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  1. Hi Meet a hypno therapist RAMACHANDRA GURUJI in bangalore. OR Dr Pradeep Aggrawaal in Hyderabad.
  2. Babu, Do not bother about any JATAKAM / NAADI KOOTAM etc. Coming together is marriage. Two minds merging within themselves is marriage. But keep the same feeling what u have for the girl today, forever. The way you are loving her, love her forever. The way you are respecting her today, respect for ever. The way you are not treating her as your subordinate or as a Dasi, treat her for ever with the same feeling. Donot ever change this. IF u can have the same mindset life long, you will live happily for ever with her. Follow the VEDIC dictat.. Dharmecha, Arthecha, Naati charami.... Always make to feel her secure with you. Never allow neither you nor any one to abuse her. But she also should have the same feeling. Be upright in your affection to her. No dramas please. Who has made you fall in love with her? GOD. CAN YOU CHANGE IT NOW? if your love is not one way, go ahead, Marry her. Live forever happily.
  3. Hi, HAve darshan of the SHIVAGANGA SHANKARACHARYA and ask this question to his holiness. Shivaganga is near DABASPETE, TUMKUR DISTRICT and is aroung 40 km from BENGALURU. He is one sanyasi, who follows YATI DHARMA to the fullest extent and embodiment of knowledge. Otherwise you can get reply from none other than Bhagavan Shri Satya SAIBABA at Puttaparthy or from Kanchi Shankaracharya or from Shri Vishwesha Teertha Shri padangal at UDIPI. You can get rid of Karma phala by giving..... that is DAANAM. Daanam to every deserving living being. provide food within your resources to as many as possible. Try to see god in every living being. This washes the karmaphala to a great extent. Feed those working hard and earn less. Treat your servant maid with dignity and respect. Feed her with hot rice / rasm / etc like what you eat. Change the way you treat others, If you are doing all these things IGNORE whatever is written here;.
  4. Hi Tenali, Thanks for trying to learn about hinduism. Hindus never ever tell bad about any other religion, as hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of life, highly evolved, over very great period of time. Vedas, as sanatanis believe is not in the written format, but if taught from one generation to the next. If you try to learn all these, without changing your religion ( assuming u r not hindu ), / start devoting some time to read ancient hindu scriptures, through a highly knowledgeable SAT GURU, u will know a lot. To answer certain question of Mandan Mishra, shri shankara Bhagavtpada has got in to another shareera. This is called PARAKAYA PRAVESHA. Science may question this. BUT I HAVE SEEN MY GURU PERFORMING PARAKAYA PRAVESHA. THESE ARE NOT DONE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, TO GAIN MILEAGE OR FOLLOWERS. The Gurus are not bothered about money or fame. They do not do magics or miracles for my sake or your sake. They do not want cheap publicity. Please read books from YOGADA SOCIETY. Even today GOVIND BHAGAVTPADA is alive. GOWADAPADA is ALIVE. LAHIRI MAHASHAY is alive. To get to know that we should try to reach to that level of understanding. Let us not belittle any religion / sect / untill we have firm knowledge about it. If you go to MANTRALAYA and pray the great saint, with full MUMUKSHATWA, you will get the answer. A mother feeds the child only when it is hungry. Guru gives you what u want only when u deserve it. So no mischief please. Pray with fullest of love and purity of heart, and you will get answer from none other than the saint you are doubting.
  5. Hi boss, Ask your dad or grandpa ( dads dad ) reg the PRAVARA they learnt to recite . In that if they say ......RUKH SHAKHADYAYEE or YAJUR SHAKHADYAYEE then it is clear where do u belong. You can change over to RUGVEDA or YAJURVEDA. RUGVEDA hymns are draggy at the end ( poem ) and YAJUR is like reading prose. Thats all. However start your ANUSTHAANA and get going. Post your email id if you need any clarification
  6. These are all vedic practices to be learnt through a SADGURU / father. However, i can send you a book to dipicting the process, but advice to Learn it through father / sadguru. post your email id
  7. What we get is PRARBHDHA KARMAs. To get rid of them, start giving fruits, food to those who come to your house. Distribute fruits food as prasadam in temple / SAI MANDIR. By doing this you can get rid of your prarabhdha karmas
  8. You can always chant Mantras.. Donot bother. However, to get Stree janm is very difficult and it is sacred of all. You yourself are DEVI. ( means all ladies are form of DEVIS ). Whom do you want to please ? your own self by chanting Durga SOOKT? SARSWATI SOOKT? Make your children the best citizens. Make your husband follow right path. However follow husband in every step. You do not need to do any thing that is hard. Leave those things to the men or the house hold or make them do it.
