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  1. I'm wondering does this QSS help explain this?


    Yes, QSS can explain it quite well. Assume that Earth formed because of some big bang and some star also formed because of some big bang. These two big bangs took plaace at different times. Then, it is quite possible that the start is older than the big bang because of which the Earth formed.

  2. And that's just what Leyh does then, of his own sweet free will.


    In the scenario you have given, Leyh thinks that he is in library because of his free will. But, in reality, he had to be there. If he desires to be in library, then he had to have that desire.

  3. I am sure that Gauracandra ji will like what I am going to type. Posted Image


    Big bang is a point of singularity and, at singularity, all the currently known laws of Physics break down. Therefore, we can not know what happened before big bang. Because of this, many scientists assume our universe to have started from big bang. But, it does not mean that there was nothing before big bang. Some say that it is foolish to ask what was before big bang, because there was no "before". It is foolish to ask this question provided there was really no "before". But, is there any evidence to show that there was no "before"? There is no such evidence. Just because, the current laws of Physics can not tell us what happened before big bang, does not mean that there was no "before".


    Even though the big-bang theory is accepted by majority, already, we have started seeing some chinks in its armour. One of them is that some galaxies have been found which are older than the calculated age of our universe according to this theory! How can a part of universe be older than the universe itself?


    This shows that a single big bang was not responsible for everything that we see now. Personally, I find Quasi Steady State (QSS) theory more accurate than big bang. Now scientists have started considering this theory seriously. But, as always happens, it will take time before it can replace big bang theory. According to QSS theory, there were not one but many big bangs, some together, some at different times. It is possible that, now also, some big bang is happening somewhere and some big bang will happen sometime in future. An analogy is given of a sea. Many bubbles form and get destroyed in the sea. When a bubble is created, then we can not say that the sea was created. The sea existed before that. When a bubble is destroyed, we can not say that the sea has been destroyed. The sea continues to exist after that.


    Corrected some spelling mistakes.


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  4. We are all the embodiment of the singularity (the "black hole" theory of infinite compression resulting in infinite implosion/infinite recursion)


    Perhaps you are talking about big-bang theory. I, personally, don't believe that big bang was the very beginning.

  5. It would be appreciated if you could note any remaining errors, or suggestions you may have for better readability.


    I went through Chapter 10. In fact, I went through it more than once. My knowledge about Lod Caitanya is far less than yours and therefore, I can not comment on them. Anyway, I noticed some spelling and grammatical errors. I am posting the relevant portions here. Texts with blue font color are to be added and those with red font color are to be deleted.






    After bestowing boons to Sridhara, Lord Caitanya began to gently sway His head, and repeated the name "Nada, Nada, Nada." He then spoke to Advaita Acarya, "Acarya! Ask what you need." The Acarya replied, "My prayers have already been answered, my Lord." Lord Caitanya appreciated this answer with a thunderous roar that drowned all other sound<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">s</FONT>.

    While Lord Caitanya was still manifesting His "Mahaprakasha" lila in the mood of the omnipotent, Supremely Opulent Lord, Gadadhara Pandita prepared betel and offered <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">them</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff">it </FONT>to the Lord. The Lord took it and ate it. Lord Nityananda, whose partial expansion, Lord Ananta Sesa, is the support of the universe, now held an umbrella over Lord Caitanya. Advaita Acarya and other great personages stood before Him.




    "O my Lord! <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">please</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff">Please </FONT>do not place me in a position where I may deviate from the Absolute Truth, and forget that You are the Supreme Lord or that I am Your eternal servant.



    The Vaisnava devotees began to weep in ecstasy<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> chanting Krsna's name, seeing how Lord Caitanya showered His mercy upon Murari. Anyone who hears the pastimes of Lord Caitanya's extraordinary magnanimity will receive love of Godhead.

    While Murari and Sridhara cry in love of Godhead in front of the Lord, Lord Caitanya chews on the betel <FONT COLOR="#0000ff">(</FONT>pan<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">)</FONT> with cracking loudness.

    Lord Caitanya then turned His benign glance towards Haridasa and called out, "Look at Me, Haridasa. Your body at birth was superior to Mine, and your class and caste <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">was</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff">were </FONT>more elevated than Mine. That sinful Muslim tormentor has inflicted great pain<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">s</FONT> on you. However, knowing your compassionate nature, I hesitate in My heart to punish him, for it would disturb you.



    "While your tormentors were trying to beat you <FONT COLOR="#0000ff">to </FONT>death, all along you were thinking of their well being. You were unconcerned about your own pains; you had only compassion for them. Because of your merciful heart I could not use force; My Sudarsan disc weapon was rendered impotent.




    "There is one fact that You Yourself have stated: anyone remembering Your lotus feet, even <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">those</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff">one </FONT>insignificant and fallen like an insect, is never forsaken by You. Whereas even a mighty king falls from grace, if he disregards Your lotus feet. I am incapable of remembering You, although I know You shelter the most impoverished soul<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">s</FONT> if they simply remember You.



    "I am so sinful that I cannot remember such a magnanimous Personality as You. O Lord! <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">please</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff">Please ,</FONT>therefore<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> give me shelter at Your lotus feet.

