to show how either unaware of lazy Hindus were back then (and to an extent still are). Now another point I'm making is if you think Kevala Advaita is anti-vedic, then why don't you come out publicly and say so rather than hiding on a msg board? And if you believe Dvaitic Vaishnavism is the only true vedic religion why do you allow "those advaistists" to misrepresent the Vedic religion? Come out publicly and let everyone know your stance and you can debate those advaitists down to the ground...if you even have the confidence, is another matter. I think you're afraid of redicule, more than anything.



    First thing. There are and were great scholars who defeated advaitist scholars thoroughly. Your lack of knowledge on Dvaita scholars does not mean that Dvaitists are lazy, instead it shows your ignorance, hatred and laziness on your part. There are enough Vaishnavas preaching around the world. You can talk about Srila Prabhupada and their associates about preaching Vaishnavism and Vedas and also exposing advaita.



    Well that is simply untrue what you just spoke there, otherwise why do Vaishnavas try to get others to their way of thinking? Isn't that presenting the message of the lord to an unwilling audience? As many are happy in the sampradaya or denomination they belong to. You can see that sort of behaviour on this msg board.


    Hare Krishnas, who are Vaishnavas try to sell their books to whoever they meet on the streets, even if the person is not interested, they tell the person to take it and give it to somebody else. While it is good to give it to someone else (if not interested) this is not always the case and the person ends up buying the book just to get the HK off his/her back.


    The Gita itself says not to give this knowledge to those who are unwilling, so maybe the Hare Krishnas are not living up to this point?



    In the previous quote you are accusing Vaishnavas of laziness because they do not preach, and here you are accusing Vaishnavas of doing their preaching work. So you decide what you want vaishnavas to do ?


    Who said that Vaishnavas are forcing unwilling people. They are teaching people who are willing.

  10. Hare Krishna,




    WE know that. But Jiva is Siva sans the Maya.



    Which Sruti says this.



    By the way, i did not know that "Amsha" in Vedic time meant "dependent". Thanks for enlightening me.



    Do you people ever read my relevant post fully. Just read ahead in Bhagavad Gita of the same chapter(15) and you will find Lord Krishna mentioning achit(matter), Chit(Jivas) and Paramatma which is different and greater than the other two. So by logic if you want to understand what Lord Krishna is saying then one should read and understand fully what he is saying.


    At one place while Lord Krishna says that Jivas are HIS amshas, in further consecutive verses of the same chapter he says Paramatma is different and greater than Jivas. The conclusion is that Jivas are different from Paramatma.

  11. Hare Krishna,




    Be assured I am not Zero or zero is not me.



    But I again repeat here. Maya is Maya. Brahman is unchanging. Amshas assume doership (i.e. amshas assume viewership) and claim changes of personality etc.. Maya is Maya. Maya does not influence Brahman like an image of you in a mirror does not affect the real you.



    In other words, it is about perspective. If viewer is the Lord then there is only Him. But images in the mirror claim separate existence. And that is folly. That is



    So what reaps karmas and what is born and then dies. You say here that amshas assume doership which implies amshas are bound. Amshas as per advaita is part of Brahman. But we have Purnamidam. Anything Purna cannot be affected by maya. Amshas here are affected and so cannot be part of svarupa of Brahman.


    So in conclusion again you are unable to provide a convincing answer here. All you do here is evading the subject using different words.

  12. Hare Krishna,



    Is this ture? So is Sankaracharya not a true Hindu? Was he just pretending to be? So doesn't this mean that Swami Vivekananda is not really a Hindu? He was just pretending to be when he visited the Chicago parliment of religions? If this was the case where were all the REAL Hindus? Were they all cowards because they didn't represent Hinduism at the parliment of religions before him?, where every other faith (including even jainism) was represented.



    Irrational or perhaps emotional statement. Where is the question of cowardice here. It is simply a question of priority and Vaishnavas did not consider the religious parliment of any worth to present the message of Vedas and Lord like a product sold in market.


    We Vaishnavas feel that message of Lord should not be presented before an unwilling and unbelieving audience. Knowledge of vedas are always available for a sincere seeker.


    All this ridiculous show and marketing of religious ideas is of no interest to real Gurus.

  13. Hare Krishna,





    Regards but you are defeated.


