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  1. Suryaz: My posted messages still fly back into what is the past (for me) but at the same incident they are experienced in the experiential domain of future and of the present for others. Thus creating ambiguity about how we perceive Krishna as “time”. The issue seems now more complex as it brings up questions about Sri Krishna and relativity and our previous arguments about the spirituality and relativity.


    If two persons are moving with respect to each other but the component of relative velocity in any direction does not exceed the speed of light in vacuum, then if some incident is in future according to one person, then it can not be in the past according to the other. I really do not see how Krsna's statement "Time I am" is against relativity.

  2. Dear BhaktaBionic,

    There are syntax errors in your C++ program.


    1. No filename is provided after #include. As I can see, the required filename here is < iostream.h >

    (Note, I have eddited the message to introduce white space character after < and before >. In reality, these white space characters should not be there. But, in this forum, it is required as otherwise < and > are treated as beginning and end of html tags).


    2. The variable X is undeclared.


    3. In C++, there is no keyword "then". Are you mixing Basic here?


    4. There is < before else. That is wrong. Instead of <, you should use ; (semicolon).


    Posted Image




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  3. My Arya Samaj buddy was of the same opinion. He said it may have been possible that a river may have been named after the Goddess Saraswati, but Saraswati in the Rig-veda does not mean a river.


    Have you heard that some people are demanding that some village in Tamilnadu should be named as "Malgudi" in the honour of Late R.K.Narayan who wrote "Malgudi days"? That has still not been done. But if it is done, then it is possible that after many years, people will think that the village "Malgudi" mentioned in R.K.Narayan's stories really existed.

  4. To him, Saraswati in the Rig-veda meant Goddess Saraswati and not a river.


    Is this possible that most of places, structures that we know now and which get mention in scriptures are common only in name? To take an example, Greek mythologies use many words which are names of constellations. But these words have not been used in the sense of constellations in those mythologies. Rather, the constellations were latter named on the basis of those mythologies.

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