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    The followers of false religions (the semitic religions) may break our temples, kill us and do whatever they want, but the TRUE FAITH of Sanathana Dharma will endure evrything. In the end hatred and demonic teachings of bible and quran will disappear from the face of Earth.


    All falsehood(semitic religions) has a begining and an end.










    Thank you for agreeing that your religion is false. My position is Hinduism is in no way anything like semitic religions. So mirror won't work here.


    This imbecile does not even know that he actually agrees with my opinion on semitic religions.

  2. Hare Krishna,



    In reply to:



    All semitic religions(jews, xians, muslims) are violent inherently. That is what their religions teaches ie to hate other religions and break temples etc. My opinion is all semitic religions are a curse on human beings. They fight with each other and fight with others as well. Unless by some miracle that these semitic religions are wiped off the Earth's surface, there will be no peace, for followers of these religions do not want other religions to even exist.










    Fact is all Semitic religions teach hatred. Read the news article. Read the bible(OT and NT), quran. I do not need to prove anything here. Their scriptures teach hatred.


    Blind are people like you who ignore when truth stares at their face and do not have strength to see or accept the truth.


    It is so sad that this ignoramus calls people like me blind who expose and tell the truth about semitic religions.


    Here are some quotes from bible and some blind christians(xians call them as saints). May be these are saints of darkness and blind bigotry our blind friend should know about.


    230. “5. But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire.”


    - Deuteronomy, 7/5(Judaism, Jewish god and this god's lies)


    That is why during the tyrannical rule of the Portuguese in Goa, Francis Xavier got established ‘Holy Inquisition of Goa’ under which Hindu temples were destroyed and idols of Hindu Gods were either broken or burnt in fire. Francis Xavier once declared :


    “I order everywhere the temples pulled down and all idols broken. I know not how to describe in words the joy I feel before the spectacle of pulling down and destroying the idols.”


    - Francis Xavier(what a noble christian this man should be).


    Tell me my dear blind friend, who is correct here. You or me ? Truth stands by itself.


    Since you named yourself as iconoclast, it is clear you belong to one of this hatefilled semitic religions.


    Here are some envious hatred, the demonic god you pray to, says in your primitive bible.




    God is jealous of people's attention on idols, so he says these idols and altars will be destroyed and the people will pay for their "abominations." 6:4-9


    God planned to "pour out [his] fury" on the Hebrews in Egypt for worshipping idols or other gods. 20:7-10


    "The day ... of the LORD is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen." God plans to wipe out the heathen. When? Soon. Really soon. 30:3 (what a demon this god should be ?)


    Worshipping idols and other gods is "detestable." 37:23(the cause for breaking the temple Deities in the news article)




    Witches, idol worshippers, and heretics will not go to heaven. (Guess where they'll be going.) 5:20-21


    Until now it was OT, now it is the NTs turn in




    All liars, as well as sorcerers, idolaters, and those who are fearful or unbelieving will be cast into "the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone." 21:8


    The followers of false religions (the semitic religions) may break our temples, kill us and do whatever they want, but the TRUE FAITH of Sanathana Dharma will endure evrything. In the end hatred and demonic teachings of bible and quran will disappear from the face of Earth.


    All falsehood(semitic religions) has a begining and an end. /images/graemlins/cool.gif

  3. Hare Krishna,


    First thing. Idol is a denigrating word. Please do not use that word used by hate filled demon worshippers to describe our DEITIES.



    What's the reason? Is it because the miscreants want to smash false religions and therefore, idol smashing is merely symbolic? I can't understand this behavior.



    All semitic religions(jews, xians, muslims) are violent inherently. That is what their religions teaches ie to hate other religions and break temples etc. My opinion is all semitic religions are a curse on human beings. They fight with each other and fight with others as well. Unless by some miracle that these semitic religions are wiped off the Earth's surface, there will be no peace, for followers of these religions do not want other religions to even exist.


    That is why these people are followers of demons in truth. Their demonic god inspires only hatred.



    What's the hindu view on this? Is it an okay thing?