    You and your supporters have said the followings


    “I believe that would be his eternal amshas




    Dvaita or Vaishnavas do not to this kind of view. Gaudiyas only say this with the idea that we are dependent on Lord and does not mean that we are part of svarupa of Lord. This is a misinterpretation of some people who do not learn from Gaudiya acharyas properly. Even Sri Vaishnavas say that we are part of Rupa of Lord, but Sri Vaishnavas also say that svarupa of Lord is UNIQUE.


    This is because of Sri Vaishnavas cosidering the Lord as material cause of this universe. Lord is considered as material cause because this univerese is considered as body(rupa) of Lord. Lord's svarupa is the soul. I think you now understand the Gaudiya philosopy of amsha also.


    This can be proven and demonstrated from Bhagavad Gita itself. Read the verses below and please read Gita fully.


    Chapter 15:


    Verse 7:


    mamaivamso jiva-loke

    jiva-bhutah sanatanah


    prakrti-sthani karsati


    mama--My; eva--certainly; amsah--fragmental particles; jiva-loke--world of conditional life; jiva-bhutah--the conditioned living entity; sanatanah--eternal; manah--mind; sasthani--six; indriyani--senses; prakrti--material nature; sthani--situated; karsati--struggling hard.


    Jiva in the body is My eternal indivisible fragment indeed. Jiva gets bound (or attached, and is called Jeevaatma) due to association with the six sensory faculties, including the mind, of perception.


    Verse 16:


    dvav imau purusau loke

    ksaras caksara eva ca

    ksarah sarvani bhutani

    kuta-stho 'ksara ucyate




    dvau--two; imau--in this (world); purusau--living entities; loke--in the world; ksarah--mutable; ca--and; aksarah--immutable; eva--certainly; ca--and; ksarah--perishable; sarvani--all; bhutani--living entities(bodies); kuta-sthah--in oneness; aksarah--imperishable; ucyate--is said.


    There are two entities in this world: the perishable and the imperishable. (The bodies of) all beings are perishable, and the Jiva is imperishable.


    uttamah purusas tv anyah

    paramatmety udahrtah

    yo loka-trayam avisya

    bibharty avyaya isvarah




    uttamah--the best; purusah--personality; tu--but; anyah--another; parama--the supreme; atma--self; iti--thus; udahrtah--is said; yah--one who; loka--of the universe; trayam--the three divisions; avisya--entering; bibharti--maintaining; avyayah--inexhaustible; isvarah--the Lord.


    There is another supreme spirit called Ishvara or Paramaatma, the indestructible Lord who pervades the three worlds and sustains them.


    From verse 7, 16 and 17 it is clear that Brahman or Isvarah or Paramatma is different from Jiva(it is called aksarah in verse 16). It is better for you to read and understand fully before you make comments based on half knowledge.


    This is further supported by the verse from Brihadarnayaka Upanishad(3:7:30), Madyandina Shaka.


    This verse explicitly states that Lord or Brahman is the indweller of Jivathma(called Atma in this upanishad) just as HE(Brahman) is the indweller of earth, AkAsA, prana etc. and that Jivathma does not know him. This means that Jiva is different from Brahman just as earth, akasa etc. are different from Brahman.



    All things exist within Brahman. This is the stand of Dvaita.”


    Then you have also said (quoted shruti) as below:



    “You must know the Sruti "Purnamidam....". This says that Brahman is perfect, part of Brahman is also perfect. “



    So, you as eternal amsha of Brahman are perfect. I as eternal amsha of Brahman is perfect. That is what Advaita says.




    The meaning of word Amsah is sufficiently described and demonstrated above from Bhagavad Gita and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. It does not mean that we are part of SVARUPA of Isvara or Lord. Rather it means we are dependent on Lord.


    As for Om Purnamadah.... it refers to SVARUPA of Lord and not to Jivas. Again read chapter 15 fully from Gita and also read the verse from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.


    So calling Jivas ie us as part of Svarupa of Brahman is wrong period as pr Sruti and Gita and so Advaita contradicts Vedas.

  14. Hare Krishna,



    Yes, may be both are correct -- for different Jivas. The difference relates to time scale and state of Jiva. Advaita states that only The Brahman is eternal. Parts within Brahman are transient and so it cosiders Brahman as one absolute.




    The Sruti from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad clearly and explicitly states that Jivaatma exists apart from Brahman. If anybody reads the verse below one can know that the verse states that the Brahman is the antaryami of Jivaathma and that Jivaathma does not know the Brahman.


