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  1. Krishnaraja is known as the Unconquerable (Ajita) because no Muslim Sultan was able to defeat him when he ruled the Province of Vijayanagara, India in the late 14th cen- tury and early 15th century. There were actually two great Kings who ruled Vijayanagara Province, the last bul- wark of the Indian Hindus, in southern In- dia. These great Rulers were Krishnaraja and Ramaraja. Both of whom were brothers who ruled and protected Vijayanagara from the invasion of Muslim warriors headed by the Sultan of Bihar. The rest of India, however, were already in the hands of other Muslim conquerors who solidified their conquests after taking Bombay and New Delhi. It was only the Province of Vijayanagara, southern India that remained under the Hin- du Rule governed by two brother-Kings, Sri Krishnaraja and Sri Ramaraja. But the defeat and destruction of Vijayana- gara in the hands of the Sultan of Bihar only followed after the departure of Kris- naraja(1525 A.D.) to other lands. It was Ramaraja who took over Krishnaraja`s place but was later defeated, crushed, and ulti- mately beheaded by the Muslims warriors led by the Sultan of Bihar and united by other Islamic tribes when the latter gate-crashed their way into the heart of Vijayanagara. Why Ramaraja lost the Battle at Vijayanagar can be explained because of the absence of his brother-King, Krishnaraja. As to why the Lord left his kingdom can be only ans- wered by a World Historian. If you have no clue to the answer to those questions, then India and Pakistan will forever be a divi- ded nation. Any idea? O.K. You can start with Kashmir. [This message has been edited by marco (edited 11-06-2001).]
  2. {quote)We forget the eternal words of THE LORD "karmanye wadhikaraste...." What he did as RAMA/KRISHNA was just the justification of this shloka. Being detached from what ever he did HE was not bound by the karma. HE did so without getting emmotionally involved in the deed. HE just did it as it had to be done the logic is so simple and moreover did not Kamsa and Ravana get liberated by just glancing at the divine form of the LORD? HE just loves everyone. HIS ways of showing grace are different diff fruits as per the nature of our karmas. Yes dont doubt HIM but know HIM. Dear Sanjay, yes, you shall be with my Dad in Heaven because of faith that you know the One who sent me. You can tell His per- sonality by reading His works. You may be- gin here.
  3. Conversations with my father, Melvin. ---- Marco: Father why do you like to wear shades? Are you blind? Of course not! Otherwise you`d have not taken the time to read this. Melvin: You see, son, at 44 yrs., my vision is not the way it was sup- posed to be. I had been reading Srimad Bhagavatam for 14 yrs. now and yet there are still verses in it that I have to understand why Krishna is a boar, a tortoise, a Lion, a Dwarf, Lord Buddha, the Kalki Avatar, Dhanvantari, etc. Krishna have unlimited expansions, see? Even me is just uninsignifi- cant expansion of His Lordship. A drop in the bucket, so to speak. Marco: My dear father, if it took that long to study Srimad Bhagavatam and yet has only scratched its surface, then how could Rascals like the US Pres. Bush and UK-PM Tony Blair understand just even its cover? Melvin: Actually, my son, not only they don`t read Srimad Bhagavatam but in fact they don`t even read the Holy Bible. Because if they did they would have turned the other cheek if someone slapped them on the other side, and would say, " Please forgive them GodFather for they don`t know what they`re do- ing." Marco: In other words, if they followed Lord Jesus command to love one a- nother, then Mr. Bush and Blair would not have bombed Afghanistan just to ferret out a man they call Osama Bin Laden. They would have took pity on those Afghan civilians who died during the bombing in Ka- bul and Kandahar and immediately declared to Gen. Colin Powell to stop this carnage. Melvin: That`s right, my son. But these rascals are hence in no other way different from the jackals in the animal kingdom. That`s why they must be stopped from pulling the whole world to hell if they don`t stop these senseless bombings. Marco: How, my dear father who art in hea- ven? Melvin: Simple, my son. Erase them from this web site! End of conversation ---------------------
  4. Radhe dearest, first of all I would like to greet you this: PRAISE the LORD and ALLELUHIA! You see, last night, my father, Melvin, told me if you were the one he had been looking for ever since he left the SRI SRI RADHA MADANA-MOHANA TEMPLE at Washing- ton D.C. There he met this very wonderful pure-devotee of Radha-Krishna whose name is/was SAMADHI DASI of MD, TEXAS, USA. She was the One who gave my father the ins- piration to write, write, write Krishna conscious articles. In other words, if ever you will get to meet SAMADHI DASI in the US, please tell her that my father, Melvin, has not forgot- ten her LOVE. In fact, my father went cra- zy after not seeing her anymore when she went to the Himalayas, India. I would like to give you an assignment and please tell me from your point of view the meaning of SAMADHI. And later, I would also give you mine, according to my father, Mel- vin. O.K? [This message has been edited by marco (edited 11-03-2001).]