    What kind of question is this?


    How is it ok ? It is violence and disprespect to our religion, deities etc. I hope they fry in hell for eternity along with their demonic false god.


    Hindus are peaceful as long as they are left alone to practise their religion.

  4. Hare Krishna,


    I am sorry. I got this copy from a friend. I have tried ordering from Dvaita Vedanta foundation through web. It does not work.


    Anyway this is the website




    There are many translations available. Please call them. That is the best option.




    No. 11, Uttaradi Matha Compound, Uttaradi Matha Road, Shankarapuram,

    Bangalore - 4, Phone: 662 7272


    Title: Visnutattvavinirnaya. English & Sanskrit

    Visnutattvavinirnayah / ¯Anandat¯irthabhagavatp¯ad¯ac¯aryaviricitah ; translated into English with detailed notes by K.T. Pandurangi.

    Publisher: Bangalore : Dvaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation : Copies can be had from Dvaita Vedanta Foundation, 1991.

    Description: xxii, 41, 243 p. ; 23 cm.

  5. Hare Krishna,


    Reality is that millions died and are dying suffering even worse than this and that too without any medical assistance and dying all alone in the streets being treated like a pig or worse. We suffer because of our faults and our selfishness. Krishna will not interfere unless people want and trust me if you with your full heart, soul and spirit call to HIM, HE will help you. There is no love existent anywhere as the LOVE of our LORD KRISHNA to HIS devotee. He is Bhaktha Vatsala. HE is our only refuge.


    'Srimad-Visnu-Tattva-Vinirnaya' English translation

    by S.S. Raghavachar (Third edition)

    continued from shloka 115-118 (Chapter1)


    "na tAdR^ishI prItirID.hyasya

    vishhNorguNotkarshhaj~nAtari yAdR^ishI

    syAt.h |

    tatprINanAnmoxamApnoti sarvastato vedAstatparAH sarva

    eva" ||


    -iti sauparNashrutiH | 115||


    The Sauparna-sruti says: 'There is no love equal to that of Visnu, the adorable one, towards a devotee who recognizes His surpassing excellences. By thus pleasing Him all the devotees attain liberation. Therefore all the Vedas aim at glorifying the surpassing excellences of Visnu'

  6. Hare Krirshna,


    Hari prabhu,


    The point here is desecration of our Deities and temples by christians. By the way I did not create the news article. It is cut and paste. I will never ue the word idol for our Deities. Besides the subject heading is not given by me. It was something else "devil worshippers called Xians"

  7. Idol found smashed in suburb temple

    NT Bureau

    Chennai, July 3:


    The sleepy suburb of Pallavaram, especially around Periamalai area, today woke up to tension and tumult as a temple idol was found smashed to smithereens by unidentified miscreants. A trident and a previously mutilated peacock statue in the temple were also found broken.


    This morning the authorities of the local Balamurugan temple found the Dakshayini Amman idol destroyed (presumably with a sledgehammer), with the pieces strewn all around the place. The Amman's sari was torn and found spread over a nearby thorny bush.


    Posted Image


    The temple's main trustee, Raghupathy, who has been looking after the temple affairs for the last several years, immediately alerted the police and filed a formal complaint. The police, who arrived at the scene, have taken the broken pieces for further investigation.


    UNGODLY ACT: The pedestal of the Dakshayini Amman at

    the Balamurugan temple in Pallavaram tells the tale of vandal's act.

    The idol was smashed to bits using a sledgehammer and

    the remnants were strewn all around.

    Photo: B Anand


    Though officials were tight-lipped on who could have committed this shameful act, the locals were more vocal.


    Many residents of the area were openly pointing fingers at a Christian group that was 'notoriously active' in the area. The names of a local Panchayat leader and a Pastor were openly bandied about by the residents.


    The Periamalai area was already sitting on a communal powder keg due to the confrontational and provocative attitude of a Pentecost group that specifically targetted the local Balamurugan temple. The group, which used to be very active on full-moon nights (yesterday was one), has a history of creating trouble for those coming to worship at the temple.