    Advaita clearly contradicts this sruti.


    Brihadaranyaka Upanishad:(Madyandina Recension)




    "Ya: Aatmani tishtan aatmano antharo yam aatmaa na veda yasya aatmaa sareeram"


    Brahman is in the Jeevaatman, entered inside it, who is not known by the Jeevaatman and has the Jeevaatman as his body/mode and controls the Jeevaatman as Antaryaami.

  15. Hare Krishna,



    Yes, Jiva exists because of ignorance. When 5 sheaths of ignorance are cleared the Self shines. Gurus have told me this but I have not realised the Self, so I am a Jiva.



    So here you are saying that SELF(Brahman) comes under the control of MAYA. SELF or Brahman overcome with MAYA is Jiva. In other words Brahman is not perfect according to advaita.


    Advaita seems to contradict the Sruti, Om purnamadah purnamidam.....



    You do not have control over 95% of your own body and you say that our actions -------. Do you know yourself? Do you know the entity that is conrolling the automatic functions of your body. I cannot easily say: our actions. I really do not whether saying "my action" is appropriate or not? When my small "I" seems to act, behind that there there are so many unconcsious acts. So, who is acting?



    The individual-will or wish to act in some way determines the individual's action although he may use different agents and Lord may be using all JIVAS as agents. Definitely JIVAS are eternal entities even after MUKTI.


    Lord Krishna clearly says that


    Neither these kings nor you will ever cease to exist. Here the words I, you and these kings clearly point to individuals and also the eternal existence is confirmed by Lord Krishna. Why do advaitists deny this ?



    Yes, may be both are correct -- for different Jivas. The difference relates to time scale and state of Jiva. Advaita states that only The Brahman is eternal. Parts within Brahman are transient and so it cosiders Brahman as one absolute.




    I have stated again and again that according to pAramArtika view, the mere existence of creation is denied. This is taken as the absolute truth. This is how one who is realized knows reality. If you say that if a JIVA under maya sees other things as reality it is a subjective tainted perception according to advaita. It implies that what realized one sees as reality is the TRUTH according to advaita. So in reality there is no creation or karma or maya and so no mukti as well.


    Please answer if Brahman is the only reality and that if parts of Brahman are transient(under maya) then does maya exist apart from Brahman.


    You must know the Sruti "Purnamidam....". This says that Brahman is perfect, part of Brahman is also perfect. If that is the case then how come part of Brahman come under the influence of Maya. Anything that can be bound with maya cannot be called perfect. That being the case advaita seems to go against the SRUTI.

  16. Hare Krishna,



    My comment: Karma is only negated for Jnani but even then not fully. Karma with respect to other Jivas (who are not Jnani) remains. So, if a Jnani has a family to maintain, he has to maintain it.



    After I finished explaining Ramayana, one of the guys like you got up and asked me who is Lord Ram. Read my post fully and understand what I say.


    The objective TRUTH or FACT according to advaita is that there is no creation or Karma or Jiva ultimately. You guys do not understand your own philosophy and do not understand what you write also.



    My comment: If there are real distinctly different individuals that serve Lord as Dasa, then they really do the serving and not the Lord. There is contradiction.



    Here you there is no Jiva and in the above quote you say there is Karma with respect to Jivas.


    So does Jiva exist or not ? Make a decision first.


    As per Dvaita and existential TRUTH, Jiva is a reality apart from Brahman. This however does not contradict the sayings of Lord Krishna. Why ?


    Think about this. Lord is the only independent entity. It means that our mere existence is sustained by Lord moment after moment. Jivas are eternal as Lord HIMSELF has said in Gita.


    Neither these host of kings etc...... in Gita.


    When our mere existence is maintained moment after moment, our actions are also possible bacause of Lord. So is the case with our free will etc. It does not imply that we do not exist.



    Advaita only says that the nounmenon and the phenomenon are one and the same. Vedas exist otherwise there would be no knowledge of Vedas. All things exist in Brahman and not outside. That is how an Advaitin can say that yes the Lord does everything.


    An eternal servant serving the Lord contradicts Gita, wherein the Lord states that He alone is the doer.




    All things exist within Brahman. This is the stand of Dvaita.


    What advaita says is that there are no entities other than Brahman period.

