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  1. no matter how disturbing a vision of Krishna's full form may be I'd kill myself for it.
  2. I believe christians just portrayed gods helpers (or demigods) as white robed figures with wings to appeal to the people. the hindu's portray them as the Gods they truly are. multiple heads means broad vision, multiple arms means their grasp over the entire universe. as for Lord Krishna. Who knows what his universal form looked like. Just a few people have witnessed God as he really is, so who knows whether there were female forms or egyptian Gods!
  3. maybe a guru knows, doubt any of them browse forums though
  4. yes, everything we see is one! it´s all vibrations, and the fact that it looks distinct is because of our senses. our body is not who we are. what we do with the vehicle is what we are, we are the actions we take!
  5. I myself pray to krishna and kali at the same time, but I know krishna is the one and only god. all others are just his powerfull helpers, half gods or angels.
  6. actually God incarnates with various skin colours. it is said that he will be white in the satya yuga, red in the treta yuga (rama), black in the dwapara yuga, and yellow in the kali yuga. as for blue, it indicates that he can enter everything.
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