    The residents had made several complaints that the cult group had chosen the place to carry out their brazen expansion activities 12 churches have come up in the last few years within the small circumference of Pallavaram.


    The religious group also used to gather up at Periamalai (a small hillock) regularly and shout out taunting remarks at Hindus and openly deride Hindu Gods.


    Locals say the Christians brought in women, who were purportedly Hindus, and then asked them to throw their mettis and thalis into a fire.


    After the locals took up the issue with the police, a check-post on the entry road to the hillock was put up a few years back to prevent any meeting in the night. But some time later, the check-post was damaged by some miscreants and the night show of evangelism continued.


    However, the locals applied pressure with the authorities and got another check-post in the area. Long-time residents of the locality also got a Court order some time back restraining the Christians from 'encroaching' into the land belonging to the Murugan temple.


    After last night's act of vandalism by some bigoted minds, security has been put up at the temple.


    The tension in the area is palpable and looks like the residents of the sleepy suburb are set for some sleepless nights.




    [moderator's note: title changed to be less offensive, and moved to the world review section]



  8. Hare Krishna,



    Note: Rudra is Visnu when brought down (made manifest), as below:


    Yajur Veda iv. 4. 9.


    (Thou art) ---------- Visnu when being taken down; ---------- Vayu when covered up; the gazer on men when revealed; the food when it comes; the famed of the fathers; life when taken; the river when going to the final bath; the ocean when gone; the water when dipped; the heaven when arrived at completion.


    Note: (Thou art) ---------- Visnu when being taken down;




    This is another instance of fraud or ignorance. If you know, Sri Rudram begins with 4:5:1 of Taittiriya Samhita of Yajur Veda. Ther verse cited above is in no way related to Lord Rudra.

  9. Hare Krishna,



    Rig Veda Book 4 HYMN III. Agni.

    1. Assist you to win Rudra, Lord of worship, Priest of both worlds, effectual sacrificer,

    Agni, invested with his golden colours, before the thunder strike and lay you senseless.

    2 ------

    6 What, when thou blazest on the lesser altars, what to the mighty Wind who comes to bless us, True, circumambient? what to Earth, O Agni, what wilt thou say to Rudra who destroys men?

    7 How to great Pusan who promotes our welfare,- to honoured Rudra what, who gives oblations?

    What sin of ours to the far-striding Visnu, what, Agni, wilt thou tell the Lofty Arrow.



    The real translation is given below. Atanu your theory should be explained logically and not by cut and paste trickery from unrelated verses. Please do a real study before trying to connect and create stories like this. This is pure trick and fraud.


    4.003.01 Secure Agni, the king of sacrifice, the afflicter (of foes), the invoker (of the gods), the distributor of food through heaven and earth, the golden-formed, for your protection before (surprised by) sudden death. [pura_ tanayitnor acitta_t = lit., before the unconsciousness of the thunderbolt; this implies a state of unconsciousness, or death as sudden as if the work of the thunderbolt].

    4.003.02 This is the altar which we have decorated for you, as a wife attached to her husband puts on elegant garments (to gratify him); maturer of good works, sit down in our presence invested (with radiance), while your flames incline towards you.

    4.003.03 Repeat, oh priest, the praise, the prayer, to the attentive, the affable Agni, the beholder of man, the giver of felicity, the divine, the immortal; to him whom the effuser of the libation, like the (bruising) stone, adores aloud.

    4.003.04 You Agni, preside over this our rite; do you who are cognizant of truth, and the author of good works, recognize this our adoration, whenever these exhilarating prayers (are addressed) to you whenever friendly relations with you are (established) in our dwelling.

    4.003.05 Why, Agni, do you reproach us (for our sin) to Varun.a, why to the heaven? what is our offence? why repeat it to the bountiful Mitra, to earth, to Aryaman, or to Bhaga?

    4.003.06 Why repeat it when exalted in holy ceremonies? why tell it to the mighty, benevolent, circumambient, truthful wind? why, Agni, to earth, why to man-destroying Rudra? [To man-destroying Rudra: rudra_ya nr.ghne, the man-slayer, Rudra, the slayer of wicked men].

