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    Gujarat, India
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    Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Spirituality, Yoga, Reiki, Hypnosis, Distant Healing, Past Life Regression,


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    I am a student of mystic subjects and have been analyzing factors influencing human pains and sorrows for more than 28 years. I indulge in research and enquiry in resolving issues of life so that life can be made trouble-free. I love experimenting with remedial measures followed in different cultures and societies.

    In my quest for mastering ways and means to resolve difficulties, I became deeply interested in mystic subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarrot, Face Reading, Vastu, Mantra Healing, Reikie, Thiosophy, Distant Healing, various systems of Yoga and Meditation, Surya Sadhana etc.

    I feel happy as I could be instrumental in guiding people about undertaking remedies to resolve their problems.

    Besides mystic subjects, I am fond of computer graphics, spirituality etc. Irrespective of my being strong believer of Theory of Karma, I love finding effective remedies. I try to correlate the crux of Bhagvad Gita as I find the value of 'free will' during the consumation of rewards of Karma.

    With the grace of God, I have other better sources of income and don't need to earn from the guidance. This is the reason, I think I could remain honest with my research and usage of mystic remedies. I don't have much of respect for the Mystics who frighten the poor people during difficult phase of life.

    Personally, the dictum of 'Yatha Pinde; Tatha Brahmande' (What is in your body; So is there in the Cosmos) brightens my path. Knowing pretty well that I am a tiny sub-system of the Great Cosmic System, I take life easy ! Being a great believer of Cosmic System myself, I make people aware about the divine spark within themselves.

    || Aum Tat Sat ||

    - VibhutiGanesh -
  • Location
    Gujarat, India
  • Interests
    Astrology Face Reading,Spirituality, Meditation, Occult, Yoga, Distant Healing, Reiki, Life Coaching
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About Me

During the journey, at the stage, I am into creating pragmatic tools from the knowledge and experience I have attained in various metaphysical fields.

Practical utility of metaphysics is to address the 'unknowns' of one's being and thereby empowering one to lead a meaningful, fulfilling and joyous life. This is, in a way, a Giving Back endeavor.


To dig out the voids, weaknesses, limitations, lacuna, threats and interfering elements, I use : Astrology, Numerology, Face Reading, Vastu, Hypnosis and other intuitive techniques.


To mitigate the voids and improving upon limitations, I use tools like; Planetary Remedies, Corrections in Numeric values and Vastu elements, Hindu Mantra, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Chakra & Crystal Therapy, Healing Meditation, Yogic and Energy Exercises, Spirit Release and Spiritual Healing.

My approach is holistic and also help in health rejuvenation in conditions where the traditional means lift their hands off..!!

Be Empowered..!!


Vikram Pancholi


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