  17. Hare Krishna,



    Dear Anticheater and Raguraman ,

    I want Logical proof that whatever i said is wrong,

    It is not great to see you are not answering my all posts,you all are answering only selected posts which you can understand.And one more thing, You said krishna is God giving some examples,For me it sounds just like another belief not a single bit of Logic!!



    and what logic did you offer and it is not great to see you also not only not answering our questions but also using diversions. To prove that Krishna is GOD logically is nonsense. The only source are HIS own words in Bhagavad Gita. Your question for proof is like an atheists question to prove presence of GOD. No different. Thankyou for affirming by your posts that advaitis are nothing but atheists just like Buddhists.


    Since you pointed out the apparent death of Lord Krishna in Mahabharatha we pointed to you the story of Lord Krishna's toe being pierced by an arrow. Now tell me logically can ay person die immediately because he was hit with an arrow in his toe. Where is your logic here.


    As for our Vedanata philosophy, it is existential and not false like advaita. The only way to know TRUTH is through direct perception. This comes with the grace of Lord through devotion and this is stated in Upanishads itself.



    Advaita may seem like a philosophy on the outside (it is practiced as a religious stream by many Hindus), but this may very well be the place where Scientific world intersects with the Spiritual world. Many of us are aware of the Plancks equation E = hv , where E = Energy of a wave, and h = Plancks constant and v = frequency of the wavelength. With the arrival of Einstein it was also established that E = mc^2 where E = energy and m = mass of a particle and c = speed of light.


    When we combine the two equations, we get mc^2 = hv which gives us a very interesting relation which directly relates the mass of a particle to frequency, which means anything material has an associated wavelength namely, DeBroglie waves . To sum up, matter is another form of waves which in turn is another form of energy and so on.In fact it so appears that the whole mesh of this Universe is in fact blending into that One which exhibits itself as many (namely, mass, energy, wave etc). This is where Advaita takes over to explain that everything is but the manifestation of that "One" which is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Even the concept of these fundamental waves is seen in Hindu (and consequently Advaita) belief as Aum.



    First thing is that energy is not an entity. This term is used in science to explain certain mathematical relationships that somehow works and is ascertained and corroborated through experiments. In the scientific field PDEs, ODEs etc. are formulated to solve some practical problem and open the world of understanding of a particular phenomenon through these mathematical representations. These mathematical representations need not exactly or even closely represent the physical processes or a phenomenon. Still the mathematical models may work for a particular or general situation.


    This means that although some equations may work we do not know in entirety what we perceive.


    Science recognizes multiplicity and reality of objects, phenomenon and entities unlike advaita. Even the equation E=MC^2 and Planck's equation, there is recognized different types of phenomenon like heat, electromagnetic radiation etc. There are different wavelength lights.


    White light eventhough it appears to be one, is actually reacognized as combination of different wavelength lights. It is the mixture of different wavelength lights that causes white light and not the other way round.


    So in effect science refutes period all advaitic ideas.

  18. Hare Krishna,



    I may need a teacher - but Lord, do I pray that he/she/it is genuine. I still have a hard time understanding that, given God is inside of us, and we are Its manifestation, why would we need another human being to guide us; and besides, why most of these wise men are surrounded by half or fully cracked heads from the western world looking for God knows what (and It is the only one which knows, I guess).



    First thing. Sri Ramanujacharya lived in 1000 A.D. He was a great prpounder of Vaishnava theology and sucessfully defeated advaitam.


    Another point is that Bhagavan is OMNIPRESENT. But it does not imply we are HIS manifestations. It is wrong to say so.


    As for a Guru, he is very much necessary for attaining our goals. We humans are dependent beings. We depend on teachers even for material knowledge. This shows our limitation. So to gain knowledge of Bhagavan and spiritual truths, it is not possible without external help. Scriptures and Gurus are the source of such knowledge. We determine who is the right Guru through our intellects by learning what they teach and whether it is in accordance with Scriptures.

  19. Hare Krishna,



    My Answer:Thanks,Raguraman i realy appreciate your words.it is just glimpses of matured thinking and a very good attitude of atleast respecting others belief.Definetly,anticheaters called these sages as cheaters, this shows his immaturity.



    One may be a great saint and still do mistakes. Example is Raja Rishi Visvamitra. So Sri Ramakrihsna can also make mistakes with respect to understanding the TRUTH. Human beings are not omniscient. Remember that advaita itself has been proven wrong from Vedas.