    4.003.07 Why to the great and nutriment-conveying Pu_s.an? why to Rudra, the object of worship, the giver of the oblation (to the gods)? why to the many-hymned Vis.n.u? why tell our sin to the extensive year? [To the extensive year: s'arave br.hatyai: s'aruh, s'arat, sam.vatsarah; or, s'aru = nirr.ti, the female personification of evil; nir.r.ti also occurs as a masculine (nirr.tir yajn~avigha_ti ra_ks.asah, an evil spirit disturbing sacrifice : Taittiri_ya Yajus. 1.2,11); nirr.ti = nairr.ta; nirr.tir sva nairr.ta iti va_ (Amarakos'a 1.1,56); narr.tos tu khasaputro raks.aso nirr.tis ca sah, Nairr.ta, the son of Khasa, a ra_ks.asa, he is also Nirr.ti (Ratnakos'a)].

  10. Hare Krishna,



    You know very well that till all traces of individual ego is removed, no one can attain God.


    Calling oneself as Brahman is by one's mind. Till individual mind exists all affirmation of being Brahman will be fraud.


    As Mano Nasha is the way so claiming something by Mind is the obstruction. So, I am also a Dasa.



    Perhaps this is the only point where we will agree. EGO must be extinguished. However individual consciousness is eternal.

  11. Hare Krishna,



    "Those who see Me in everything and see everything in Me, are not separated from Me and I am not separated from them. (6.30)"



    Yes, you people do our job easy. Krishna says: Those who see Me in everything and see everything in Me, are not separated from Me and I am not separated from them.


    So, why you talk about separation.



    Lord Krishna said they are not separated from ME or vice versa. HE, the LORD, never says they become ME.

  12. Hare Krishna,



    Note: Vishnu is Rudra’s lofty arrow


    Yajur Veda vi. 2. 3.

    The Asuras had three citadels; the lowest was of iron, then there was one of silver, then one of gold. The gods could not conquer them; they sought to conquer them by siege; therefore they say--both those who know thus and those who do not--'By siege they conquer great citadels.' They made ready an arrow, Agni as the point, Soma as the socket, Visnu as the shaft. They said, 'Who shall shoot it?' [1] 'Rudra', they said, let him shoot it.'




    Ignorance of Purnas in this matter is revealed by poor advaitis. Some verses in Veda Samhitas can be understood fully and only in light of puranas. I have demonstrated this to Atanu before like the verse from Vayu Sukta where Lord Vayu reduces the potency of Visha to make it edible for lord Shiva.


    When Lord Shiva is lower in relation to Lord Vayu then it is ridiculous to claim Lord Shiva is equal or greater than Lord Visnu.




    Even in the anecdote of Tripurasuravadha, it is not Rudra's excellence,

    that is conveyed. Though the shruti 'teShAM asurANAM tisraH puraH Asan.h ka

    imAM ashiShyatIti rudra abruvan.h' conveys that Rudra made use of Vishnu's

    tejas as a weapon, it should not be extended to conclude Vishnu's

    subordinacy. Shrutis such as 'ahaM vR^iNe ahameva pashUnAmadhipatirasAni'

    talk of Shiva seeking a boon that he be the 'pashupati'. And there are

    pramANas that Vishnu helped Shiva to kill the tripurAsuras.


    In Kurma purana, Vishnu tells Shiva:


    tato mAM sharaNaM gatvA prapade nirbhayo bhavAn.h |

    ahaM devashuko bhUtvA tripurasthAnaghAtayaM ||


    Therefore, having obtained my grace, be fearless. I shall become devashuka

    (?) and kill the tripurAsuras.


    The Karnaparva of Mahabharata says:


    viShNurAtmA bhagavato rudrasyAmitatejasaH |

    tasmAddhanurjasaMsparshaM sa viShehe maheshvaraH ||


    Due to the Vishnu being Rudra's antaryAmi, the extremely brilliant (tejas)

    Rudra was able to touch the bow.