    "The demon Hiranyakasipu inflicted all varieties of treachery and brutal methods trying to kill Prahlad like poisoning, hurling him down from a mountain, throwing boiling cauldrons of oil, etc. Yet<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> throughout his tribulations, Prahlad meditated upon Your lotus feet and was saved from each and every calmity. In this way, You humbled many of his enemies, and took away all their vitality and strength. Finally You appeared in person due to Prahlad's meditation.

    "Once the five Pandavas were in a grave dilemma fearing the wrath of Durvasa Muni, but <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">by remembering</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#0000ff">when they remembered </FONT>You, You appeared personally and saved them. You calmed Yudhisthira Maharaja with Your assuring words: 'See I am already here. You just sit down and relax. I will take care of this Durvasa Muni, and his army of disciples.'



    "The miraculous benefits of remembering Your lotus feet <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">was</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"> were</FONT> amply demonstrated by the Pandavas in this incident. The path of true devotion for everyone is to remember You. You perform Your super-excellent activities to rescue Your devotees.



    Haridasa spoke to the Lord with folded hands, "O Lord, I have known only misfortune, but You give me so much hope. Just allow me to partake of the remnants of foodstuffs of Your devotees<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> totally surrendered to Your lotus feet. Let this activity be my permanent and most prominent service life after life. My sinful birth and existence is miserable, without remembering You. But now, please make my life successful by granting me the remnants of Your servitors.



    Only the most wretched sinner<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">s</FONT> will discriminate a Vaisnava's caste, race or nationality, and for doing so they suffer the pangs of repeated birth in the lower species of life.


    Such is Haridasa Thakura's exalted position - that just seeing him relieves one from the bondage of material existence; what to speak of associating with him. Great stalwart devotees like Prahlad<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> who was the son of a demon, and Hanuman<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> who was a monkey<FONT SIZE=2 COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> are both considered exalted Vaisnavas. Similarly, although born in a low caste non-Hindu family, Haridasa Thakura is counted amongst the foremost of Vaisnava devotees.

    Haridasa<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> along with Murari and Sridhara began to weep joyful tears, while Lord Visvambhara smiled pleasantly on them, chewing betel. Sitting on the throne, the Lord was engulfed in dazzling effulgence, and an equally brilliantly shining Lord Nityananda stood holding an umbrella over Lord Caitanya.

    Lord Caitanya looked towards Advaita Acarya smiling, and began to reveal His inner thoughts, "Listen Acarya, do you remember when I once fed you one night?


    "The complete Gita text reads - 'Sarvabah pani padamtat sarvata ksi-siro-mukham sarvatah srutimal loke sarvam avritya tisthati' (Everywhere are His hands and legs, His eyes and face, and He hears everything. In this way the Supersoul exists). I have just revealed to you the very confidential meaning of this text. Who else is there other than you, who can rightly comprehend this subject matter<FONT COLOR="#ff0000">.</FONT><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR="#0000ff">?</FONT>"


    One who has no faith in these spiritual explanations or such spiritual exchanges <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">are</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#0000ff">is </FONT>certainly doomed to perish. Only the rare souls, the pure devotees of the Lord, can understand the spiritual dissertations of Advaita Acarya, who was personally taught by Lord Caitanya.

    The instructions of the Vedas are invariably interpreted in various ways. So also Advaita Acarya's highly esoteric explanations often found different interpretations. Who can grasp the meaning of the Acarya's dissertations that deal with such subtle spiritual matters? Undoubtedly<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> his words are as good as the Supreme Lord's own.

    The Acarya's words are like the autumn clouds - they rain in certain areas, while leaving other places dry. His words are understood by a few fortunate ones, not everyone. Advaita Acarya cannot be blamed for this, for everything depends on the person's ability to understand his words, due to his piety and good fortune.


    Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Siva, but he did not accept the Supremacy of Lord Ramacandra, who is the Lord of even Siva. Lord Siva was displeased with his devotee, and did not accept his worship or service. So Ravana's worship was useless. Hence he and his entire race was destroyed. Lord Siva does not convey to his devotees his personal feeling about their actions, whether good or bad. Whoever is sufficiently intelligent will understand<FONT COLOR="#ff0000">ing</FONT> the desire of Lord Siva in his heart.

    In the same way, the followers of Advaita Acarya, not understanding the desire of their master, claim to be his disciples, yet criticize Lord Caitanya. Advaita Acarya does not tell them anything, due to his specific nature. So<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> because of neglecting the advice of other Vaisnavas and the inner desire of Advaita Acarya, they perish. These condemned persons do not understand that Advaita Acarya's exalted position and his mystic perfection are all due to the mercy of Lord Caitanya. And if anyone volunteers to instruct them on these matters they become enraged, and go to strike their well<FONT COLOR="#ff0000">-</FONT>wisher. Little do they know that Lord Caitanya's external potency, Mayadevi is exceedingly powerful, and she takes efficient care of such wayward and demoniac souls.


    Advaita Acarya is totally engrossed in remembering Lord Caitanya and His pastimes, often moved to tears by devotional emotions. After hearing these transcendental narrations, if one is unable to develop devotional fervor and love for Lord Caitanya, then contact with such a person should be avoided, for it will wither away one's faith and piety.

