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  1. first of all it depends on the deity you're offering it to. coffee is rajasic, so most KRSNA deities won't accept this as an offering. cacao i'd have to look up. you could do a "yogi tea" for a hot drink and carefully select the spices you use. the easiest way to drink "transcentental" coffee is, to add a little water offered to KRSNA (for bathing or such) to your coffee.
  2. did your parents any explanation of why you shouldn't read it? i have a copy here and i wouldn't recommend it for reading either. i haven't actually read it yet but browsed the index and it seems to be very focused on samskara rites.
  3. so far i never heard about any sampradaya arguing against chanting and japa during periods.
  4. it simply says "padma". generell meaning is "lotus (flower)". the first "letter" is a pa, the second a ligature of d and ma. so it is a word and not a symbol.
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