    A Smriti says:

    "advitIyaM yathAmantraM tArakaM brahmanAmakam.h |

    japitvA siddhimApnoti satyaM satyaM vadAmyaham.h |"

    imameva japanmantraM tryamabakastripurAntakaH |


    Chanting the peerless tArakamantra, which is 'brahmanAmaka' (couldn't get

    that), a man obtains 'siddhi'. This is truth.

    Chanting this mantra, Lord Shiva killed the tripurAsuras.


    The Mokshadharma (in Shantiparva, Mahabharata) says:

    tripuraM nAshakaH jagmuShaH pUrvaM brahmaNA viShNupaJNjaram.h |

    shaN^karasya kurushreShTha raxaNAya nirUpitam.h |


    Brahma arranged 'viShNupaJNjara' (?) for the security of Shiva who had left

    for killing the tripurAsuras.


    Moreover, in purANAs like Bhagavata, in the context of 'vR^iShabhAvatAra' it

    was prophesed that the liquid he had would be useful (give him powers) at

    the time of tripurAsuravadha. (I didn't get this one).


    shrI madhveshakR^iShNArpaNamastu,

    Krishna K


    PS. The Mokshadharma of Mahabharata lists a couple of reasons (different

    from the well known ones) as to why Rudra got the name of Nilakantha:


    a. During the tripurAsuravadha, some asura born of Shukracharya strangles

    the arms of Rudra. From there, his throat became blue.


    b. During the svAyambu manvantara, Lord Narayana holds Shiva's neck, so that

    the poison does not go down, because of which it becomes blue.


  13. Hare Krishna,



    If you read Shree Rudram, you will find that Rudra is all, including Vishnu.



    Nowhere it is said so to my knowledge.


    Namo giri shayacha shipivistayacha


    Some interprest this verse to refer to Visnu(Sipivishta). So there is not much proof in this regard.



    All scriptures state that the unchanging substratum is Brahman. Mind (Indra) emerges from that. He brings in waters (Goddesses) and from the waters emerge Vishnu. Dragon of the deep (Ahirbudhnaya) still is there as the sub stratum.



    Good theory on substratum, but really there is no basis in Shrutis.

  14. Hare Krishna,



    "The hidden meaning is that all names in Vedas refer to Shri Hari only."


    Do not state. Show with shruti proof.



    Should I state Visnusahasranama and Visvakarma Sukta of Rig Veda. Go and read that.



    Rudra is Bhava and Rudra is Sarva. You can see 108 and 1008 names of Rudra.



    There are many bogus Gitas like Gamesha gita etc. and also bogus shasranamas.



    Rudras are not Rudra. Rudras include Maruts. In Rig Veda, Rudras and Rudra are distinctly spoken.



    Yes, Rudras are not Rudra and vice versa. Advaita does not make sense here or anywhere. Any way the real translation of the relevant verse is as folows.


    namashsarva yacha pashupataye cha


    Salutations to Him who destroys sins and Him who protects beings in fetters.

  15. Hare Krishna,



    6.29 One who is thus integrated in yoga sees all with equal eye, seeing himself in all beings all beings in himself.



    Here Atanu like all advaita cheaters tactfully avoids the next verse where Lord Krishna makes HIS message crystal clear. Even the verse 29 is conveniently misinterpreted according to advaita theory.


    TEXT 29


    sarva-bhuta-stham atmanam

    sarva-bhutani catmani

    iksate yoga-yuktatma

    sarvatra sama-darsanah




    sarva-bhuta-stham--situated in all beings; atmanam--the Supersoul; sarva--all; bhutani--entities; ca--also; atmani--in the self; iksate--does see; yoga-yukta-atma--one who is dovetailed in Krsna consciousness; sarvatra--everywhere; sama-darsanah--seeing equally.


