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  1. dear boricua first of understand the concept of hindisim, hindusim is not religion but a proper way of living, yes there is no option of conversion in hindusim, but you know why because, when almighty god create human, there is only one religion which hinduism, no one knows how long this religion is. so when god had created one race of human and one religion so by default there should no way to come and no way to out, later on many respected saints and prophet had started preaching there religion, in which the have option of converting into there religion but no exit. so you dont worry by default you are also hindu .
  2. well the proper way of getting married in in the night the 'phare' should be take under the stars there is phrase 'taaro ki chao me pahre lena' and as per the marriage of SHREE RAM and SITA i herd that there marriage held in orcha madhya pradesh but i am not confirmed
  3. I am totally agreed with you brother there should be a universal law for every human, this particular cast division in hindu dharam is the only thing which comes in uniting the country
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