    As much as i know no one this forum called krishna as a cheat,because everyone here respects krishnas values.

    And My answer for anticheaters question is;



    Lord Krishna is THE BRAHMAN. To compare him with insignificant human beings(even if they are sages) is nonsense. Gita itself proves that HE is BRAHMAN. Arjuna directly refers to HIM as GOD. Arjuna never refers to himself as GOD in GITA or does not even assume the teaching of GITA as implying such a teaching.



    "Each soul is a circle whose circumference is nowhere (limitless) but whose centre is in some body. Death is but a change of centre. God is a circle whose circumference is nowhere, and whose centre is everywhere. When we get out of the limited centre of the body, we shall realize God, our true Self."



    Each soul is a center of consciousness with a finite circumference. Your teaching is Buddhism and perhaps you do not understand that it is atheism period. Monism is atheism.

  20. Hare Krishna,



    If you are not pure,how you can preach some one other about purity?.



    Another diversion tactics. Please answer how can a Jiva become GOD.


    An individual and a kid like anticheater cannot be blamed for what happens in an organization. You cannot answer a kid's question and so all this diversion tactics and calling us even impure. Nice knowledge you are having.

  21. Hared Krishna,



    dude these are facts about ISKCON.These people are converting religion in a to fashion show by commercialisation...when i visited one of the ISKCON temples in india , i was surprised to see sale of cake,burger inside the temple,and they made it like a market.and their crime history made us to believe that these people are biggest cheaters. My question is how can this people teach is about religion?,why these people making fun of krishna?,i don't find any logic here!!abusing? it must be answerd by anticheater.



    First point, what is the relevance of this post here with the discussion we are having here.


    If you want to expose something regarding ISKCON organization then open another thread. Do not divert the topics here. Perhaps this is a new technique you people employ to escape one simple logical question a kid like anticheater asks.

  22. Hare Krishna,



    The same question asked by you is back to you..If the same logic of your applys to everywhere....then my question is how krishna can become GOD?,(I Personaly, admire krishna as a great humanbeing not as GOD) According to our great mahabarata he was freind and guide of pandavas , and he lived his life like a humanbeing,got married, He was a person chosen by the God to preach Bhagavad-gita and finaly,he died in a forest because of a hunter?.How this can happen to krishana if he was god ?.How God can take human form, according to your logic ?.If he was god how he can die ?,Still you can say he was a exceptiion than others ,then please tell me if Krishana can become God...why the same thing will not apply for others?if you can see God in krishan ...why can't you see GOD in the poor person ?...if it is a lila...how you can say this world isn't a form of lila?.



    This has been answered by anticheater very well. Lord Krishna is an avatar of Lord Narayana. Avatara of Lord means that Lord HIMSELF descends without loosing anything at anytime. In Mahabharatha, it is stated that Lord Krishna appeared besides HIS mother in the jail of Kansa. It means that Lord Krishna was not born as other children. I am not saying this. You can check mahabharatha. Even Pandavas and Karna were not born the ordinary way. Think about the Karna story. If Karna was born the ordinary way through Kunti being pregnant for nine months, how come nobody(except Lord Kirshna HIMSELF) knew it. Karna was born with Kavacha and Kundala.


    If this is the case for Karna, then nothing needs to be said of Lord Krishna who is GOD HIMSELF and nothing needs to be said that any person will die immediately because of an arrow shot in his toe. What needs to be said of LORD HIMSELF. No wonder Lord Krishna HIMSELF says that ignorant people deride HIM when HE descends in human form.


    Next point is that people think that Lord Krishna is limited because they see Lord Krishna's form with finite boundaries. This is again the limitation of the observer, not the observed ie Lord Krishna in this case.

  23. Hare Krishna,



    So,These guys cann't follow their own religion....so,how they can teach others about the true religion.

    anticheater,raguraman,yourfriend first try to make correct

    in your own logic!,don't be kids anymore..i am like a mirror..you will see your own image in me!!

    Kids!grow more,grow more!!



    I have seen many people here abusing Vaishnava acharyas. It does not matter. Anyway anticheater's question is pertinent. How can one say that a Jiva is GOD. Answer this instead of attacking and abusing a kid and posting irrelevant articles not related to this post.

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