    Because of perceiving the (same) Self (abiding) in all beings and all beings (abiding) in the (same) Self; a yogi, who is in union with the Self, sees everybeing with an equal eye. (See also 4.35) (6.29)


    TEXT 30


    yo mam pasyati sarvatra

    sarvam ca mayi pasyati

    tasyaham na pranasyami

    sa ca me na pranasyati




    yah--whoever; mam--Me; pasyati--sees; sarvatra--everywhere; sarvam--everything; ca--and; mayi--in Me; pasyati--he sees; tasya--his; aham--I; na--not; pranasyami--am lost; sah--he; ca--also; me--to Me; na--nor; pranasyati--is lost.


    Those who see Me in everything and see everything in Me, are not separated from Me and I am not separated from them. (6.30)



    These verses are not for people who still have Karma pending. Such people are simply incapable of assimilating the import of the verses. Moreover, due to rampant ego, they will not submit to these commandments of the Lord. They will not accept that the Lord speaks about the highest abode of unmanifest Brahman, which is attainable through the path of Jnana and that a Jnani really becomes the Self, since He has no more small self left and sees every other being within himself.




    There is no greater ego than calling oneself as Brahman. This is what advaitists do. By your own words it becomes clear that advaitists need a lot of help.

  16. Hare Krishna,


    There is no greater enemy to Vedas and Vedanta than the advaitis and their Shiva devotees.


    Why, because they are themselves mislead and mislead others into darkness by misinterpreting Vedas and Gita.


    Atanu is the greatest example of this.

  17. Hare Krishna,


    Barney, I do not know where you got this twisted story. May be from your advaita gurus.


    There is also information in itihaasas and puranas that Jaya and Vijaya took birth as Ravana and Kumbakarna because of a curse from rishis. They had two other births earlier. In each birth they caused great suffering to the rishis and to the Devas. Devas prayed to Lord Vishnu to end their sufferings and Lord Vishnu took avatar as Lord Rama along with Adi Sesha as Lakshmana. It is ridiculous and Tamasic to say that Bhagavan was clouded in his mind. If anyone is clouded it is ignorant advaitis who write blasphemous posts here.


    By the way read what Sri Raghvendra Swamy has written. He clearly says that Lord Rama is the Supreme Lord HIMSELF. I am saying this because in one of your posts you praised Sro Raghavendra Swamy. If that is a true feeling you have then you should also believe what he taught.

  18. Hare Krishna,



    That's a typical Americanized Indian snobbery. However, some people prefer reality. What you mention is all in the US of America. It is because of the environment supporting knowledge and originality. Tell me, how many original research comes out of the heavily funded IITs? The graduates are busy packing their bags to the US and the PG's want to sit for IAS!!!






    IIT is good for and recognized only for proviing good undergraduate education. As far as Masters level and Ph.D. is concerned IIT is not good enough. Second to conduct good research one needs funding for the research as well as access to pesent research papers. None of these facilities are available in IIT when compared to US institutes. Students in IIT will and are capable of doing competent research. But these students need to be supported and provided funds.


    Besides most profs in IITs are not that good. They do not publish or do any research. This is because of lack of funds and lot of useless politics.


    I think conditions will change only if Indigenous industries have a vision and see the need to do research. this is the only way Indian industries will gain prominence in the world. Only then will Indian industries and India will prosper.


    I agree with your point totally on the case with USA where positive conditions exist.


    The only point I got really disturbed is when you said in one of your posts that you agree with the clown ahmed. I did not find anything agreeable with what he said.

  19. Hare Krishna,



    iv. 5. 5.

    a Homage to Bhava and to Rudra.

    b Homage to Çarva -----------.




    Sarva is one of the eleven Rudras. So it is not surprising to call Lord Rudra as Sarva. This is the mukhyartha. Also if you read Sri Rudram fully one can easily understand that all the Rudras including Lord Shiva is praised, else how do you explain the verse "homage to Bhava and to Rudra". Note the two different names refer to two different entities here.


    The hidden meaning is that all names in Vedas refer to Shri Hari only.


    So your verses clearly show just the opposite of what you say.

  20. Hare Krishna,



    Dear Barney,


    Do you know that Sri Raghavendraswamy taught that Lord Visnu is supreme and HE accepted Madhvacharya as his guru and as much superior to him in knowledge. Please read through his teachings and works.