  5. Taste is made by the TONGUE, Hearing is made by the EAR, Thinking is made by the MIND, Procreating is through the interaction of the Penis and the Vagina. Evacuating is done by the ANUS, Breathing through the NOSE, But feeling is in the HEART. Taste therefore is insignifi- cant when compared to feeling within the heart! [This message has been edited by marco (edited 11-03-2001).]
  6. In other words, LOVE is a BLOW-Up-JOB! Note: Please pardon for the pun.
  7. How about this particular joke, RUR Valaya. O.K. Here it is, as whispered from my father, Melvin. LOVE IS...... ......DIABLO in spanish and ROVE (Rob) in Japanese. He..he..he..he..
  8. My Father in Heaven, Christ Krishna, why are US Pres. G.W. Bush and UK PM T. Blair not interested in reading Srimad Bhagava- tam, when the Holy Book was, in fact, edi- ted into the English language? If only His Divine Grace knew that these RASCALS wont be reading YOUR Book, He should have not gone to the West and have it printed, from its Sanskrit translations to its present form. In other words, if only His Divine Grace knew that these RASCALs won`t be rea- ding YOUR Book, He should have printed IT instead in TAIWAN, CHINA and JAPAN! [This message has been edited by marco (edited 11-03-2001).] [This message has been edited by marco (edited 11-03-2001).]
  9. If Krishna is beyond what the mind can conceive and achieve, then you must have been speculating, for several lifetimes, what He really is. Maybe Krishna(Christ) is a deceiver, a liar, two-timing beast. etc. Why? Because Krishna(Christ) was regularly surrounded with women who are His pure-devotees? If not His 12 disci- ples? That He doesn`t have even time to talk to you? That`s why you`ve stopped from, the time He disappeared from your sights, thinking and loving Him > Krishna ( Christ)? If I can`t therefore understand God with my mind, then how am I going to know how He feels towards me, a Christian? Please enlighten me on this. [This message has been edited by marco (edited 11-02-2001).]
  10. Please pardon for the Pun(signed).
  11. Radhe, my dearest, thank you for the clarification. I guess you are not Sri Jaya Radhey. Now, will you speak to me about yourself? I`m very much interested in you because it`s in you I`ll know my other self( from the letters of my father, Dr. Melvin) My dear friends, out there, please give her also the chance to speak. I bet she has the sweetest voice, like Sri Jaya Radhey.
  12. RUR(Rossums Universal Robot) AYALA, are you a RADNIK(Serbian ROBOT)? Because only Radniks talk the why you talk, like being controlled by SOMEONE( Murari dasa alias Mike Best of ISKCON) out there. This is according to my father, Melvin, who was before used to be telepromted to Murari`s web site. Just asking but not to offend your sensibilities. In other words, VALAYA RR, are you the one being described? [This message has been edited by marco (edited 11-01-2001).]
  13. Jayaradhe dearest, My father, Melvin was very much interested in the plant named Neem Tree. He, in fact, saved such a tree from decaying when he trans- planted it to our home. Now, this Neem tree is very tall, about 5-7 X .5 meters. Please elaborate more on this tree because my father said it is good as a mosquito repellant. In fact, the Anophyllis mosquito that carries the dreaded Dengue Hem- morrhagic Fever virus is driven away by the burning leaves of this wonderful tree. WHY? I`m just asking.
  14. Radhe, are you the same Jaya Sri Radhey, who is my father`s friend? You see, before his de- parture from this life, he wanted his friend, Sri Jaya, who was banned in this area not to post anymore messages because of some error, to be back and contribute her piece of mind and heart articles a- bout Radha-Krishna(?) and not to some places like, SEEKERS OF THE BELOVED GOD.delphi.com/ forums. I`m just asking.
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