    One who understands that Advaita Acarya is a foremost Vaisnava devotee of Lord Caitanya, and serves Him in that capacity is himself an exalted Vaisnava. He is assured of the shelter of Lord Krsna eternally. Such a Vaisnava is also very dear to Advaita Acarya. Those who do not understand this relationship are despicable rejects of human society.

    Advaita Acarya is always extremely pleased to hear his Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu glorified as the Supreme Lord of all. Advaita Acarya, himself, glorifies Lord Caitanya in this manner. There should be no doubt about this. Lord Caitanya revealed the real purport of the Gita to the Acarya, and then hid the portals of devotional life from the non-devotees.

    Lord Caitanya suddenly spoke out, lifting His arms, "Everyone look at Me. Ask any boon you desire." All the assembled devotees bubbled over with happiness hearing the Lord's words, and they each asked a boon from the Lord.

    Advaita Acarya spoke first saying, "My Lord I only pray that You shower Your grace on this ignorant and fallen soul." Someone else said, "My father opposes my devotional involvement, so grant me this, O Lord: that his heart may be transformed and that he become a devotee." In this way they asked for the good blessings of their dear ones, disciples, sons, wives, servants and so on. One of them prayed, "Lord<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">!</FONT> please increase my faith in my guru."

    Lord Visvambhara is the benefactor of all His devotees, and He fulfills all their wishes. Smiling sweetly, He granted everyone's boon.

    Mukunda<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> all this while<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> was behind the curtains<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> outside the room<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> unable to muster sufficient courage to appear before the Lord. Mukunda is loved by all, and he knows everyone intimately. No one could understand why he was being ignored, because when he sang, the Lord seemed to hear all the time. The Lord did not call him inside, nor did he come in. The devotees felt sad about Mukunda.

    Srivasa Pandita said to the Lord, "O Lord, what offense has Mukunda committed at Your lotus feet? Mukunda is favored by You, and he is dear to all of us. Who can prevent his heart from melting upon hearing Mukunda's singing? He is devotionally inclined, and is always careful in all respects. Yet without seeing any apparent fault in him, You have insulted him, my Lord. If he has committed some mistake<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT><FONT SIZE=2> then punish him, but why do You disown him and push away Your own servant. O Lord, let him see Your Lordship. But he will never come in unless You call him."


    The Lord spoke, "Get up, My dear Mukunda. All your offenses have been exonerated. You lost your wealth of devotion by wrong association, but now again by your loving devotion, you have conquered and indebted Me. I said to you that after ten million births you </FONT><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000">will</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#0000ff">would </FONT>have your desire to see Me fulfilled. You immediately pushed away all previous doubts and offenses. You had full faith in the infallibility of My words. Thus You have bound Me eternally in your heart with the bonds of loving devotion.



    "O Lord, I have no devotional feelings. Yet<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT><FONT SIZE=2> strangely</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> I am still alive; my head does not roll due to my grievous sins.

    "Kubja<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> the hunchback maid servant of Mathura, the wives of the sacrificial brahmin priests of Vrndavana, the noble ladies of the palace in Mathura, and the garland maker Sudama, when did they see You before they saw You for the first time? Yet all of them were elevated to the blissful state of loving devotional service to You. Kamsa<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> the king of Mathura, at the same time saw You, but he was killed. I do not posses any devotion to You my Lord, but yet You keep me.


    "I am worse than an insect, yet, I am not moved by such devotion. O Lord, how can I ask to see You?" Mukunda began to weep, raising his arms up in the air. His body trembled and he released heavy sighs in ecstatic devotional emotion. Mukunda is a pure devotee, with a simple and spontaneous love of the Lord. How can I describe sufficiently the extent of his glories<FONT COLOR="#ff0000">.</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#0000ff">? </FONT>He is counted amongst the most intimate eternal associates of the Lord.




    "I do not show any mercy to non-devotees. Even if they see Me, they are deprived of the transcendental result, eternal happiness. One's devotion is drained if one is offensive to the authorized process of devotional service. Due to the absence of devotion, seeing Me is fruitless. These things<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> that you said<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">,</FONT> were actually exactly what I wanted to say. In fact, why should any other topic grace your mouth?




    Their intelligence was covered over by false ego to such an extent that none of them could perceive that Vaikuntha had descended into Srivasa Pandita's residence; nor could they percieve the spiritual bliss emanating from there. That which was seen and experienced by the servants and maidservants in Srivasa Pandita's house is unknown to even scholars well<FONT COLOR="#ff0000">-</FONT>versed in all the scriptures. The wonderful boon Murari Gupta's servant received went unnoticed even by those who shaved their heads to exhibit renunciation.




    The Lord said, "In every birth you have received My association. Your servants and disciples will thus also see My pastimes through you." The Lord then distributed the garlands that graced His chest, and all were blessed to receive the chewed remnant<FONT COLOR="#0000ff">s</FONT> of the Lord's betel. The devotees were caught up in the wave of ecstatic joy as they munched on the radiant moon-like Lord's remnants.


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