    His last speech says everything.




    "Hereafter I will disappear from your sight. The Lord who sent me to you has Himself ordered me to return to Him today. I have completed His task. Everyone has to obey His orders - coming here and returning when He calls us back. You need not feel sad that I am leaving you. The moola granthas, sarva moola and their commentaries will be your guiding light. Never give up their study under a worthy master. The Lord has blessed us with this priceless life just to study them. The shastras have an answer for all our mundane problems. Follow the shastras and listen to the words of the enlightened. Put into practice as much as you can whatever you learn. The shastraic way of life is the royal road to peace, prosperity and happiness.


    The search for knowledge is never easy. As the Upanishads say it is like walking on the razor's edge. But for those who have strong faith and put in sustained effort and have the blessings of ShrI Hari and guru this is not difficult. Always keep away from people who merely perform miracles without following the shastras and yet call themselves God or guru. I have performed miracles, and so have great persons like ShrImadAchArya. These are based on yoga siddhi and the shastras. There is no fraud or trickery at all. These miracles were performed only to show the greatness of God and the wonderful powers that one can attain with His grace. Right knowledge (jnana) is greater than any miracle. Without this no real miracle can take place. Any miracle performed without this right knowledge is only witchcraft. No good will come to those who perform such miracles and also those who believe in them.


    The Lord is full of auspicious qualities and absolutely faultless. There is no virtue that does not exist in Him. He is the Lord of RamA, Brahma and all other devathas at all times and in all ways. His form is beyond prakrithi (nature). His body is made up of jnana and ananda. He is omnipresent and omniscient. All the jivas are subservient to Him. Mahalaksmi who is ever liberated is His consort. All jivas (souls) are not equal. There is gradation amongst them and they are of three types. Whatever state they attain finally is in keeping with their intrinsic nature. The sattvik souls attain moksha which is a state of eternal bliss.. The tamasic souls attain eternal hell where there is all pervading darkness. This is a state of eternal sorrow. The rajasic souls keep rotating in samsara always, experiencing both happiness and sorrow. The shastras declare such a three fold classification and gradation of souls. It can be seen everywhere in this world. There are several schools of philosophy which go against these tenets and declare that there is no God, no dharma, this world is false; there is nothing but void; the jivas and Brahma are the same; there is no three fold classification or gradation, all the jivas are equal to Brahma, the Vedas are not true, Brahma is nirguna (attribute less), nirakara (formless). None of these philosophies are correct. The world that we see is real; this world has a master; he is neither nirguna nor nirakara. The shastras declare Him to be nirguna and nirakara because He is devoid of the three qualities of sattva, rajas, and tamas (unlike us). For the suffering soul His grace is the only means to attain salvation which is eternal bliss. Those who forsake Him will never be truly happy.


    Without right living, right thinking will never come. Right living is performing one's ordained duties according to one's station in life without hankering after the fruits of the actions and on the other hand offering all one's activities to the Lord. This is real sadachara (right living). This is real karma yoga. Another facet of right living is performing right rituals and observing fasts. Fasting on ekadashi and krishnashtami is compulsory for everyone. Both men and women belonging to all walks of life have to observe this. Those who give up this will always have the doors of the Lord's home closed. This is what the shastras declare. Observance of chaturmasya vrata is another compulsory mode of worship. Along with this vishnupanchaka and other vaishnava vratas can be performed according to one's capacity. The main goal of all such vratas is to earn His grace and love.


    One should always be careful never to harm or hurt another. Philosophical thought is very necessary for the soul's growth. Without philosophical thought we can not arrive at the right conclusions. But let there be no personal enmity. Social work done for the good of worthy people should also be considered as the Lord's worship. In short our life itself is a worship. Every action is a puja. This life is precious. Every second of our life is precious. Not even a second that has gone will come back. Listening to the right shastras and always remembering Him is the highest duty. Without this life becomes meaningless. Have devotion to the Lord. This devotion should never be blind faith. Accepting the Lord's supremacy wholeheartedly is true devotion. Blind faith is not devotion. It is only stupidity. We should have devotion not only for the Lord but also for all other deities and preceptors in keeping with their status.