  9. KANTYKOT Hi friend, The story is that he was eating deer meet, offered the same to lord in ignorance. He tastes water before offering to lord. He never used to spit or used gargled water. Most of these are hearsays. Bhakti, of course is SUPREME. But Deer is gods creation. We are supposed to allow the calf to have as much from her mother and we are supposed to milk the remaining. As the calf grows it is supposed to be weened away for having other food for better grwoth. Milk to curds, Curds to Butter and Butter to Ghee. Ghee comes at the last, after so many processes. and is in the PUREST FORM. Therefore considered to be sacred, as it is from cow. We are supposed to make cow eat good grass. We do all things for commercial gains. This is justified by pointing fingers at growing population. Going against nature is RAKSHASI PRAVRUTHI. Therefore jo Paap aur Punya hota hai, vo hi karnewale log bhaagidhaar hai.
  10. Because you have a confused mind you are digging the past. Lord krishna did not ask Shishupal what are the sins he committed. HE told not to commit sins in future. IF you try to dig the past, you are throwing a stone in to TRANQUILL waters and generating not just ripples, but WAVES. Either you marry her, and stop asking all these questions. Concentrate on present, as no one is sure of future. Respect her, give respite to her if she has hurt mentally herself Dont ask questions and if you get answers which are not palatable to you what you will do? Desert her ? You have crossed all those stages. Accept her in as is where is condition. If her conscious is clear, why you are bothered. Even if she wants to tell some bad things of her past, tell her you do not want to listen and burden her further. if some thing is bothering her, guilt feeling is there, You tell her that you have totally forgiven her and you do not want to spoil her todays life. ACCEPT THINGS THE WAY THEY COME, and that is the will of GOD.
  11. When u start practicing you will find out there is only one omnipotent chaitanya. That is god. There are different ways of reaching him. If you rigorously follow what your elders have shown you the way, that is more than enough. Take care of your parents, they are the real gods. Donot bother about all the 33 karode gods, IYER, IYENGAR, MAdhwa etc., BRAHMAN are VEDAS. Forget separations divisions etc. Look at everyone as your God. Treat them the way as if you treat the god himself / herself / itelf. Follow always the right path. You do not need to practice any religion to reach god. God is within you, you have to invoke him with your good deeds. What is good to you, may be bad for someone else, by practice, you become sensitive enough to understand the good and bad for you and for others.
  12. Hello madam, If he is a good human being who respects every living being, shows compassion to all, who can understand the feelings of the other person and does not hurt them, he does not cheat on any one, does not harm any being, why bother about his roots. Hinduism is not a religion. It is a flow of VALUES AND VIRTUES. IT is the mother of all religions. Sri JESUS is an AVADHOOT, another great man of other religion is also an avadhoot. (I am afraid to name him ) HE is great, his revelations are great, but his religion today is in few wrong hands. Therefore you can see god in a human being, if he is following the above. IF he does not interfere in your affairs, guarantees your own personal freedom it is perfect. Long live your marriage.
  13. We fondly called him gurunatha, who never wanted any advertisement. Shri gurunatha used to tell GURU IS NOT A COMMODITY FOR SALE. Do not talk about GURU with anybody. If YOGA is there they will meet me. One person waited for 3 months to see him, camping near his house. Finally one early morning Shri GURUNATHA himself came with fruits and food to the place where he was sleeping ( at 5 AM ) and said I have come to see you and introduced himself. Any time he showered LOUKIK things on us he used to say, your KULDEVATA has helped you, lord EESHWAR has answered your prayers, orHIS HOLINESS SRI SRI SHANKARACHARYA of SRINGERI heard your prayers and helped you..etc. He gave enough indications that he will depart from this earthly body. That day, he sent his SHISHYA a brilliant DOCTOR who was in his house away to Bangalore with others. Shri Gurunatha had told ten years back, when I die only 3 people will be with me. Also he said within one year from the day any advertisement, news item or any thing in print TV or any media is flashed about him he would depart. There was a description about him in a popular latenight programme in a TV channel . The time it was being recorded, he told us, Some one ( shri Gurunatha told the name of that person, who was giving the interview and also what he is telling about Gurunatha ) and within one year 30 - 31 /07/2010 midnight he left his earthly body. Request to keep his desire of being away from publicity and exposure of his family members by forming a cult or otherwise, alive. best regards ,
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