    In short having devotion to those above us, goodwill amongst those who are our equals and having affection for those who are below us are the excellent values of life. Anybody who approaches you should not go heavy at heart or empty handed. Spirituality can never exist without social grace. And social life without spirituality is no life at all. Spirituality never denies any virtue. But always remember that the Lord is the home of all values. The world does not exist for our sole pleasure and enjoyment. The thought that we are here for the good of the world is real spirituality.


    While incorporating right thinking and right values in our life we should also make it a habit to give up wrong values and wrong thinking. If we do not fight against them it amounts to approving them. But such disapproval should never turn to cruelty. It should be within the limits of justice. The outstanding feature of this should be love for truth and not personal hatred.


    This is our philosophy. This is ShrImadAchArya'a philosophy. This is the philosophy all the shastras proclaim. This is the philosophy that kings and sages like Janaka and Sanaka believed and followed. The Lord's devotees like Dhruva and Prahlada incorporated this philosophy in their lives. Those who believe and live by this philosophy will never come to any harm is the assurance of the Lord. Being God's devotees you should honour and respect His devotees. Help as much as you can those who seek your aid. But always remember your duties. Offer all your actions to the Lord and never hanker after temporal gains. All actions performed with a selfish motive is like milk turned sour. There can be no higher motive than the motive to please God and the motive of earning jnana (right knowledge). But giving up all actions and following unworthy methods is like taking poison which will destroy us completely.


    It was ShrImadAchArya who preached this wonderful philosophy. The same vAyu who manifested as Hanumantha to serve Lord ShrI Rama and as Bhimasena to serve Lord ShrI Krishna also manifested as ShrImadAchArya and preached this philosophy. This was his service to Lord ShrI VEdavyAsa. His life, like his works was philosophy itself.


    Now I take leave of you. Though I will not be with you in person my presence will be in my works and in my brindavan. You can serve me best by listening to, studying, preserving and propagating my works. My blessings to you."


  21. Hare Krishna,



    You've cleverly evaded my question.



    No. That is not my intention.



    Tell me what I am gonna say to the BSF jawan who's had his tongue cut, eyes gorged out, gentials cut, arms and legs severed-that god is showering is grace? Or that he is paying for his past karma?



    I am not omniscient. Why sometimes things like this happen is beyond me. I have utmost respect for the soldiers of our nation who sacrifice for the nation. What I would do is point him towards Lord Krishna so atleast he may get some mental strength. It is a fact that great AchAryas like Bhisma also suffered, what to talk about others. Surely all this sufferings of our soldiers will not go in vain. Lord will protect us. Faith is necessary here. Pandavas endured all sufferings and atlast had their desires fulfilled. So will our nation and righteous people and soldiers.


    I am not of the opinion like others who so heartlessly say that the soldier is punished because of not being a devotee.



    Would god allow anyone, even hitler or bin laden, suffer in this way, what to say of honorable soldiers who are fighting for righteousness? Is this the price they have to pay for so-called mercy? If so, I'd be better off with the devil by my side!!!



    Unrighteous demonic people will get punished. This is for sure. Faith is very important. There is no refuge beyond or as good as Kesava. We have to endure like Prahalad. I cannot imagine what the soldier is going on and do not claim to know it.

  22. Hare Krishna,



    talk about grace and all that to a man who's lost his arms and legs in an accident, and see what happens!! It is not easy to believe in these things. In fact, it is simply not worth it.



    It is sad that EGO always covers a man's intelligence.


    It is a fact that people like us(with no physical abilities) are dependent on somebody for so many things. What to say about people with special needs. Whether an individual agrees or not dependence is a fact. In your case whether the person after accident reacts in a certain way or not, he needs GOD's grace even more in this life.


    GOD and HIS grace are known only through direct experience and perception and can never be known through inference. Also every innference is based on perception.

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